Eye Care at Home

Eye Care and Sinus Care Moist Heat Compresses

In this section you can find small selection of unique Eye Care Products enabling treatment of common eye conditions, such as Dry Eye Syndrome, blepharitis, styes, chalazions and other problems related to Meibomian Gland Disorders and Eye Lid Margins.

In this section, a prominent place is dedicated to Bruder Eye Compress , Stye Compress and Bruder Sinus Compress with unique hygroscopic MediBeads. 

Bruder Moist Eye Compresses are very effective and easy to use. They do not require water to deliver soothing and healing moist heat. Microwavable for just few seconds a time, reusable and durable, Bruder Moist Heat Hydrating Eye Compresses deliver healing solution to people with dry eyes. Bruder Eyelid Hygiene Products should be used with the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress to conveniently clean the eyelids and make the moist heat therapy more effective in the treatment of dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, chalazions and styes.  

In this section, we also include eye care device that can be used by ophthalmologists, opticians and ophthalmology nurses and technicians as well as at home by individuals. These devices are the Bruder Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments (i.e. Livengood Expressor Paddles and Collins Expressor Forceps) for disorders of Meibomian Glands and Eye Lid Margin.  

Air Humidifiers

Air humidifiers are very helpful to people suffering with dry eye syndrome, which causes great eye discomfort and redness, greatly affecting the sufferers’ quality of life. Air humidifiers add soothing water mist to the air, making the air more eye friendly, comforting and soothing.  

In this section we present an air humidifier from Beurer GmbH. Beurer GmbH is a long-established manufacturer of healthcare products and medical devices that improve lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Air humidifiers add moisture to the air. Indoor air quality is frequently poor and lacks moisture due to use of air conditioning and central heating. Dry air exacerbates the problems of dry eye syndrome. More moisture in the air slows down evaporation of tears, hence, using air humidifiers can help alleviate the dry eye symptoms by keeping eyes more comfortable. Beurer LB 37 Air Humidifier is a compact humidifier for home use. It greatly improves level of moisture in the air, making your eyes more comfortable. User friendly, attractive and silent, the Beurer LB 37 can help you combat your dry eye related problems. 

Browse and try our eye-friendly products in the Eye Care section to enjoy bright and healthy eyes!    

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