FIREACTIV Ther​mal Supports

FIREATIV Thermal Infr​ared Heat Joint and Muscle Supports

FIREACTIVE Supports - championed by Lewis Moody MBE ex Engla​nd Rugby Captain World Cup Winner. Lewis Moody MBE was so impressed with the FIREACTIV Thermal Supports that he became a dedicated FIREACTIV brand ambassador and supporter.   

FIREACTIV Supports are a range of innovative joint and muscle supports that comprise of adjustable neoprene support braces with Velcro fastenings for compression and secure fit over specific body areas and 2 removable interchangeable heat pads with bio-ceramic particles permanently fused to the fabric. FIREACTIV Supports utilise the heat generated from body’s own warmth - captured by bio-ceramic particles in the heat pads. The body heat is captured and amplified and subsequently reflected back to the surface of the skin as long wave infrared radiation heat that penetrates up to 60 mm deep to relieve pain, improve circulation, enhance healing and provide soothing warmth and lasting comfort. Batteries, wires or external power sources are not required! FIREACTIV Thermal Supports deliver soothing infrared heat generated entirely from your own body warmth!

FIREACTIV Supports offer multi-purpose use:  

  • Joint, muscle or tendon support braces with variable compression - when used as flexible neoprene supports with adjustable Velcro fastenings.
  • Thermal supports capable of delivering fast acting penetrating deep heat for speedy pain relief or milder heat for long term therapy and lasting relief and comfort - when used with either of the 2 detachable and interchangeable bio-ceramic heat reflecting pads.

FIREACTIV Supports are perfect for many people. They are suitable for sports people, athletes and regular participants in lifestyle activities (i.e. golfers, rambles, cyclists, etc.) as well as for people suffering with chronic aches, stiffness, tired muscles, sprains, strains and crippling arthritis. Effective, convenient, versatile, affordable and safe, the FIREACTIV Supports do not need batteries, microwaving or electric power to deliver soothing warmth, pain relief and comfort anytime and anywhere.          

FIREACTIV Supports background

FIREACTIV Supports provide joint and muscle supports by application of anatomically designed neoprene support braces. Additionally and importantly, FIREACTIV Supports - used with either one of the detachable and interchangeable heat reflecting pads - warm up joints, muscles or entire body areas with deep penetrating heat. The reflected heat is known as long wave infrared radiation. The infrared radiation heat penetrates tissues up to 60 mm deep for effective pain relief, improved injury healing or long term soothing comfort.

FIREACTIV Supports are perfect for activities and sports and represent valuable aids to physiotherapy. FIREACTIV Supports also help people with chronic pain and arthritis as a stand-alone therapy modality or alongside other conventional treatments.     

FIREACTIV Supports overview

  • Flexible anatomically designed neoprene supports for comfort of joints, muscles and tendons with or without thermal effects
  • Soothing naturally generated infrared heat is delivered without batteries, wires or external power sources
  • Durable and infinitely re-usable neoprene braces and heat pads
  • Secure support and compression as required
  • Safe and effective pain relief anytime and anywhere
  • Appropriate for use during warm-up exercises to prepare muscles for training efforts and to prevent exercise related injuries
  • Safe and effective pain relief without drugs
  • Improve blood flow and oxygenation of tissues
  • Improve joint flexibility and mobility
  • Enhance healing of injuries
  • Reduce muscle stiffness and minimise accumulation of lactic acid in muscle fibres
  • Reduce aches, soreness and swelling
  • Affordable and without extra running costs
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Suitable for long term use
  • Perfect sports and activity aids
  • Perfect physiotherapy aids
  • Perfect soothing relief and comfort aids for arthritis and chronic pain sufferers
  • Class 1 Medical Devices
  • 12 months warranty

FIREACTIV Supports do not require batteries as the heat pad inserts are made from a textile that features bio-ceramic heat reflecting particles permanently fused into the fibres. The bio-ceramic particles capture body heat, amplify the captured heat and reflect it back to the body as a natural body generated long wave infrared radiation heat that penetrates up to 60 mm deep. The long wave infrared heat warms up the tissues, dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow and oxygen saturation, all of which are the essential elements of healing and pain relief. Infrared heat also improves joint and muscle flexibility and aids overall mobility and wellbeing.      

FIREACTIV Supports consist of 2 parts:

  • Neoprene Support – flexible neoprene supports anatomically designed for different body areas - back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle
  • Heat Reflecting Pads (2) – detachable and interchangeable pads for versatile delivery of different levels of infrared heat on demand as required – 1) intense fast acting deep heat or 2) comforting soothing mild long term heat
  1. Red Heat Pad with greater concentration of bio-ceramic heat reflecting particles for intense and deeply penetrating fast acting topical heat that is slowly released to the surface of the skin for speedy pain relief, enhanced blood flow, improved flexibility and greater joint mobility
  2. White Heat Pad with lower concentration of bio-ceramic heat reflecting particles for milder heat that needs to be sustained over longer periods of time for lasting comfort and soothing long term relief

FIREACTIV Supports – how to use

FIREACTIV products combine neoprene adjustable braces for support and compression with heat generated by bio-ceramic material. FIREACTIV products can be used solely as support braces or as thermal supports with infrared heat.

  • When used as thermal supports, the FIREACTIV products should be introduced gradually to enable the body to become accustomed to the sensation of the topical deep-penetrating long wave infrared heat. 
  • During the first 2 – 3 days, the FIREACTIV product should be used for up to 4 hours per day. During this initial period of use, the deep heat can be felt and the user may become aware of the positive effects of the deep heat, such as lessening pain and stiffness. At the same time, the area treated can initially develop some signs of swelling. This is due to increase in circulation and an indication that the product is working. If the swelling is of concern, remove the product for the reminder of the day and reintroduce it next day.
  • After the introduction period, you can apply the FIREACTIV products for 8 or more hours per day. It is important to use the product intensely for at least 10 – 20 consecutive days before assessing the benefits.

For maximum effectiveness, the bio-ceramic heat pads should be placed in direct contact with the skin. As the bio-ceramic pads reflect the body’s heat, the products are most effective during day time, when most of physical activities take place. However, even during rest or sleep (i.e. night time), the benefits of infrared heat continue to be worthwhile.


  • Do not use during high fever
  • Do not use on damaged skin
  • Do not use if suffering from skin allergies
  • Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other electronic device fitted
  • Do not use if suffering with high blood pressure
  • Do not use when pregnant
  • Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive parts of the body 

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