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B-CURE Soft Laser for Low Level Laser Therapy at Home

Win Health Catalogue |  B-CURE Soft Laser for Low Level Laser Therapy at Home

B-CURE Laser

B-CURE Laser

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Price: 540.00 (Including VAT at 20%)



B-CURE Soft Laser LLLT Self Treatment at Home

- B-CURE Laser is a portable soft laser indicated for professional and home use on a variety of common painful conditions.

- B-CURE Laser is also suitable for veterinary use on small and larger animals, such as dogs and horses.

B-CURE Laser can effectively address common painful conditions,such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndromes (i.e. knee pain, low back pain, upper back pain, neck pain), arthritis and joint disorders (i.e. Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow), medical skin conditions (i.e. acne, herpes simplex, wound healing, fresh scars, open wounds, post surgical wounds, burns), stretch marks, inflammation, rejuvenation of aging skin and wrinkles, dental problems and sports injuries.

You can also effectively stimulate acupoints with the B-CURE Laser.

B-CURE Laser relieves pain, reduces inflammation, accelerates natural healing processes and rejuvenates skin and tissues.

B-CURE Laser is suitable for treatment of acute and chronic problems.

- Acute problems (i.e. injuries or burns): You should treat acute problems immediately or as soon as possible after these were sustained. For best outcomes, treat up to 10 consecutive times of 6 - 8 minutes each time with a 5 minute break between individual treatments.

- Chronic problems (i.e. arthritis. chronic pain, swelling): You should continue to treat the area until the total number of recommended treatments is reached in a 14 day session. You should complete the 14 day session even if your pain subsides earlier. In case that your pain persists after you completed the 14 days, take 24 hour rest from treatments and thereafter recommence for another 14 days. You can continue this regime until required as there are no time limits or treatment restrictions.

B-CURE Laser represents the cutting edge technology in soft laser therapy. B-CURE Laser is light, portable and user friendly soft laser that harnesses the power equal to cold laser devices used by professionals in hospitals and prestigious clinics.

B-CURE Laser is already widely used in pain clinics and physiotherapy departments' of famous hospitals and clinics in Israel, such as Sheba Medical Centre, Rambam, Hadassah and Ichilov. Recommended by the best Israeli pain specialists, the B-CURE is used by leading sports clubs and internationally known athletes.

B-CURE Laser employs innovative patent pending technology to deliver the power and coherence of the laser light rays for deep tissue penetration and impressive performance.

B-CURE Soft Laser is powerful and effective, yet safe ands easy to use. It can help you to address a variety of painful conditions. You can apply B-CURE Laser as an independent stand alone therapy or you can apply the B-CURE Laser in conjunction with conventional therapeutic approaches, such as physiotherapy, massage or medication.

B-CURE Laser is portable, lightweight and powered by rechargeable batteries. B-CURE is affordably priced and there are no other costs or expenses associated with accessories or consumables.

B-CURE is easy to use. Simply follow user instructions and treatment recommendations detailed in the user manual. B-CURE Laser is a handheld pulsed infrared laser (GaAlAs single diode) with 808 nm wavelength with operating at maximum 250 mW power output with 25 % duty cycle.

B-CURE Laser is supplied in a storage case with set of rechargeable batteries, battery charger compatible with UK, European and North America mains power outlets, carry pouch and easy to follow User Manual.

Win Health Catalogue |  B-CURE Soft Laser for Low Level Laser Therapy at Home

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