CareZips Dignity Trousers

CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers are patented everyday trousers designed to help incontinent people. CareZips are especially helpful to people with compromised mobility, who require help with tasks of daily life, including assistance with dressing and diaper changes. 

Innovative CareZips provide effective solutions to the issues surrounding diaper changing process by making it faster, easier and equally more acceptable to both parties – the patients and the carers. Fitted with unique 3-zip system that creates easy access to the abdomen and crotch area, the CareZips make undressing for diaper changes entirely unnecessary, ensuring all round more pleasant experience for both the wearers and the carers. There is less embarrassment and more dignity for the wearers, whilst the carers suffer less back strain caused by patient handling and enjoy the benefits of time and effort savings.       

CareZips are unisex and available in 7 sizes for good fit and there is a selection of 2 popular colours (i.e. navy and granite). Soft and wrinkle resistant with stretch for extra comfort, durable, washable and non-iron, the CareZips are perfect for wearing day after day.   

When worn over hip protectors designed for incontinent people (i.e. HipSaver QuickChange, HipSaver OpenBottom), the CareZips improve dignity and comfort as well as help to prevent fall-related hip fractures occurring in incontinent people.