Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloth

Bate-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloth

Reynard Bathe-Lite Incontinence Barrier Dimethicone Cloths

Bathe-Lite Dimethicone Continence Cloths with 3% Dimethicone

6 Packs of 8

Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths are indicated in care for incontinent people as using dimethicone barrier skin care helps to prevent the wetness reaching the skin, sealing out the harmful moisture of urine. Cleansing the skin with dimethicone impregnated cloth helps to prevent perineal dermatitis and relieves minor skin irritations. Impregnated with 3% dimethicone, the Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash cloths offer a proven barrier protection in an effective and convenient to apply form.  

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths overview

  • Instant and effective skin barrier protection with 3% dimethicone
  • Quick, convenient and mess free application
  • Disposable wash cloths
  • Can be safely used as often as required
  • Wash and cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin in one application
  • Can be used cold or warmed up in a microwave
  • Once heated, the cloths retain heat due to packs insulated with special foam inserts  
  • Help to reduce risk of incontinence associated rashes and irritations
  • Improve patient freshness and comfort
  • Large soft, thick and ample cloths 33 x 22 cm
  • Extra thick, heavy and soft cloth in 165 gsm needle punch substrate for strength, resilience and comfort during use
  • Re-sealable packs for convenience and single user applications  
  • Promote skin integrity and health
  • Make skin integrity assessment easier
  • Improve compliance with skin protocol
  • Multilingual packaging

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths background

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths are thick and soft moist cloths impregnated with a 3% dimethicone solution for effective protection of perineal skin from irritations associated with presence of moisture from urine and faeces. Each re-sealable single patient pack contains 8 folded moist wipes in a generous 33 x 22 cm size.

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths are CE marked and intended for use in care homes, hospital and in own homes of people suffering with incontinence.

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths help improve hygiene and standards of care. Convenient to use and disposable with normal waste, the Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths help to look after the skin of vulnerable incontinent people.

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths are supplied in quantities of 6 packs, each containing 8 moist 3% dimethicone soaked thick soft wash cloths sealed in re-sealable pack for convenient use on a single patient, as required. Each thick and soft moist cloth measures 33 x 22 cm, providing an ample sized cloth to clean, refresh or moisturise perineal area and any part of the body exposed to damaging wetness. If cleaning or moisturising different body areas, please ensure that a fresh clean wash cloth each time.   

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Barrier Wash Cloths can be used cold directly from the re-sealable pack. Alternatively, for greater comfort of the patient, the cloths can be warmed up for up to 30 seconds in a microwave. For best outcomes and the maximum protective barrier formation on the surface of the skin, allow the skin to dry naturally after washing with the barrier wash cloths. 

Ingredients: Aqua, Dimethicone, Polysorbate 20, Sodium lactate, Laureth-23, Sodium benzoate, Aloe barbadensis extract, C 12/15 Pareth-3, Citric acid, Benzalkonium chloride, Disodium EDTA, Chloromethylisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

The Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths are not macerable or flushable. To prevent contamination, you should dispose used cloths with appropriate care and in line with regulations.

Dimethicone facts

Dimethicone is silicone oil known for its skin conditioning and lubricating properties.  Dimethicone does not penetrate the skin, but stays on the surface of the skin, where it forms a soothing watertight protective barrier, which locks moisture in, stopping skin irritations caused by dryness and friction. Dimethicone is effective against nappy rash, minor burns, chafing, dermatitis and eczema. Dimethicone is a popular ingredient in personal care products and continence care products.     

Dimethicone is recognised for reduction in the incidence of ‘incontinence associated dermatitis’ and for its contribution to the reduction in severity of pressure ulcer lesions in incontinent people.

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis is commonly seen on perineal skin of incontinent people. It is caused by a combination of moisture from urine and increased bacterial and enzymatic activities during and after episodes of incontinence. In addition to perineal skin breakdowns, people with incontinence and associated perineal dermatitis are also prone to develop pressure ulcers.       

Why to use Dimethicone Barrier Wash Cloths?

  • Effective formation of breathable protective barrier on the skin
  • Help to prevent skin irritation, chapping, chafing and skin damage
  • Seal out wetness, protecting from urine and faeces  
  • Promote healthy, moist and conditioned skin
  • Safe and long lasting protection
  • PH balanced, moisturising and nourishing
  • Reduce damaging friction
  • Easy to use, quick and mess free application
  • Effective in cleansing, gentle and non-irritating
  • Help prevent cross contamination, when compared to use of washing basins
  • Save carer time without compromising standards of care
  • Improve patient comfort and personal hygiene
  • Make skin integrity assessments easier
  • Improve compliance with care protocols
  • Improve hygiene and standards of care

Bathe-Lite Rinse Free Dimethicone Barrier Wash Cloth for cleanliness, hygiene and skin health every day!    


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Cloth size: 33 x 22 cm

Pack size: 8 cloths in re-sealable pack

Unit size: 6 packs of 8 cloths each



Bathe-Lite Barrier Wash Cloths are sold in units of 6 re-sealable packs of 8 cloths (total 48 wash cloths).

Multilingual packaging