RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks

RelaxSan Dia​betic Toe Socks Cotton with X-Static Silver Fibre

RelaxSan Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Toe Cotton Socks and X-Static® Metalized Silver Fibre 

RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks with X-Static silver fibre are medically recognised therapeutic socks intended for prevention of foot complaints as well as for ongoing therapeutic support for diabetic feet. RelaxSan Toe Socks are made in 6 sizes for perfect fit and lasting comfort.. You can choose your size and preferred colour of the socks.You can choose white or black RelaxSan toe socks. Get your pair of RelaxSan Toe Socks today and keep your feet in comfort and health!      

*RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks can be purchased VAT free for personal use by people suffering relevant chronic problems. 

RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks with Cotton and X-Static Silver Fibre           

RelaxSan Diabetic & Sensitive Feet Toe Socks with Cotton and X-Static® Metalized Silver Fibre are medical devices with major therapeutic advantages over other brands of diabetic foot socks. Unique properties of the silver yarn, exquisite design and complex technological processes applied during weaving and knitting production result in the highest quality outcome - five toe socks recommended for people with diabetes, people with sensitive and delicate feet, people with crippling arthritic feet and athlete's foot sufferers. RelaxSan Diabetic & Sensitive Feet Toe Socks with Cotton and Metalized X-Static® Silver Fibre are compression free and 100% seam free for maximum comfort, safety and hygiene. They feature glove-like seam free design with 5 toe fingers. The toe fingers envelope each toe, preventing skin erosions and calluses caused by friction and moisture of sweating feet.

Benefits of the Five-Toe Sock design with C​otton and X-Static Silver Yarn

  • 100% seam free sock interiors minimise the chances of abrasions and irritations to skin and toes
  • Natural non allergenic yarn made with cotton
  • Knitted with out elastic, hence do not impair or hinder blood circulation
  • Create correct space between toes with no friction arising
  • Maintain constant temperature - cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Maintain clean and dry space between toes
  • Maintain bacteria free zone between toes and around the foot
  • Prevent formation of between toes mucus
  • Contribute to correct toe positioning during normal walking, helping you to walk better
  • Help coping with bunions (hallux valgus)
  • Help to prevent Athlete's foot
  • 100% non allergenic and natural
  • Made from safe and non toxic fibre mix without chemicals or chemical residues
  • Anti-microbial - fight bacteria which cause odours - reduce bacterial breeding ground
  • Eliminate fungus which causes Athlete's foot
  • Thermodynamic - regulate foot temperature
  • Control moisture - keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Anti-static
  • Therapeutic - promote blood circulation
  • Anti-odour and hygienic
  • Do not exert any compression on the arches or ankles and do not impair circulation
  • Made without seems to prevent abrasions and blistering
  • Enhance foot comfort and wellbeing
  • Promote healthy feet
  • Do not lose beneficial properties even with regular washing

The RelaxSan toe socks are made from fabric rich in cotton fibres with added X-Static® Silver Fibre. RelaxSan Diabetic & Sensitive Feet Toe Socks fabric composition is as follows:

  • 83% cotton
  • 11% spandex
  • 3% nylon
  • 3% metalized X-Static® Silver Fibre

How to wear the RelaxSan Toe Socks

1.    Roll the sock down from the top to the toes
2.    Place each toe carefully in its slot so that each toe is completely surrounded by fabric for total comfort
3.    Pull up the sock to the calf, ensuring the heel fits correctly
4.    Maximise comfort by smoothing out evenly over the foot, heel and calf

RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks sizing and colours

RelaxSan toe socks are made in 6 shoe (foot) sizes and in 2 colours (black & white):

1.    Size 1: UK 3 - 4 ½ / European 35 - 37 / US 3 ½ - 5
2.    Size 2: UK 4 ½ - 6 ½ / European 37 - 39 / US 5 - 7
3.    Size 3: UK 6 ½ - 7 ½ / European 39 - 41 / US 7 - 8
4.    Size 4: UK 7 ½ - 8 ½ / European 41 - 43 / US 8 - 9
5.    Size 5: UK 8 ½ - 11 / European 43 - 45 / US 9 - 11 ½
6.    Size 6: UK 11 - 12 ½ / European 45 - 47 / US 11 ½ - 13

Contraindications: Use of RelaxSan toe socks by people suffering seborrhoeic dermatitis is not recommended.

RelaxSan Toe Socks are Class 1 Medical Devices

*RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks can be purchased without VAT for personal use by people suffering with relevant chronic condition. 

RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks Clinical Study

ffects of RelaxSan sock medical aid on the feet of diabetic, athletic and healthy subjects (extract from the Gasparri Panerai-Cellicchi's work.

Clinical study was conducted by 2 doctors ( a surgeon and a podiatrist) on 45 people, 25 of whom were diabetic patients and 20 healthy people, including at least 10 practising active sports (i.e. running, soccer, etc). Patients in consideration had the disease (diabetes) for at least 10 years and were considered 'at risk' for the onset of trophic foot ulcers, defined as 'diabetic foot' - a foot with anatomical and functional alterations caused by occlusive peripheral arteriopathy and/or by diabetic neuropathy. The healthy subjects displayed typical problems with regards to the mechanical action footwear has upon a foot. Some showed signs of persistent athlete's foot, inflamed-vesicle dermatomicosis or psoriasis of the sole of the foot. The study lasted 6 months.

Study results and conclusions: The results gathered were decisively positive from a clinical point of view, both with regards to the use of the sock for diabetic foot as well as with regards to the use of the sock with athletic and healthy subjects. It was observed that in the case of diabetic foot, the RelaxSan sock was particularly useful in preventing foot ulceration, especially since it allowed the subjects greater control over situation typical for neuropathy and related to pain reduction (i.e. trivial lesion between toes or simple rubbing of the toe nail against a nearby toe) and above all eliminated all situations resulting from disease, failing eyesight or poor hygiene. After having verified how the use of a textile brace, such as the RelaxSan Sock, has its own therapeutic rationale, which contributes to preventing and mitigation foot damage, which would otherwise threaten the health and autonomy of the patient, we can conclude that we are enthusiastic about the results obtained in all of the fields of application.

RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks Testimonials

  • Dear Win Health

I have bought couple of pairs of your toe socks about a month ago and I write to tell you how happy I am with them. 

I am in my mid fifties and in full time work involving being on my feet most of the time. Over the years I've suffered various problems with my feet. Couple of years ago I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now I need to look after my feet more than ever. Being on my feet all day long takes a toll. My feet sweat, swell and rub, even though I wear comfortable flat shoes.  I have noticed that since I started wearing the toe socks, I am much more comfortable and there is far less rubbing and sweating and my feet do not look so red and bothered in the evenings.

I would like to ask if you will have tights or long stockings from the same knit, because they would be good for ladies and I for one would buy them. The toe socks I can only wear with trousers and I cannot wear trousers all the time. My feet are so much better on the days I wear the toe socks that I would love to wear them or their longer version every day for maximum benefit! Thank you for your consideration.       

Mrs. E. M. (West Midlands)

  • Hi

I am very happy with my first pair of the toe socks, so I have bought another 2 pairs today. My toes used to rub red before I have discovered your toe socks. Now they do not. I was a bit sceptical initially as I thought they will be a gimmick, but they really work!

It takes me a little longer to put the toe socks on then it would to put ordinary socks, but it is worth it. My feet stopped sweating and there is no skin peeling between toes. The toes do not rub or overlap either. The toe socks are most comfortable and they work - great innovation!  

Thank you!    

Mr C S (Bedford)

  • Hello there Win Health

After wearing the toe socks for just over a week, the inflamed skin between my toes is almost gone. My feet are not as hot and sweaty and they do not itch! I am hooked and buying further 2 pairs. Many thanks for your good service. I am talking to my relatives and friends and recommending you and the toe socks. They turned out to be a good investment. I can happily recommend them to others! 

Charlie B.

  • My son in his late teens had athlete's foot problem for a long time. The skin between his toes was sore and itchy and the feet were smelly.

Initially he was not happy about the toes on the socks, saying they are girlie socks, but then he tried them and his foot problem improved.  He is now wearing them most of the time and there is less odour and his toes do not look so red. He does not use so much of potions on his feet to stop the itching and smelling. He does not have to change his trainers so often either. They are a good idea.

Tina P, London

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1.    Size 1: UK 3 - 4 ½ / European 35 - 37 / US 3 ½ - 5  
2.    Size 2: UK 4 ½ - 6 ½ / European 37 - 39 / US 5 - 7  -  out of stock in black
3.    Size 3: UK 6 ½ - 7 ½ / European 39 - 41 / US 7 - 8 
4.    Size 4: UK 7 ½ - 8 ½ / European 41 - 43 / US 8 - 9 - out of stock in black & white
5.    Size 5: UK 8 ½ - 11 / European 43 - 45 / US 9 - 11 ½  - out of stock in black & white
6.    Size 6: UK 11 - 12 ½ / European 45 - 47 / US 11 ½ - 13 - out of stock in black & white 


Pack contains one pair of RelaxSan Socks in selected size and colour.

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.