HipSaver Interim Soft Hip Protector Pyjama Pants for Prevention of Fall-Related Hip Injuries


HipSaver Interim are soft pyjama trousers (over garments) that offer hip protection at the time of greatest need.

HipSaver Interim soft pyjamas were designed especially for emergency use at Admission Wards, A&E departments and whist transferred to care homes, when the patients are most at risk of falls and hip fractures due to disorientation caused by unfamiliar surroundings.  

HipSaver Interim can also be worn at home or care home as a replacement to standard pyjama bottoms. The garments are soft and cosy to sleep in or use during resting.

The mid shin length of HipSaver Interim is practical and comfortable to wear in bed. Fully launderable at high temperatures (95 degrees C) and tumble drier friendly, HipSaver Interim can help to keep elderly people comfortable, protected and safe in all environments.  

HipSaver Interim soft hip protector pyjama is the perfect solution for emergency situations during which urgent or immediate need for hip protection arises and for short term use situations, when fall related hip injuries can occur.

HipSaver Interim Soft Hip Protector Pyjama Pants can be purchased VAT Free by chronically ill registered disabled people. 

HipSaver Interim background

HipSaver Interim is a soft mid length pyjama-like outer trouser garment. It is an effective and versatile solution to protect your patients, whilst saving your budget. HipSaver Interim hip protector pyjama is convenient to use, durable and cost effective multi user solution. You can keep few pairs on admission wards, where new elderly patients are prone to falls due to disorientation and change of environment upon hospital or care home admission.  

HipSaver Interim soft hip protector pyjama is perfect for the following situations:

  1. New admissions
  2. Short-stay patients
  3. People with transient changes in their risk factors for falling
  4. Home use

HipSaver Interim is available in a standard version with hip pads only (2 pads garment) and as HipSaver Interim TailBone, which offers hip and coccyx pads (3 pads garment).

HipSaver airPads are permanently sewn into the HipSaver Interim garments for good positioning at all times, when dressing and worn, and for convenience and time saving during laundry.

"When used in institutions, it is recommended that the hip protector shields are sewn into the underwear to reduce staff effort and time." Ian D. Cameron, Assoc. Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Sidney, Australia. British Medical Journal, 16 February 2002

HipSaver Interim sizes

HipSaver Interim is available in 3 most popular sizes only.

  1. Small (S): 82 – 92 cm / 32 – 35 inches
  2. Medium (M): 93 – 102 cm / 36 – 39 inches
  3. Large (L): 103 – 114 cm / 40 – 44 inches

To establish correct size, you must measure the circumference of the body at the trochanteric hip joint level at the top of the thigh bone.

PLEASE NOTE: HipSaver Interim features mid-shin length, hence the only measurement that is needed is the hip circumference. At mid-shin length, HipSaver Interim can be worn by people of different heights, provided that the hip measurement is available for good fit.

HipSaver Interim - a perfect solution for the changing needs!

Where and when HipSaver Interim serves best in protecting people from fall related injuries

Hip protector for New Admissions

HipSaver Interim soft hip protector pyjama can immediately protect people, who are newly admitted to hospitals and/or nursing care. Many falls and hip injuries occur during the first few days post initial admission. Having HipSaver Interim hip protector pyjama in stock will allow you to give an immediate protection to new patients upon their hospitalisation, thus lessening their chances of sustaining hip injuries and giving you peace of mind.

Hip protector for Short-Stay Patients

HipSaver Interim soft hip protector pyjama is perfect for patients, who will remain in your care only for s few days. As HipSaver Interim hip protector pyjama is not underwear, it can be washed and dried at high temperature (95° C) and stored for future use on another patient - just like the standard hospital pyjamas. HipSaver Interim hip protector pyjama is all soft and comfortable!

Hip protector for People with transient changes in risk factors for falling

People, who experience sudden and/or transient changes in their condition  (i.e. due to medication or other potentially temporary occurring factors), can be immediately protected with HipSaver Interim, while further investigations as to their long term falls risk assessment is carried out.

HipSaver Interim is a perfect solution for immediate need or for short term use. HipSaver Interim offers proven HipSaver protection in an outer garment, which can be worn in place of standard pyjama. HipSaver Interim is NOT an underwear; hence, it does not require being patient specific. After wash and dry at high temperatures (95 degrees C) it can be offered to another patient. Made from a soft 100% polyester fleece in a dark blue colour, HipSaver Interim is suitable for wear by both men and women. HipSaver Interim is protected by Aegis Microbe Shield, which inhibits the growth and accumulation of micro organisms on the fabric. The Aegis Microbe Shield is permanently bonded into the polyester fibres and is not destroyed by washing.    

Hip protector for home use

HipSaver Interim is a soft pyjama pant that is comfortable to wear and suitable for use at home by any elderly person at risk of falling. Worn instead of ordinary night wear, HipSaver Interim will protect the wearer against fall related hip injuries. And it will protect the wearer, when falls occur at night! 

HipSaver Interim Soft Hip Protector Pyjama Bottoms - perfect hip protection for hospital admission wards and in-patients on the wards. 

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