Evolis3 Vaginal Stimulation Probe

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Evolis3 is a vaginal probe with 2 rind electrodes and reference ground lead for stimulation and EMG Biofeedback therapy. Evolis3 is a vaginal probe in a non-tubular ergonomic tampon shape for easy insertion and placement. The unique shape facilitates perfect fit vaginal positioning and minimises the risk of probe ejection from vagina. The body of the probe’s end has a smaller diameter that improves the probe’s stability in the vaginal cavity after insertion. The Evolis3 vaginal probe is light, which further enhances its in-situ post-insertion stability.

Evolis3 Vaginal Probe is recommended for stimulation treatments, such as pelvic floor strengthening, overactive bladder treatments and pelvic floor workouts. Evolis3 is also suitable for EMG Biofeedback pelvic floor muscle assessment, diagnostic assessment of muscular insufficiency and in controlled progress of functional recovery. Evolis3 should be used in supine position.     

Evolis3 features 2 ring electrodes, reference ground lead and 2 female 2 mm banana tails, each circa 230 mm long. Evolis3 is 11 cm long and weighs 26 g.    

Evolis3 is a non-sterile probe designed for strictly personal use. Evolis3 must not be shared between different users due to personal hygiene and cross contamination issues. When using the Evolis3 for the first time, rinse the probe under the tap to remove any traces of residue of disinfectant. The probe must be cleaned after each use with mild soap and water. The recommended life span of the Evolis3 vaginal probe is 30 treatment sessions.    

Evolis3 Vaginal Probe has been designed for use with devices generating biphasic low frequency pulse current, of zero net DC average, maximum current of 50 mA RMS, maximum voltage of ±80 V (160 V peak to peak).     

See leaflet enclosed with product for warranty details.   

Evolis3 Vaginal Probe is a Medical Device (CE 0086).  


  • Do not use, if suffering from a bladder or vaginal infection
  • Do not use, if suffering from colorectal or genitourinary cancer       
  • Do not use in pregnancy
  • Do not use, if fitted with cardiac pace maker
  • Do not use, if you have uretero-vesical reflux or hypotonic bladder    

Evolis3 Vaginal Probe – perfect for your pelvic floor stimulation and EMG Biofeedback needs!

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