DuoEK S ECG Monitor

DuoEK S Personal ECG Monitor

DuoEK S Personal ECG Tracker for Home Use

DuoEK S is a handheld wireless ECG monitor with Bluetooth for personal use at home. Used with free ViHealth app, DuoEK S enables you to monitor and review your ECG in real-time in the comfort of your home. DuoEK S is conveniently rechargeable via micro USB cable supplied. DuoEK S ECG Monitor can be used stand-alone or with the ViHealth app. ViHealth app is free and available from Apple Store for the iOS and Google Play for the Android devices. ECG recordings can be easily shared with healthcare professionals.  

DuoEK S does not provide medical diagnosis and does not replace consultations with qualified medical professionals. DuoEK S is a ECG monitor, not a diagnostic device. You must consult your doctor to assess your cardiac health and provide a medical diagnosis and treatment.      

DuoEK S and the ViHealth app are compatible with smart devices (i.e. iOS and Androids)

  1. iOS 9.0 or above
  2. Android 5.0 OS or above  

Using DuoEK S with ViHealth app

When DuoEK S is paired with the ViHealth app, the real-time waveform can be seen on the app during ECG measuring, whilst the measurements are transmitted automatically to the app for storage and analytical reviews of historical measurements.

DuoEK S as stand-alone ECG monitor 

When used stand-alone, the recorded measurements are stored in the internal memory of the monitor up to the total of 20 minutes duration. When 20 minutes of recorded measurements is exceeded, the DuoEK S will overwrite the oldest data with the latest measurements. To avoid loss of recorded measurements, you should transfer the measurements to your smart device (i.e. mobile phone or tablet.)          

Taking ECG measurements with the DuoEK S

DuoEK S Personal ECG Monitor supports 3 methods of taking ECG recordings. It is up to you to select the most convenient or preferred option. Each measurement must take a minimum of 30 seconds and no more than 5 minutes as the monitor stops the measuring automatically at 5 minutes.

3 methods to take ECG recordings using the DuoEK S 

  1. Lead 1 method = Hand to Hand: Hold the right electrode on the DuoEK S with your right thumb and the left electrode with your left thumb. If this method produces a weak signal, it is best to use Lead 2 (see below).
  2. Lead 2 method = Right Hand to Left Leg: Hold the right electrode on the DuoEK S with your right hand and touch the skin on your bare left leg on the inner side just above the knee with the left electrode. The Lead 2 normally produces a good view of the P wave and is frequently used to record the rhythm wave. Lead 2 should be used preferentially, if you cannot get a strong signal, when using the Lead 1 method.   
  3. Chest Lead method = Right Hand to Chest: Hold the right electrode on the DuoEK S and position the monitor across the front of your chest just below the pectoral chest muscles. Hold the monitor with electrodes closely on your chest.

Real-Time ECG Monitoring with the DuoEK S and the ViHealth app

  • When using ViHealth app connected with the DuoEK S, you can monitor heart rate and ECG waveforms in real-time on the Dashboard screen of the app.
  • History screen of the V Health app facilities viewing of the measurements taken.
  • EKG recording screen allows viewing of individual results.
  • Coloured bar on the left side of the screen indicates the heartbeat results in the viewed recording, distinguishing Regular heartbeat as a green bar and Irregular heartbeat as a red bar.
  • Other parameters distinguished are Slow heart rate as heart rate below 50 BPM (beats per minute) or Fast heart rate as heart rate over 120 BPM.      
  • PDF of the ECG recordings can be easily shared with health professionals.  
  • DuoEK S allows you to delete individual records and current recordings. You can also perform Factory Reset during which all user defined settings and measurements are deleted off the monitor, which will be reset to the original factory settings.

Using and maintaining DuoEK S

  1. It is important to charge and activate the DuoEK S device prior to first use. The device is supplied with a micro USB charging cable.
  2. DuoEK S is easy to use – just follow the illustrated user manual step by step.   
  3. You should never attempt to disassemble the monitor or repair it. Always store the monitor in the clean and dry environment. To clean - wipe with a soft dry cloth or with a moist cloth and mild neutral detergent.  
  4. DuoEK S has a warranty of 1 year. 

DuoEK S technical specifications

  • Wireless rechargeable ECG monitor with Bluetooth
  • Compatible with ViHealth app for iOS and Androids
  • Handheld small monitoring device
  • Micro USB cable connector
  • Integral rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Battery run time ≥ 500 ECG checks
  • Charging time 2 – 3 hours
  • Heart rate range 30 to 250 BPM
  • Internal data storage of 10 sessions of ECG length less than 1 minute / 4 sessions of ECG is 5 minutes
  • Unlimited data storage on the ViHealth app
  • ECG length 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • App for iOS – iOS 9.0 and above / iPhone 4s / iPad 3 or above
  • App for Android – Android 5.0 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Dimensions: 92 x 32 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 26.8 g
  • CE mark Medical Device
  • Brand: Wellue Viatom
  • 1 year warranty

Important point to note: This device is powered by Lithium Battery and therefore you must always follow the manufacturer’s stated Lithium Batteries instructions with regard to use, charging, transport, and recycling. Please refer to User Manual / User Instructions for detailed instructions. 

Contraindications and warnings

  • Read and understand user manual
  • Retain user manual for reference
  • Follow all recommendations listed in user manual
  • DuoEK S is not intended to replace medical diagnosis by a qualified medical professional
  • DuoEK S is not suitable for people fitted with pacemaker
  • DuoEK S is not a toy and should be kept away from children and pets
  • DuoEK S should not be used by people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Do not use DuoEK S in combustible environment

DuoEK S – a simple and affordable ECG monitor for personal use at home.

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Dimensions: 92 x 32 x 8.2 mm / Weight: 26.8 


DuoEK S kit comprises of the DuoEK S unit, micro USB charging cable and illustrated user manual. CE mark and 1 year warranty.