IncoStress Incontinence ​Pessary

IncoStress - Incontinence Pessary for Stress Incontinence

IncoStress Incontinence Pessary – Designed for Women by Women - IncoStress Incontinence Pessary controls stress incontinence.

IncoStress overview

  • Controls stress incontinence (SUI)
  • Helps users exercise pelvic floor muscles
  • Helps with nocturia
  • Helps with over active bladder (OAB)
  • Can be used with mild cystocele
  • Can be used with mild rectocele
  • A solution to many incontinence and pelvic floor related problems 

IncoStress is an innovative medical device that controls stress incontinence commonly experienced by women of all ages. IncoStress is a vaginal pessary that is worn inside the vagina to prevent urine leakages from occurring. IncoStress is small and discreet and available in one universal size for convenience and simplicity of choice. IncoStress can help you solve the problems caused by stress incontinence - IncoStress can help you lead normal active life without worries or embarrassment caused by urine leakage. IncoStress is worn inside the vagina.It naturally supports the urethra and bladder neck. This gentle support controls the involuntary loss of urine and restores the natural anatomical position of the bladder, thus preventing stress incontinence.

*If you suffer from stress incontinence, you can purchase IncoStress VAT Free, if you declare your condition at the time of purchase. 

IncoStress background

IncoStress combats the problems associated with stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine that occurs, when pelvic floor strength is weakened. Stress incontinence – leakage of urine – is most often notable during coughing, laughing, sneezing or lifting. Urine can also leak during exercising, running or jogging. Needless to say, the worry and embarrassment caused by stress incontinence often reduce the level of daily activities the sufferers undertake. Leading inactive life with very little exercise has negative impact on a quality of life. Depression sets in, social isolation deepens, relationship problems and general loss of confidence follow. IncoStress can stop the symptoms of stress incontinence. IncoStress can help you to lead normal active life!

IncoStress - the evidence

Clinical trials on IncoStress were carried out at Singleton Hospital in South Wales, UK at the department of obstetrics and gynaecology. IncoStress helped a number of patients to avoid surgical procedures. Many patients continue to use IncoStress long term with great success.

IncoStress Incontinence Pessary

IncoStress is worn inside the vagina.It naturally supports the urethra and bladder neck. This gentle support controls the involuntary loss of urine and restores the natural anatomical position of the bladder, thus preventing stress incontinence. Unique shape of IncoStress allows it to be gently held in the vagina. It can be used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the natural support structures.

IncoStress is small and discreet. IncoStress is available in one universal size. IncoStress weighs 28 g and its dimensions are 25 mm diameter x 65 mm length.

IncoStress is easy to insert and comfortable in use. You can use IncoStress during day or night continually for up to 8 hours. You can remove IncoStress and re-insert it as many time as it is necessary (i.e. prior to passing urine). IncoStress is re-usable and you can simply wash IncoStress in clean water after each use.  

IncoStress® is made from a medical grade non allergenic silicone. IncoStress is a Class 1 Medical Device for a single user.

IncoStress contraindications

You should not use IncoStress during menstruation or when pregnant or suffering with urinary, bladder or vaginal infections. You must not use IncoStress, if you are allergic to any type of silicone. IncoStress is environmentally friendly and more economical than using disposable incontinence pads. Using IncoStress in preference to disposable incontinence pads could save thousands of trees!

IncoStress summary

  • IncoStress is easy to use
  • IncoStress is tampon-like easy to insert
  • IncoStress is latex free 
  • IncoStress is made from medical grade non allergenic silicone
  • IncoStress supports the urethra
  • IncoStress supports the bladder in its natural position
  • IncoStress does not interfere with normal urination
  • IncoStress is re-usable and simple to clean
  • IncoStress is environmentally friendly
  • IncoStress is economical and cost effective
  • IncoStress stops urine leakage and improves quality of life

CE mark Medical Device Class 1

*IncoStress can be purchased without VAT for personal use by women suffering relevant chronic problems (i.e. stress incontinence). 

Please note that although the IncoStress encourages gentle pelvic floor squeezes while worn, the IncoStress is NOT a pelvic floor exerciser! IncoStress is a stress incontinence control device and should only be used by women suffering with stress incontinence to prevent urine leakage by compressing urethra. All women should endeavour to perform pelvic floor exercises every day! Women suffering stress incontinence must perform dedicated Kegel exercises every day to improve their pelvic floor fitness.

When suffering stress incontinence, you should exercise your pelvic floor regularly and diligently and use IncoStress as a preventive measure to stop urine leakage that is entirely independent of supported or unsupported pelvic floor exercises. It maybe prudent to consult your doctor or continence physiotherapist for guidance on pelvic floor rehabilitation for life long continence.   

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IncoStress is 25 mm in diameter, 65 mm long and weighs 28 g.. 


  1. Single pack of IncoStress contains one unit of IncoStress with user instructions.
  2. Multi-Buy pack contains 2 individually packed units of IncoStress with user instructions.

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by women with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.