Non-Invasive Needle Free Acupuncture

The traditional Chinese acupuncture involved insertion of thin needles into the skin over specific points on the body with the purpose of re-balancing the flow of vital energy along the body's energy pathways. Acupuncture therapy alters body's inner energy flow and realigns the body's electrical fields, helping to normalise cellular processes and organ functions, relieve pain and improve healing.   

Electro-Acupuncture - a Modern Version of Acupuncture - Non-invasive stimulation of acupuncture points with electric currents.   

In the modern healthcare, acupuncture maintains its important position as one of the most popular arms of alternative medicine backed by a growing wealth of clinical evidence of proven efficacy and safety. Today's acupuncturists use not only fine needles to stimulate acupuncture points, but also mild electrical currents and infrared laser light to stimulate acupuncture points for analgesia and pain relief, healing and restoration of health. Such non-invasive needle free acupuncture is painless and non-traumatic. Non-invasive needle free acupuncture can be performed with devices such as cold lasers or piezoelectric Tens pens and micro current acupuncture probes.

Acupuncture stimulates release of endogenous biochemical compounds - endorphins, dynorphins and encephalins - that have 'morphine like' efficacy in decreasing the sensation of pain. These compounds are released at different levels of human nervous system and act as natural endogenous painkillers that help us to better tolerate pain and experience a feeling of well-being. Endorphins are released in the brain, whilst dynorphins and encephalins are released in the spinal cord.

Electro Acupuncture for Pain Relief in Childbirth

Electro Acupuncture is helpful during childbirth as it can deliver additional pain relief during confinement or aid relaxation in the second stage of labour.      

PLEASE NOTE: TENS Machines & Electro Acupuncture Devices MUST NOT be used before 37th week of pregnancy. 

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