Continence and Pelvic Floor Self-Help Guides

Pelvic floor problems arising from pelvic muscle weakness are implicated in the development of incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

You can learn about the implications of the weak pelvic floor on women's health (i.e. problems with stress incontinence, problems with other types of incontinence, genital prolapse and sexual dysfunction) from the following educational resources and self-help guides:

  • Women’s Waterworks by Pauline Chiarelli
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse The Silent Epidemic by Sherrie J Palm
  • Pelvic Floor Function and the Bowel by Dr Robyn Nagel and Shirley Owen
  • The Power of Posture by Carol Armitage
  • Endoscopy Patient Information Guide by Dr Robyn Nagel

You can read more about each book or guide on pages in this section dedicated to them.

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