Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier

Beurer HA 80 Digital Hearing Amplifier Single Rechargeable

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Beurer HA 80 is a digital hearing amplifier for single ear intended to help people with limited hearing in one ear to improve their hearing and to hear better, louder and clearer.  

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier is RIC hearing aid – ‘Receiver In Canal’ - that works by amplifying indoor and outdoor sounds and then transmitting the amplified sounds directly into the ear canal. RIC hearing amplifiers enhance indoor and outdoor sounds by preventing loss of sound during transmission, making the users of the hearing amplifiers to hear the sounds better. RIC amplifiers are a subtype of BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing amplifiers with speakers inside the ear canal for clear high quality sounds. 

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier is supplied as a single hearing amplifier that fits ergonomically and discreetly behind your ear.    

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier is powered by a rechargeable battery. Charging is easy due to the storage box performing a charging function. Simply connect the storage box to the mains power socket with the supplied micro-USB cable. Green flashing light on the storage box indicates charging and the permanent static green light indicates full charge has been achieved. It takes circa 2 hours to fully charge the amplifier and the battery.     

Please note that the Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier cannot treat or prevent hearing loss.   You must consult your doctor, if you have a serious or progressively worsening hearing problem or experience a sudden significant reduction in hearing. It is recommended that your hearing is checked by a doctor or a hearing specialist prior to using hearing amplifiers. The settings of the hearing amplifier must only be adjusted by a trained hearing expert (i.e. ENT doctor or nurse or an audiologist, etc.).      

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier summary

  • Designed for people with limited hearing
  • Supplied as a single rechargeable hearing amplifier  
  • RIC (i.e. Receiver-In-Canal) design for better and clearer hearing of sounds indoors and outdoors 
  • Discreet, small and ergonomically and barely noticeable behind the ear when worn
  • Compact design with hearing amplifier speaker placed directly into the ear canal 
  • Perfect acoustic transmission of all sounds indoor and outdoor
  • Volume adjustable up/down to desired level enabling clear hearing of all types of sounds
  • Two selectable hearing programmes (modes) for quiet and loud environments: Normal Mode for quiet environments (i.e. at home or in the office) & Noise Reduction Mode for crowded or outside areas (i.e. on the move, shopping at supermarkets, in restaurants, when visiting amusement parks, etc.)  
  • Low-noise rendering
  • Supplied with 4 ear plugs attachments in different sizes and types for best fit into the ear canal
  • Storage box with charging function
  • Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 41 mm
  • Affordable and cost-effective                            
  • Medical Device (CE1639)
  • 3 years warranty

Using Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier (Single)

Beurer HA 80 hearing amplifier is supplied in a charging storage box with an easy to understand illustrated user instructions. Prior to first use ensure that you are familiar with the contents of the instructions prior to first use. It is essential that you follow recommendations listed in the instructions to achieve the best outcomes from the use of the hearing amplifiers.

When reading the user instructions, it is important to consider ‘warnings and safety notes’ section that recommends hearing check up by a qualified medical professional, such as an ENT doctor or an audiologist, who will also perform any necessary adjustments of your hearing amplifiers depending on the findings of your hearing examination.      

Other points of note:

  1. Beurer HA 80 must not be used, when you are suffering from existing or previous ear problems, unless its use is agreed or recommended by a qualified medical professional.
  2. Beurer HA 80 is an RIC hearing device (‘Receiver-In-Canal’), which means that its receiver speakers are placed directly inside of the ear canal, hence it is important not to use the HA 80 hearing amplifier, if you have an infection in the ear or if there are signs of inflammation in the ear, discharge of rashes present.
  3. It is important to remember that the Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier is single user device, which means that you must never share your hearing aid with another person to prevent the danger of cross-contamination and in the interest of hygiene and health.      
  4. Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier is not suitable for small children under the age of 36 months. Other older children must be examined by appropriately qualified hearing specialist before a hearing aid is chosen.  
  5. All warnings, safety points and precautions are listed in the user instructions, so be sure to consult the instructions prior to first use and for continual reference thereafter.  
  6. Prior to first use it is essential to ensure that the hearing amplifier and the battery are charged. To charge them, connect the storage box with charging function with inserted hearing amplifiers and interchangeable Li-Ion batteries to the mains power, using the micro-USB cable. Flashing green light indicates that the amplifiers and the batteries are being charged. When charging is complete, the green light becomes permanently static. It takes circa 2 hours to fully charge the amplifiers and the batteries.   
  7. You should always store your hearing amplifier in the storage box after it is fully charged. Simple charging instructions are presented in the user instructions, so please ensure that you follow them.     
  8. Set the initial volume to the lowest setting before using/operating the hearing amplifier.
  9. Attach the earplug to the sound tube.
  10. Place the hearing amplifier case behind your ear.
  11. Hold one sound tube and carefully position the earplug in the ear canal. If the earplug does not fit tightly and comfortably, try a different earplug.
  12. Place the fixing tube (i.e. the curved part of the sound hearing tube) along the outside of your ear to ensure that earplug fits tightly and securely in the ear. If the fixing tube causes you discomfort or bothers you, you can remove it at the point where it connects to the speaker.
  13. You must never insert the sound tube into the ear canal without an earplug!  
  14. To switch the hearing amplifier on or off, just hold down the program selection button on the device for 3 seconds - as illustrated in user instructions.  
  15. Use volume control to adjust the sound volume to desired / appropriate level, so that you can hear the sounds clearly and distinctly.
  16. Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier has 2 selectable programs/modes: P1 is for quiet indoors environments (i.e. home or office) and P2 is a noise reduction program for use on the move and in noisy environments, such as supermarkets or restaurants. You can easily change the hearing program by pressing the program selection button.     
  17. Once the battery in the hearing amplifier runs out of charge, you can easily replace it with the fully charged spare battery. Simply slide off discharged battery from the hearing amplifier and slide on fully charged battery.
  18. Dry moisture and sweat from your amplifiers after each use by placing the drying capsule into the special slot inside the storage box – see user instructions. When the drying capacity of the capsule diminishes, its colour changes from bright orange to whitish, indicating that it must be replaced with a new capsule.         
  19. Please ensure that you clean your hearing amplifiers routinely. It is an easy and simple process that is clearly described in user instructions. Earwax guards prevent earwax causing damage to the hearing amplifiers or completely blocking the passage of sounds. User instructions include advice on earwax guards and when to change them.     
  20. Always refer to illustrated user instructions to ensure correct operation of the Beurer HA 80. Retain the user instructions for your future reference.        

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier technical specifications

  • Sound amplification: 43 dB ± 5dB (maximum 48 dB)
  • Maximum sound pressure level (OSPL90): 118 dB ± 3dB (maximum 121 dB)
  • Overall harmonic distortion: ≤3% @ 1600 Hz
  • Input noise: ± 35 dB
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Power supply: ≤3 mA
  • Operation period: ≥ 26 hours
  • Storage box with charging function
  • Frequency range: 200 – 6700 Hz
  • Input noise: ≤ 35 dB
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 41 mm
  • Operating conditions: Temperature: - 10° C to + 40° C; RH: 30 % ~ 75 %; Atmospheric pressure: 700 ~ 1600 hPa
  • Storage and transport conditions: Temperature: - 10° C to + 55° C; RH: 10 % ~ 90 %; Atmospheric pressure: 500 ~ 1600 hPa
  • Serial number is located on the device

Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier – advanced single hearing amplifier for clear sounds indoors and outdoors!  

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Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 41 mm



  1. Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifier kit consists of 1 x digital hearing amplifiers, 4 x earplugs in different sizes and designs, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x drying capsule, 1 x spare battery, 1 x storage box with charging function, 1 x micro-USB charger cable and multilingual user instructions. CE1639 and 3 years warranty.  - Currently out of stock. 
  2. Beurer Drying Capsules – box of 8 drying capsules for use with the Beurer HA 80 Hearing Amplifiers.  

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