Pressure Relieving Aids for Legs, Ankles and Feet

People with fragile skin and painful or sore limbs can be prone to skin damage caused by external pressure exerted on the vulnerable skin. Skin damage can lead to painful open wounds, sores and ulcers, some of which could be difficult to heal.    

Legs and feet are especially vulnerable. There are many causes of pressure ulcers developing on the feet and around the ankles and include sitting or lying in one position for long periods of time, having poor circulation, wearing badly fitting shoes, not moving sufficiently frequently or sitting or lying uncomfortably without good support for the legs, ankles and feet.      

Here we present pressure relieving positioning aids especially designed for legs, ankles and feet:

You may also consider learning about the Snug Positioning Pillows that help to re-distribute body pressure and help to minimise the risk of developing pressure sores in the most vulnerable people or a range of wearable and non-wearable DermaSaver Skin Protectors that reduce the damaging effects of external pressure on the fragile skin and prevent shear and friction related skin damage in different areas of the body.  

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