Benepod Hot & Cold Contrast Therapy Device for Pain Relief

Benepod Hot & Cold Contrast Therapy Device for Pain Relief without Pain Relieving Medication

Benepod relieves aches and pains by application of unique localised contrast stimulation therapy, during which hot and cold stimulation is delivered simultaneously to a specific body area. The simultaneous stimulation with hot and cold enhances body’s natural defences and body’s own natural healing abilities to fight pain, discomfort and aches and heal itself. The contrast stimulation therapy with Benepod is non-invasive and safe, does not require medications and has no drug related side-effects. It is designed to reduce consumption of medication and reduce dependency on consumption of pain killers. Benepod is portable, easy to use, simple to maintain and cost-effective to operate. Benepod utilises patented technology developed by Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc in Canada.

Benepod is especially powerful for relief of chronic pain, such as osteoarthritic joint pain, migraine headaches, neuropathic pain and many other chronic musculoskeletal aches and pains as well as short term painful issues, such as insect bites and localised aches.

Benepod is especially effective in providing symptomatic relief and long-term pain management for people suffering chronic intractable pain that is difficult to treat and manage. A session of 10 – 20 minutes can provide many hours of pain relief.

Benepod overview

  • Unique patented contrast therapy technology device for temporary relief of chronic pain
  • Precision engineered medical device
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Cost-effective to operate
  • Non-invasive and non-drug solution to pain
  • Compact, light to carry and compatible with USB chargers and powerpack accessories
  • Provides safe and effective pain relief anytime and anywhere – at home and on a go
  • Simultaneously applies hot and cold therapy to mobilise body’s own natural pain relief and abilities to heal itself
  • Painless, harmless and side-effects free therapy 
  • Can be used as a standalone pain relief therapy or alongside other conventional pain relief treatments 
  • Proven effective in temporary reduction or elimination of chronic pain
  • Provides hours of pain relief after single treatment session 
  • Suitable for use anywhere on the body
  • Perfect for joint pain (i.e. osteoarthritis of the hands, elbows, wrists, feet, ankle, knees, neck and lower back)
  • Effective for migraine headaches and neuropathic pain 
  • Effective for relief of pain and discomfort arising from muscle spasms
  • Typical treatment time 10 – 20 minutes per location (i.e. knee, elbow, wrist, head, etc.)
  • Powered directly from mains (100 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz) or via USB lead from a powerpack
  • Automatic shut down after 20 minutes of use
  • Designed in Canada by Saringer L.S.T. Inc.
  • CE mark Medical Device
  • 90 days warranty

How does Benepod work

Benepod has been especially designed to relieve aches, pains and discomfort by confusing pain receptors and preventing pain signals reaching the brain, thus masking and eliminating pain for hours after treatment. Benepod is proven effective in treating neck pain, knee pain, arthritis in the hands, headaches and many other forms of musculoskeletal pain.

The non-invasive and non-drug Benepod provides temporary relief from pain and discomfort safely without drug related side-effects. Benepod treatments can be repeated after pain relief subsides. One treatment session with Benepod can provide many hours of pain relief, in some instances, up to 48 hours.

Benepod is compatible with USB accessories and can be used anytime and anywhere drawing on a portable battery or a powerpack in a same way as mobile phones. Effective, safe and easy to use, Benepod fights pain at home and on a go!  

Using Benepod

  1. Benepod is easy to use. For the best outcomes of your pain relief treatment, please ensure that you read and follow enclosed user instructions.   
  2. Simply connect Benepod to mains power or to a powerpack, using the USB cable provided.  
  3. Benepod takes 4 – 5 minutes to reach optimum operating temperature. During getting ready time, a green LED indicator keeps flashing.
  4. When ready to use, temperature range is between 5 - 15°C on the cold blue central bottom surface and between 40 - 48°C on the red outer circle heat area.
  5. When Benepod is ready for use, the LED indicator stops flashing.  
  6. Place the flat part of the Benepod head on the area of pain, maintaining skin contact and move slowly and continuously around the painful area. Ensure that the skin on the treatment area is not sensitive, broken or irritated.
  7. During treatment, whilst the device is in contact with the skin, some people can experience an intense ‘hot & cold’ sensation. This is quite normal, and it is not in any way harmful.
  8. Continue treating for 10 – 20 minutes as needed, depending on your personal needs and type or intensity of the pain you are treating.  
  9. Do not treat for more than 20 minutes per one treatment area at one time.
  10. For your safety and to prevent overtreatment of one area, Benepod switches off automatically after 20 minutes.  


  • Do not use for more than 20 minutes on a given area at one time
  • Do not apply to broken, lacerated or sensitive skin or open wounds
  • Do not use immediately after surgery or if the treated area is bruised or swollen
  • Do not use on fresh injuries (i.e. within 72 hours after injury)
  • Consult your doctor prior to the first use of the Benepod, if you suffer with hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity)    
  • Always follow user instructions


  • Follow instructions and use carefully
  • May cause burns, if not used as directed
  • Do not use over sensitive skin areas or in the presence of poor circulation
  • Not for use by incapacitated persons or children    

Benepod Hot & Cold Therapy Device – an effective pain relief for many chronic discomfort, aches and pains. 

Benepod – effective and safe hot and cold contrast therapy device for soothing pain relief as and when you need it!    

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Dimensions: circa 45 mm diameter and 35 mm high / Weight: 73 g


Benepod kit contains 1 x Benepod unit, 1 x power adapter, 1 x USB cable and user instructions. CE mark and 90 days warranty. 

VAT exemption available to people suffering chronic pain (i.e. osteoarthritis, etc.). VAT exemption declaration must be completed at the time of purchase.