Fall Related Head Injuries and Head Protection

HeadSaver for Protection of the Elderly People from Fall Related Head Injuries

HeadSaver is a soft head protector designed to protect the head and the scalp of the elderly, frail and disabled people from the fall related impact forces that could cause painful head or scalp injuries.

Falls, trips and slips are common amongst older people.  Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions of older people suffering with serious traumatic fall related injuries, such as hip fractures, wrist fractures, shoulder dislocations, bruises, sprains and head injuries.

The spectrum of fall related head injuries is very broad and encompasses all types of fall related head injuries ranging from relatively minor cuts, bumps, bruises and abrasions to serious and life-threatening trauma to the skull, skull fractures, brain injuries, haematomas and concussions.

More about Falls and Fall Related Injuries in the Elderly People

Falls in the elderly people are common, but a large proportion of them can be prevented. Reducing the risk of falling is a priority that can be addressed through a thorough risk of falls appraisal and implementation of relevant fall prevention measures.  Simple fall prevention measures include medication review, wearing appropriate footwear, checking eyesight and wearing appropriate glasses, improving overall fitness for better balance and muscle strength through regular exercise as well as making the living environment safer and tailored to the specific needs of the elderly residents. 

The falls do not have to be severe to cause head injuries. Even small tumbles can cause painful and lasting damage.

To prevent accidental tumbles, remove clutter, electric cords and other hazards that may cause a trip or a fall. Install bright lighting above the hallways, passages and above the stairs. Secure the rugs and mats firmly to the floor, so that they do not cause someone to trip over their edges and so that the rugs and mats do not slide around.   

Though many falls are preventable, elderly people continue to fall and suffer fall related injuries. For those unpreventable falls, the emphasis of injury prevention action should focus on a reduction of the fall related impact that causes the injury.

After suffering a fall, elderly people commonly develop a fear of falling. The fear of falling significantly limits physical activities, contributing to loss of mobility, fitness and confidence and can even lead to social isolation with all its negative implications on general health, physical and mental fitness, nutrition aspects and overall life prognosis.

HeadSaver Head Protector helps to protect people at risk of falling from painful head and scalp injuries. HeadSaver is a tested and validated head protector that is a Class 1 Medical Device. HeadSaver is widely used in the UK and globally for several years, helping people at risk of falling to prevent painful, debilitating and dangerous head injuries sustained during a fall.

Learn more about the HeadSaver and how it can help to protect you or your loved one from sustaining fall related head injuries. Visit HeadSaver page for details of HeadSaver Head Protector, accessories and prices and to buy HeadSaver.  

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