Gentle Exercise for the Elderly, Disabled and Convalescing People

Exercise and physical activity are important to health. Being active and exercising keeps you fit, alert, healthy and independent.

As we age, it is especially crucial to maintain healthy body and sharp mind. Fitness of the body and mind well into old age contributes to wellbeing, happiness, longevity and independence.

There is a wealth of evidence suggesting that being active keeps you healthy, with lower risks of problems frequently associated with sedentary life styles and low level of activities. Being consistently active can help to slow down age related functional and mental decline, concur obesity and type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease, combat chronic pain and muscle weakness, depression and dementia. Hence, it is especially important to remain active and keep fit with advancing age to enjoy long, healthy, happy and independent life!

To stay healthy, you must be active and keep moving to retain strong muscles and flexible joints. You should walk, play recreational sports, take up dancing, cycle, swim, work in your garden, carry your shopping home and do the housework. The more active you are, the happier, fitter and healthier you will be.       

It is important to be consistent and do as much as you can and your health and circumstances allow. Endeavour to increase your level of activities and improve your fitness gradually and over time and maintain it, whilst you have reached the optimum possible.  

Inactivity due to prolonged illness, disability or long convalescence can lead to overall deterioration in fitness and wellbeing.  During such times, it is important to maintain as much activity and exercise as possible. You should always discuss, what you can do to improve your healthy and recovery with your doctor.     

Here we present a portable exercise machine for times of decreased activity levels, such as illness, convalescence, disability or activity restricting chronic pain. These portable exercise bike can also help housebound people to exercise their arms and legs without having to leave their homes. Portable and affordable, the Farma Bike can help you start on a road to recovery, rehabilitation, fitness, better health and general wellbeing.

Regular exercise can make you feel better, reduce your pain, alleviate depression, prevent dementia and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.         

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