Elderly Care Products

Elderly Care Products 

Elderly Care Products can make lives of the elderly people better, easier and safer, thus improving quality of life.

Aging is a natural and inevitable part of life. Elderly care is all about effective care that ensures advanced years of elderly people are happy, healthy and active.

On the pages of Win Health website dedicated to Elderly Care, we present products and devices that can help care professionals in elderly care or friends and relatives of elderly people in caring for the elderly people.

The elderly care products that can make a positive contribution to better quality of the elderly people's lives every single day and night include HipSaver hip protector, DermaSaver breathable skin protectors, FallSmart bedside fall out mats, Youki the open wound healer, Venowave VW5 Peristaltic Calf Pump and Snug Positioning Pillows.

Products that can improve elderly people's lives are listed below:

  1. HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors
  2. HeadSaver Head Protectors
  3. DermaSaver Skin Protectors
  4. Snug Positioning Pillows
  5. Fallsmart Bedside Fall Out Mats
  6. Venowave VW5 Calf Pump
  7. RelaxSan Diabetic Toe Socks
  8. Youki the Wound Healer
  9. Aquamed MA Waterless Bathing
  10. Aquamed MA Dymacare Continence Barrier Wipes
  11. Aquamed MA Wet Wipes
  12. Nurse Call Mat Falls Prevention
  13. Aquamed MA Dry Wipes
  14. Callus Remover
  15. Waterproof Incontinence Briefs
  16. Kylie Incontinence Briefs
  17. DRYtex Incontinence Briefs
  18. Unisex Net Pants

Venowave VW5 Calf Pump addresses the problems caused by poor circulation and compromised venous return. Venowave helps to prevent DVT, post thrombotic syndrome and primary thrombosis. Venowave combats chronic venous insufficiency, swollen legs, lymphedema and peripheral artery disease. Venowave also helps to heal stubborn leg wounds and ulcers of venous and arterial origin and diabetic foot ulcers, thus helping to prevent potential leg amputations.  

Incontinence products helpful to people with incontinence problems can be found in the Continence Care Products section. In the Continence Care section you will also find details of IncoSilk Medicare Serum Plus, special skin care developed to help people with skin problems caused by exposure to urine and prolonged wetness. IncoSilk helps people with incontinence to care for their troubled skin.   

Our website is also full of other devices and products useful in the elderly care, such as blood pressure monitors (i.e. wrist blood pressure monitors, upper arm blood pressure monitors), InstantCheck ECG, compressor nebulisers, ultrasonic nebulisers and other respiratory aids, such as pulse oximeters, pain relief devices and TENS machines, incontinence bed pads, incontinence chair pads, waterproof bedding and waterproof mattress protectorsadult bibs.

  • HipSaver Hip Protectors

HipSaver Hip Protector is a soft hip protector that protects fragile hips of the elderly people from damaging effects of falling. HipSaver hip protectors are widely used in United Kingdom since 2002. HipSaver users include the NHS, care homes and independently living elderly people. HipSavers are available from the NHS Supply Chain or directly from Win Health.

HipSaver Patient LeafletHipSaver soft hip protectors are made in many styles that cater for the needs of elderly people (i.e. poor grip, backward falling, incontinence). There are male and female garments and all are available in 7 sizes for best fit. Long casual trousers with hip protector pads and mid length soft pyjama bottoms are also available.

  1. HipSaver Soft Hip Protector (padded undergarments)   Shop for HipSaver Soft Hip Protector  
  2. HipSaver Activs Trousers (padded long casuals)   Shop for HipSaver Activs Long Casual Trousers
  3. HipSaver Activs Shorts (padded shorts)   Shop for HipSaver Activs Shorts
  4. HipSaver Interim (padded pyjama pants)   Shop for HipSaver Interim Pyjama Pants
  • DermaSaver Breathable Skin Protectors

DermaSaver Products are garment like breathable protectors that protect fragile skin from tears, shear and bruising caused by external pressure on fragile skin.

DermaSaver leafletDermaSavers are available in many types of breathable protectors to protect arms and hands (i.e. forearm protectors, hand mittens); legs, shins and feet (i.e. shin protectors, leg protectors, knee protectors, heel protectors); body protectors (i.e. briefs, tee shirts) and non wearable products to lie, sit or lean on (i.e. pillow cases, bed mats, wheelchair mats).

  1. DermaSaver Arm and Hand Protectors   Shop for DermaSaver Arm Protectors       
  2. DermaSaver Leg and Foot Protectors     Shop for DermaSaver Leg Protectors  
  3. DermaSaver Non Wearable Protectors   Shop for DermaSaver Non-Wearable Protectors    
  • Snug Positioning Pillows

Unique shaped positioning pillows that aid patient positioning in beds and armchairs for greater stimulation, improved safety and comfort and enhanced self-awareness and active interaction with surroundings and people. The Snug Positioning Pillows are perfect for the frail elderly people, for people with reduced mobility, for disabled people and those who are bedridden or spend their days sitting in armchairs. The Snug Positioning Pillows are also perfect for people with bed sores as they help to change people's positioning in beds, thus helping to heal or prevent pressure sores formation.

  1. Snug Positioning Pillows  Shop for Snug Positioning Pillows and Accessories at www.win-health.com
  • FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats

FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats can help to prevent injuries caused by accidental falling out or rolling out of bed. 

  1. FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mat   Shop for Bedside Fallout Mats  
  • Youki the Wound Healer Open Wound Healing System

Youki the Wound Healer System helps to heal open wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure sores and diabetic wounds. Youki the Wound Healer can be especially beneficial to elderly people with open and non healing leg ulcers and bed sores.

  1. Youki the Wound Healer   Shop for Youki the Wound Healer    
  • Nurse Call Mat Falls Prevention

Nurse Call Mat is a falls prevention device that alerts caregivers to frail people getting out of beds or chairs. Nurse Call Mat is an effective and durable mat that is compatible with existing Nurse Call Systems in use. Nurse Call Mat presents an effective, durable and affordable way to minimise falls and fall related fractures in frail people at risk of fall or unable to walk and move about without assistance.

Nurse Call Mat is simple to use and all you have to do is to plug it into your existing Nurse Call System. When in use, the Nurse Call Mat can help to reduce number of fall that are due to the patient walking alone. It also reduces the number of room checks at night, thus saving valuable time.

The Nurse Call Mat improves the safety of your patients and gives you the peace of mind.

  1. Nurse Call Mats   Shop for Nurse Call Mats
  • HeadSaver Soft Head Protector

HeadSaver Soft Head Protector: Soft protective helmet protects the elderly and infirm people from fall related head and scalp injuries, HeadSaver Head Protector is impact tested and validated to reduce the forces of impact.

HeadSaver is soft and user friendly and can make a difference to elderly and infirm people at risk of falls. HeadSaver soft head protector is suitable for adults at risk of falling, including the elderly men and women in care home settings as well as the elderly people, who live independently in their own homes.  HeadSaver soft head protector can also help to protect people suffering with medical conditions that make them unsteady on their feet, such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease or Cerebral Palsy.

You can use HeadSaver soft helmet as a stand alone head protective helmet or with a stylish HeadSaver covering for greater discretion.

  1. HeadSaver Soft Head Protector   Shop for HeadSaver Soft Head Protector 

Elderly People and Aging Population background

Old people enjoy time together. In the recent decades, the life expectancy steadily increases due to many factors, such as advances in medicine, better nutrition and much emphasis on healthy lifestyles. Consequently, the number of people aged 65 and over is rapidly growing. Albeit, the risk of illnesses and disabilities increases with age, elderly care is now very advanced and most elderly people can enjoy active and satisfying seniority years.

Risks of poor health can be minimized through healthy and active lifestyle and by application of various preventive measures that reduce the risks of painful injuries and debilitating illnesses. Good elderly care facilities and well qualified elderly care professionals ensure quality elderly care can be delivered. Poor health does not any longer have to be perceived as an inevitable consequence of aging. Longer life expectancy and overall better health mean that many people are now able to live active and healthy lives for many years after retirement. Many elderly people choose to live independently in their own homes. Modern elderly care is about keeping elderly people independent as well as physically and socially active for life with daily living help provided, when it is required. Many elderly people receive care at home. Care Rocks CIC logo

Care Rocks CIC

Care Rocks CIC is an award - winning social enterprise, promoting better lives for older people across the UK.

Care Rocks CIC showcase fantastic products and services for the care sector.

Visit Care Rocks CIC now!

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