Incontinence Bedside Flo​or Mat

FibreFresh Absorbent Incontinence Bedside Floor Mat

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FibreFresh Absorbent Incontinence Bedside Mats are incontinence floor mats that protect bedsides from unwanted liquid spillage and leakage, such as urine and water, during patient dressing or changes of soiled bedding.

Highly absorbent and fully machine washable, the Incontinence Bedside Floor Mats store the accidentally spilled urine and other fluids and help to reduce formation of odours associated with unprotected urine soaked carpets.  

Incontinence Bedside Floor Mats help to keep the carpets fresh, hygienic and odour free as they absorb and store urine leakages and prevent urine from soaking into the carpet around the bed. Capable of absorbing 2.3 litres of fluids per square metre of the absorbent fabric, the incontinence mats can help to improve hygiene, minimise formation of urine odours as well as increase levels of convenience, when looking after incontinent people. Reusable and fully machine washable at high temperature, the incontinence bedside floor mats can be tumble dried for convenience, lasting freshness and hygiene.    

FibreFresh Washable Incontinence Mats are VAT Exempt for personal use by people with incontinence.

Incontinence Bedside Floor Mat

FibreFresh Absorbent Incontinence Bedside Mats are made from a highly absorbent material designed to absorb and store leaked urine, thus improving hygiene and helping to prevent formation of unpleasant odours. The liquid capacity of the pads is based on 2.3 litres of liquid absorbable per every metre square of the absorbent fabric. The waterproof polyurethane backing is non-slip. The non-slip backing helps to keep the incontinence mats stay put on the carpeted floor surface. Fully washable at up to 95° C, the Incontinence Bedside Floor Mats contribute to cleanliness and better standards of hygiene

FibreFresh Incontinence Mats are washable and can be reused many times over. The FibreFresh incontinence mats can be washed at high temperatures for over 200 times without loss of absorbency. Simple to follow user instructions are supplied with each incontinence mat.    

FibreFresh absorbent incontinence floor mats are available in white for subtle contrast with carpets for improved visibility without loss of subtleness.   When using the floor mats, you must always ensure that the mats do not present a tripping hazard by the bedside!    

Size: 150 x 90 cm  

VAT is not charged on re-usable incontinence bed and chair pads and incontinence mats bought in limited quantities (i.e. up to 50 bed pads and/or chair pads) for personal use.


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