Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt

Globus Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt

Globus Wintec Smart Back Pain TENS and Abdominal Shaping EMS in a Flexible Belt

Wintec Smart is a dual channel TENS EMS machine with a flexible fixing belt featuring built-in integral stim electrodes and securing fasteners. Wintec Smart TENS EMS relieves pain and tones and firms muscles. It is perfect for back pain and abdominal toning. The flexibility of the fixing belt makes is also easily adaptable for pain relief and muscle toning in other areas of the body, such as hip or thigh. You can wear the Wintec Smart discreetly under your clothes and perform your chosen pain relief treatment or muscle toning treatment as you need or wish.   

Wintec Smart overview

  • TENS EMS device
  • Indicated for pain relief and muscle toning
  • 2 channels
  • 6 pre-set programs
  • Selectable intensity
  • Lock function
  • Manual switch (On/Off)
  • Battery powered (3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic shut off after 2 minutes of non-use
  • Fixing belt with integral electrodes and fasteners
  • Medical device (CE 0197)
  • 2 years warranty

Wintec Smart fights back pain and lumbago effectively and conveniently or flattens and sculpts your abdomen. Applied and secured easily with the fixing belt that carries the control unit and integrated electrodes, Wintec Smart delivers health, fitness and beauty treatments from one versatile device.  

Wintec Smart features 6 pre-set programs for pain relief and muscle toning:  

  1. 4 x EMS programs can help you shape and tone your body, firm up flaccid muscles, revive inactive muscles or drain and sculpt flabby areas of fatty tissues.
  2. 2 x TENS programs are intended for pain relief and will effectively treat problems, such as back pain and lumbago.

Wintec Smart TENS EMS pre-set programs

P1: Firming

Perfect for toning slack and flaccid muscles and for reconditioning and shaping up of muscles. Good for people with sedentary lives. It also prepares the muscles for more intense stimulation treatments. Select intensity level that is comfortable.    

P2: Toning

Develops and improves muscle tone. Ensures immediate improvements in the definition and shaping of abdominal muscles. Use on high intensity, but below your pain threshold.

P3: Sculpting

The ultimate in body sculpting, this program is indicated for people who wish to maximise the definition of their muscles and sculpt them to perfection. It is an intense program and you must prepare your muscles for it by using the Firming or Toning program first. Intensity should be high, but below your pain threshold.

P4: Lipolysis – Drainage

Perfect program for people with sedentary lifestyles and for people wishing to reduce and eliminate fatty tissues deposits from the areas prone to accumulation of fat. Intensity should be kept at comfortable level.

P5: Decontraction – Muscle Relaxation    

This is a pain relief TENS program, performed with endorphin release stimulating currents. It is indicated for back pain caused by stiff and rigid muscles. Intensity should be kept low with stimulation creating a pleasant feeling.

P6: TENS Back Pain Relief

TENS pain relief program indicated for the sufferers of acute or chronic back pain and lumbago. Indicated for daily TENS pain relief treatment.  Intensity should be kept low, providing pleasant feeling of relief.     

Using Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt

  1. Wintec Smart is very simple to use. You do not need to spread conductive gel on your skin prior to fixing the Wintec Smart belt on as moistening of the skin in the treatment area is sufficient for good conduction of the stimulation current.
  2. Ensure that the batteries are fitted correctly in the battery compartment.
  3. Strap the flexible belt on securely and tightly with fasteners with the Smart control unit in its special pocket on the outside of the belt. Integrated skin electrodes placed on the inner side of the belt should be inside touching pre-moistened skin in the treatment area.
  4. Switch the device on and select the program. Adjust the intensity to required level. When you are happy with the intensity achieved, you can LOCK the buttons on the device to prevent accidental increase / decrease during treatment. The LOCK function works only on program intensity selector without encompassing the OFF switch. This means that should you wish to switch the device off during treatment, whilst using the LOCK function on program and intensity, you are not prevented from doing so!
  5. After completion of selected treatment program, the device beeps and switches off. You can recommence another treatment session right away – on the same or on a different program - as needed.     
  6. Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt carries 24 months warranty on materials and workmanship. The overall life span of the device is circa 5 years, when used in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions.  

Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt specifications

  • Type: TENS EMS
  • Channels: 2
  • Output current: 90 mA
  • Waveform current: square bi-phasic symmetric balanced
  • Frequency:  1 – 110 Hz
  • Amplitude: 50 – 300 µs
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA 1.5 V batteries (LR03)
  • Operational conditions: 0° C to 35° C; RH 15% - 93%; 700 hPa – 1060 hPa
  • Storage conditions: -10° C to 45° C; RH 30% - 75%
  • Control unit size:  9 x 9 x 1.5 cm
  • Control unit weight: 95 g    
  • Abdominal fixing belt with integral stim electrodes and fasteners size: 105 cm long x 14 cm wide at the widest point
  • Medical device (CE 0197)
  • 2 years warranty


Wintec Smart is a TENS machine with EMS capabilities. Same contraindications, precautions and warning apply as with other brands and types of TENS and EMS devices.

If you are in any doubt as your suitability to use Wintec Smart device, please consult your doctor. Read User Manual prior to first use and retain for reference. Always follow all recommendations listed in User Manual.

Contraindications include if fitted with pacemaker, suffering from cancer, suffering from undiagnosed pain, pregnant or after acute trauma. Full list of contraindications, precautions and warnings included in the user manual.

Wintec Smart TENS EMS Belt – your versatile companion in the quest for health, fitness and beauty. 

To view other brands and models of TENS Machines and EMS Devices, return to TENS Machines section page..  

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Control unit size:  9 x 9 x 1.5 cm / Control unit weight: 95 g    

Abdominal fixing belt with integral stim electrodes and fasteners size: 105 cm long x 14 cm wide at the widest point


Wintec Smart kit consists of the control unit and fixing belt, 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries and user manual (multilingual). CE 0197. 2 years warranty.  

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions, such as chronic back pain. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.