DripAssist™ Infusion Rate Monitor

DripAssist™ is the simplest IV infusion management device. It is designed and manufactured in the USA by Shift Labs and now available in the UK from Win Health Medical. DripAssist™ is designed to transform gravity infusion drips into powerful infusion tools delivering safe infusions in all care environments. 

Gravity infusions are common in healthcare worldwide. Gravity infusions should deliver specific volume of fluid at a specific rate and their accuracy is crucial to patient safety and to the success of prescribed treatment. It can be challenging and time consuming to maintain a constant infusion rate over a specific calculated time duration, because most gravity drips tend to experience rate changes and calculation errors. Inaccuracies of IV infusions can have very serious implications in terms of patient safety as well as efficacy of treatment.    

DripAssist™ is the only gravity infusion monitor that performs continual monitoring of the IV gravity drip. It significantly improves accuracy, whilst reducing nursing time required to maintain infusion precision. DripAssist™ enables greater patient care, improves patient safety and ensures therapeutic success of IV infusions. 

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