Easy TENS+ for Pain Relief at Home

Easy TENS+ is a modern TENS machine with 5 treatment modes indicated for acute and chronic pain relief in many painful conditions. TENS therapy with Easy TENS+ is easy to apply and safe.

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TENS therapy is affective, safe and proven in clinical practice method of pain relief. TENS therapy is frequently recommended by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals.

Easy TENS+ overview

  • Dual channel TENS machine
  • Suitable for acute and chronic pain 
  • Treats 2 painful areas at the same time
  • Memorises latest used program
  • Compact, light and portable for use anytime and anywhere
  • 2 skin electrodes per channel (i.e. total 4 skin electrodes)
  • 4 pre-set modes for ease of application: 1: Constant mode with continuous pulses and light tingly sensation / 2: Burst mode with pulses on and off in regular cycles, resembling heart beat sensation / 3: Modulation mode with pulse decreasing and increasing in regular cycles, similar to massaging sensation / 4: Han Stimulation mode (Mixed mode) with 3 seconds of Constant and 3 seconds of Burst. Han mode originates from Professor Han who suggests that switching between Constant and Burst modes stimulates activation of potent body’s own natural analgesic systems (i.e. encephalin and dynorphin) that combat pain.          
  • 1 user mode for customisation to personal needs – allows you to adjust pulse rate and pulse width for the Constant mode, Burst mode and Modulation mode
  • Memory function - enables Easy TENS+ to remember personalised settings after switching off or battery removal
  • Timer key - allows the user to set duration of treatment: continuous, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes
  • Battery powered (2 x AAA batteries)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto switch off after 5 minutes of non-use  
  • Pad contact warning symbol – appears, when any of the skin electrodes are not attached securely to the skin
  • Easy release neck cord (lanyard) for convenience
  • CE mark Medical Device (CE0120)
  • 5 years warranty

Point to note: When/if using Easy TENS+ routinely or frequently, it is best to vary the treatment modes as this helps to prevent the body becoming used to/ tolerant to TENS therapy and rendering effectiveness of TENS pain relief. 

Easy TENS+ background information 

Easy TENS+ is a small, light and easy to use TENS machine for professionals and for home use. Dual channel TENS machine, the Easy TENS+ features total of 5 modes, of which there are 4 pre-set modes and 1 user mode that is designed for customisation to user’s specific treatment needs. The user mode enables users to adjust pulse width and pulse rate and create their own personalised treatment setting.    

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS works by passing gentle electrical impulses via surface skin electrodes through the skin to nerve fibres beneath. The electrical impulses disrupt the travel of the pain signals to the pain centre in the brain, making the perception of the pain less intense. Simultaneously, the TENS stimuli enhance the production and release of body’s own pain killer substances (i.e. endorphins), further helping to reduce the intensity of pain and provide pain relief. 

TENS machines, such as Easy TENS+ (Easy TENS+) are effective in dealing with acute and chronic painful conditions that include back pain, shoulder pain, period pain, migraine, trauma related pain and post-surgical pain.             

Using Easy TENS+

  1. Easy TENS+ is easy and convenient to use. It is battery powered, dual channel TENS that can be used discreetly anytime you need. You can TREAT 2 painful areas simultaneously.
  2. Easy TENS+ utilises 2 self-adhesive skin electrodes per each channel, hence there are 4 skin electrodes in total to place on 2 different pain centres (i.e. upper back and lower back, left and right shoulder, etc.).
  3. Easy TENS+ is battery powered and uses 2 x AAA batteries.  A set of 4 x AAA batteries is provided for your convenience. Low battery indicator flashes, when batteries are low. Always change both batteries at the same time. If your Easy TENS+ is not in use for a long time, remove the batteries.   
  4. Prior to first treatment, ensure you have read user instructions thoroughly. Always follow user instructions and keep them safely for future reference.
  5. Ensure that the batteries are fitted into the device.
  6. Connect the connective lead wires to the channel outlets and insert the end pin connectors (i.e. in red and white) to the pig tails of the skin electrodes. Each channel connects with 2 skin electrodes, hence 4 skin electrodes in total on both channels.
  7. If you wish to use the lanyard for greater mobility, attach the lanyard to the Easy TENS+ and hang the device on your neck.       
  8. Ensure that the skin on the areas to be treated is clean and dry. 
  9. Attach the self-adhesive skin electrodes to the treatment area – 2 skin electrodes on one channel per treatment area.
  10. Switch the Easy TENS+ on, select the mode, set timer and adjust intensity to your preference. Please remember that the TENS treatment should be felt, but be comfortable. If uncomfortable, reduce the intensity to a comfortable level accordingly.  
  11. Use your Easy TENS+ as required. Vary the treatment modes to prevent TENS treatment tolerance.

Easy TENS+ specifications

  • 4 pre-set treatment modes
  • 1 free treatment mode for customisation
  • 5 total treatment modes (4 pre-set & 1 free for custimisation)
  • Pulse rate and pulse width for Constant mode: 90 Hz / 120 µs - Constant
  • Pulse rate and pulse width for Burst mode: 32 Hz / 200 µs – 2 bursts/second and 8 pulses per burst
  • Pulse rate and pulse width for Modulation mode: 100 Hz / 200 µs – changing pulse from 50 µs to 200 µs every 3 seconds  
  • Pulse rate and pulse width for Han mode: 2 Hz, 100 Hz / 200 µs, 100 µs – changing from pulse rate of 2 Hz and pulse width of 200 µs to pulse rate of 100 Hz and pulse width of 100 µs every 3 seconds
  • Pulse rate and pulse width for User mode: Constant mode 1 – 200 Hz / 50 – 250 µs. Burst mode 1 – 200 Hz / 50 – 250 µs. Modulation mode 1 – 180 Hz / 75 – 250 µs
  • Memory: memorises latest program used
  • Auto power off: after 5 minutes of non-use
  • Channels: 2
  • Voltage: ± 55 V adjustable in 14 steps (500-ohm load, 0-peak), 10% tolerance
  • Intensity: 0 – 110 mA adjustable in 14 steps (500-ohm load)
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical bipolar rectangle
  • Battery: 2 x 1.5 V AAA
  • Battery Low Detect 2.2V ± 0.2V
  • Tolerances: ± 20% tolerance of all output parameters, unless specified otherwise
  • Operating conditions: 0 - 40°C; 30 – 75 % RH; 700 hPas – 1060 hPa air pressure
  • Storage and transport conditions: 0 - 40°C; 30 – 90 % RH; 700 hPa – 1060 hPa air pressure
  • Dimensions: 130 x 40 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 53 g (excl. batteries)
  • CE 0120 Medical Device
  • 5 years warranty

Contraindications and precautions

  • Do not use, if fitted with demand type of pacemaker
  • Pregnant women and people with cardiac disease must consult qualified medical professional before using TENS
  • Do not use if you suffer undiagnosed pain
  • If pregnant and using TENS on the advice of a doctor, please, do not put skin electrodes on/over your abdomen
  • TENS must not be used before the 37th week of pregnancy
  • Do not use if fitted with metal implants, unless advised by a doctor    
  • Do not use over eyes, mouth, front or sides of the neck, across head or heart, varicose veins and scars, lacerated, infected, inflamed or numb skin areas
  • Do not use if suffering with tuberculosis, malignant tumours, very high or very low blood pressure, epilepsy, high fever, or acute inflammatory conditions
  • Read and follow user instructions, retain user instructions for future reference
  • Always consult your doctor, if you are not clear about your suitability to use TENS machine/ perform TENS therapy at home

Easy TENS+ - perfect easy to use TENS machine to treat acute and chronic pain effectively and safely at home! 

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