Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulders Heat Wrap To Go

Beurer HK 57 Neck and Should​ers Heat Wrap with Powerbank

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Beurer HK 57 – your mobile heated neck and shoulders wrap for warmth and comfort on a go!  

Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulders Heat Wrap with Powerbank – Beurer HK 57 To Go - is an innovative heated wrap that cordlessly delivers warmth round your neck and shoulders ‘on a go’, combating discomfort associated with cold. Equipped with a powerful Powerbank battery pack, the Beurer HK 57 provides 2 hours of soothing heat and warmth anytime and anywhere as you need – outdoors, indoors and during travel!  

Innovative Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulders Heat Wrap with Powerbank keeps you warm and cosy on all your outdoor trips to countryside, mountains, rivers and lakes to enjoy outdoor pursuits and sports.  Light, convenient, cosy to wear and easy to use, the Beurer HK 57 Heated Neck and Shoulder Wrap with Powerbank has 3 temperature settings to provide a warming solution to all your needs for heat and comfort on a go.  

Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulders Heated Wrap is light to carry and practical. The heated wrap is made of extra soft skin-friendly breathable velvet fleece with press-stud fasteners for good fit and secure positioning. The Beurer HK 57 is conveniently machine washable for constant hygiene.    

Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulders Wrap has a Powerbank that provides up to 2 hours of soothing warmth, when fully charged or longer on the lowest temperature setting. Recharging of the Powerbank takes circa 6 hours. In addition to powering your heated neck and shoulders wrap, it can also be used to charge up your Smartphone.  

Beurer HK 57 To Go overview

  • Mobile heated neck and shoulder wrap with battery pack (Powerbank)
  • Provides up to 2 hours of cordless heat or longer, if used on lowest temperature setting
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Heated wrap is made from skin friendly extra soft breathable fabric for comfort
  • Press-stud fasteners for best fit and secure positioning
  • Light to carry and comfortable to wear
  • Mobile for use anywhere
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • 3 illuminated temperature settings
  • Auto switch-off after 110 minutes
  • Temperature monitoring with safety switch off
  • Machine washable at 30° C
  • Supplied with removable and rechargeable Powerbank (i.e. Li-Ion battery)
  • Powerbank heats the wrap
  • Powerbank can recharge Smartphones
  • Powerbank type: WE-212 battery pack
  • Powerbank capacity:  2500mAh, 9 Wh
  • Input: 5.0V / Output: 5.0 V
  • Energy consumption: 3.6 Watts
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45 °C
  • Dimensions: 52 x 42 cm
  • Weight: Neck and Shoulders Wrap only 204 g / Neck and Shoulders Wrap with Powerbank 287 g 
  • CE mark
  • 3 years warranty

Points to note on the use of the Beurer HK 57 

Using the Beurer HK 57 Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap is simple. However, please ensure that you read user instructions prior to first use. Ensure that you are familiar with manufacturer's recommendations as welll as all precautions, warnings and contraindications listed in the user instructions. Always retain user instructions for future reference.   

Important instructions

  • Electrical and magnetic fields emitted by this heat wrap may interfere with the function of a pacemaker. Please consult your doctor and the manufacturer of your pacemaker before using this heat wrap. 
  • Children under the age of 3 must not use this heat wrap.
  • Children over the age of 3 can only use this heat wrap under adult supervision and on minimum setting only.  
  • People with reduced sensory, mental and physical skill can only use this heat wrap under supervision or when instructed on how to use it safely and understood the instructions. 
  • People with heat sensitivity or persons not able to react to overheating must not use this heat wrap. 
  • This neck and shoulder heat wrap is not for use in hospitals. 
  • Refer to user instructions for complete list of recommendations, warnings, precautions and contraindications.    

Beurer HK 57 Heated Neck and Shoulders Wrap with Powerbank -   a perfect way to keep you neck and shoulders warm and cosy on a go!

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