RF Beauty Mini

Globus RF Beauty Mini

Globus RF Beauty Mini Facial Radiofrequency Device with Red and Yellow LED Light Technology

Globus RF Beauty Mini is a bipolar radiofrequency beauty device for home use. Globus RF Beauty Mini combines 3 different technologies in one small device – radiofrequency, red LED light and yellow LED light.

Portable and compact, the RF Beauty Mini is effective, safe and easy to use. Treatments with the RF Beauty Mini combat wrinkles and rejuvenate skin around the eyes and on the entire face. RF Beauty Mini is designed to reduce wrinkles and tighten and rejuvenate skin on the entire face and neck, including the most prone to wrinkling forehead and eye contour and sagging cheeks, jowls, jaw line and chin.

  1. Radiofrequency is a well-known and proven technique of skin rejuvenation. Commonly used in beauty salons, the radiofrequency beauty facials help to firm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, reducing wrinkles and lifting sagging facial contours. 
  2. Yellow LED light is used in beauty therapy for skin rejuvenation, lymph and blood flow stimulation and its calming effects of the skin.
  3. Red LED light has anti-aging effects on the skin and is well known for its collagen stimulating effects.     

During radiofrequency treatment, the Globus RF Beauty Mini – a bipolar radiofrequency device with red and yellow light technology - glides over the skin. During use, the RF current passes between the two pole electrodes located on the head of the device. The flow of the current heats up the facial tissues an​d supporting structures – i.e. elastin and collagen – lying beneath the skin. The heat activates fibroblasts to produce more collagen and stimulates skin renewal. Radiofrequency treatment works even on the aging skin with slower cellular regeneration. After radiofrequency treatment, the skin looks and feels tight, firm and visibly lifted. The results can be seen from the first treatment onwards. Regularly performed RF facials have cumulative effects, which produce consistent improvements in the skin condition and lead to a younger and lifted facial appearance.         

Globus RF Beauty Mini overview

  • Bipolar radiofrequency device with red LED and yellow LED for home use
  • 3 pre-set programs – eye zone rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction
  • 3 intensity levels
  • Treatment duration timer (adjustable time)
  • Simple to use
  • Effective and safe      

RF Beauty Mini offers the benefits of 3 technologies combined into one device. The red and yellow light LEDs provide enhancing support to radiofrequency treatments and are reflected in the treatment programs.

3 pre-set programs are as follows:

  1. Program SRT – skin around the eye rejuvenation with radiofrequency only
  2. Program SR - facial skin rejuvenation with radiofrequency and yellow light
  3. Program WR - wrinkle reduction with radiofrequency and red light

Please note that the program for the around the eye rejuvenation (SRT) is performed with radiofrequency only and should last 10 minutes maximum. The other 2 programs combine radiofrequency with light – yellow light for the facial rejuvenation (SR) and red light for wrinkle reduction (WR) and should take between 5 – 15 minutes duration. 

Using RF Beauty Mini

RF Beauty Mini is easy to use and the treatment of the face and neck takes only 15 – 25 minutes in total. You can treat the full face and neck or just the areas in need of attention. Your skin should be dry and clean of make-up. As the next step, you must apply pre-treatment gel over the area to be treated.

For facial rejuvenation select the program SR combining RF with the yellow LED and for wrinkle reduction the program WR combining RF with red LED. For eye zone rejuvenation use the SRT program using RF only. 

During treatment the RF heads of the RF Beauty Mini glide slowly over your skin. You will feel a deep sensation of warmth. The slower the movement of the heads on your skin, the more heat you will feel. Ensure that both RF pole electrodes are in close contact with your skin throughout the treatment. Continue to move the RF heads over the skin on slow circular motion until you have covered your entire face or your selected treatment area.    

Before treatment, apply conductive get to the area to be treated and re-apply as needed during treatment. You must not use the device without covering your skin with conductive gel.  

  1. Begin the RF treatment at the top of your clavicle and glade the RF pole electrodes upwards to your jaw, avoiding the thyroid area.  
  2. From the lower jaw line, glide the RF poles over the skin to your cheek bone.
  3. From the mouth corner to the cheek bone.
  4. From the upper lip to the cheek bone. 
  5. From the corner of your nose to the end of your check bone.
  6. From the inner eye corner to the outside of the eyebrow (avoiding the immediate eye area - i.e. the eyeball and the eyelid.
  7. From the outside of the eyelid to the hairline without touch the eyebrow.
  8. Up and down between eyebrows and hairline over the forehead.
  9. Treat the skin around the eyes with the SR program (radiofrequency only without light) for a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  10. After treatment clean your skin from the remains of the gel and apply a moisturiser.
  11. For cumulative best outcomes, perform the treatment regularly (i.e. twice a week).

Clean the device after use and store safely in its pouch and storage case.

Globus RF-Beauty Mini technical specifications

  • RF device with Red and Yellow LED
  • Frequency: 1.15 + 0.1 MHz
  • Size: 15.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Power: 24 W
  • Power supply: 100 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Environmental conditions: + 5°C to + 40°C
  • Maximum RH: 80%
  • Atmospheric pressure: from 860 hPa to 1060 hPa
  • CE mark
  • 12 months warranty
  • Beauty Therapy Device from Globus-Domino, Italy

Warning and precautions

  • Read user instructions and use as advised
  • Remove contact lenses prior to commencing the treatment
  • Always use conductive gel
  • Adjust intensity to personal heat tolerance level
  • Do not use if fitted with pacemaker or implanted electronic devices
  • Do not use over eye zone (i.e. over the eyeballs or on eyelids)
  • Do not use if suffering from cardiovascular problems, thyroid problems or skin problems
  • Do not use in pregnancy
  • Do not use in the presence of skin cancer
  • Do not use if suffering with glaucoma
  • Do not use if receiving hormonal treatment
  • Do not use if you have hypertrophic scars or suffered severe burns
  • Do not use if suffering with haemorrhagic diseases, local or system infections, have active skin pathology, during fever, if having coagulation alteration or acute inflammation
  • If receiving filler injection or Botox, wait for a period of 3 – 6 months before treating the same areas with RF

Globus RF Beauty Mini - your Radiofrequency and LED Lights Beauty Device for young appearance and tight and lifted wrinkle free facial skin!  


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Size: 15.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 500 g


Globus RF Beauty Mini kit consists of the device, power supply with lead, mains adapter, 260 ml bottle of conductive gel, protective velour pouch and elegant red carry case. CE mark and 12 months warranty.