Incontinence Pessaries for Women with Stress Incontinence

Incontinence Pessaries temporarily help to stress incontinence related urine leakage or minimise the episodes of urine leakage. Inserted in a similar way as tampons, the incontinence pessaries support the urethra, preventing the urine from leaking. Additionally, the incontinence pessaries have to be gently held in place by the pelvic floor muscles, thus contributing to muscle strengthening, if worn over a period of time.

Safe, effective and reusable, incontinence pessaries provide temporary help to women with stress incontinence, encouraging normal daily activities and socialising without the embarrassment caused by accidental urine leaks. More economical and cost effective than disposable incontinence pads and liners, the incontinence pessaries provide an effective every day solution to embarrassing urine leakage.

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