InstantCheck ECG Monitor

InstantCheck Real Time Display ECG Recorder

InstantCheck ECG model RMH4.2 with Backlight is manufactured by DailyCare Biomedical and intended for home based ECG monitoring

InstantCheck is an advanced handheld ECG (electrocardiograph) monitor that records and displays a real time ECG (electrocardiogram) data. The InstantCheck RTD-ECG monitor is a personal single lead electrocardiographic monitor for recording and displaying real time ECG data for home health use. InstantCheck is intended for home based ECG monitoring, when home based ECG monitoring is deemed beneficial by medical professionals. The InstantCheck is a device intended for self testing by adult users. additionally, the InstantCheck enables qualified medical personnel to quickly spot-check for irregular heart beat during primary assessment.

InstantCheck is CE marked as Medical Device (CE0197). 

The InstantCheck ECG is suitable for people, who wish to develop a self testing long term routine and for users, who already experience transient symptoms suggesting cardiac conduction abnormality. The InstantCheck Real Time Display ECG monitor records cardiac functions and displays the readings in a clear waveform. InstantCheck can help to detect heart irregularities at an early stage and therefore, InstantCheck can help to prevent worsening of the heart disease by early detection. InstantCheck is an excellent tool for people suffering with atrial fibrillation and other irregular heart rhythm disorders.

InstantCheck ECG enables voluntary monitoring and also makes it possible for the results to be made available as reference for healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners. Additionally, InstantCheck ECG can be used during primary assessment by qualified medical professionals to spot-check for irregular heart beat.

InstantCheck ECG background

InstantCheck ECG is a valuable tool for monitoring of the heart during normal daily activities and for compiling a personal cardiac data bank. InstantCheck software allows the users to download the recorded data to personal computer via USB interface port for the purpose of storing it for personal use or to make it available to their physicians retrospectively. InstantCheck also enables qualified medical practitioner to spot-check their patients for irregular heart beat during primary assessment. However, please note that InstantCheck ECG is not a diagnostic tool and its readings are only intended for monitoring/self-monitoring and recording purposes. InstantCheck ECG is suitable for drug evaluation purpose, cardiac screening and ambulatory home based ECG monitoring. 

If you wish to use the InstantCheck ECG, we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor to ensure that monitoring of your ECG at home is appropriate for you. InstantCheck ECG will help you to monitor and record your cardiac data and to share them with your doctor later.

InstantCheck will not tell you that you have a heart problem – only your doctor can analyse the data and diagnose your problem!

The InstantCheck Real Time Display ECG monitor records cardiac functions and displays the readings in a clear waveform. InstantCheck can help to detect heart irregularities at an early stage and therefore, InstantCheck can help to prevent worsening of the heart disease by early detection. InstantCheck is an excellent tool for people suffering with atrial fibrillation and other irregular heart rhythm disorders. 

InstantCheck functions as a simple event recorder for people with symptomatic or asymptomatic arrhythmia and those on certain heart medications or after cardio-thoracic surgery. InstantCheck ECG also helps primary care physicians to pre-screen patients with cardiac complaint. InstantCheck ECG is easy to use and there are 2 ways (methods) of use. The first way is to place the thumbs in InstantCheck’s specially designed built in conductive electrodes. The second way is to use external self adhesive ECG electrodes pads connected with the main unit by electrode extension cable.

  1. The first method of using InstantCheck ECG is the simplest as it does not require any electrodes to be placed on the user’s body. There are two specially designed integrated conductive electrodes on the main InstantCheck unit. All you have to do is to place your thumbs on the electrodes and gently press down to record the ECG signal. Your thumbs should not be moistened as the InstantCheck integrated electrodes are designed for conducting with dry thumbs. This method of using the InstantCheck ECG is very fast and can be done anytime and anywhere without any inconvenience.
  2. The second method of using InstantCheck ECG employs external skin electrodes placed on your forearms. The external skin electrodes are connected to the main InstantCheck unit by a special connective cable. This method provides a good option for people who cannot use the thumbs well or find the first method difficult to perform. 

The InstantCheck displays the data in a clear and precise waveform, making the InstantCheck ECG perfect for self testing or home based ECG monitoring of cardiac problems under the supervision of medical professionals. InstantCheck ECG is a perfect tool for millions of people who suffer atrial fibrillation and other erratic heart rhythm conditions. InstantCheck stores up to 100 measurements and you can view them directly on the large LCD display. Alternatively, you can download them to a PC via USB port. Suitable USB cable is provided. User friendly software enables the data to be to be printed, saved as a graphic file or e-mailed. The InstantCheck ECG main unit displays the average Heart Rate (HR), the ST Segment (ST) and the QRS Interval. The PR interval and QT/QTc are provided, when using the software.

InstantCheck ECG summary overview

  • Easy & simple operation
  • Real time ECG monitor
  • Model RMH4.2 with backlight
  • Backlight screen for easy reading
  • Designed for both home and medical use
  • Suitable for spot-check of irregular heart beat during primary assessment by medical professionals
  • Suitable for home monitoring  
  • Patented dry conduction thumb electrodes
  • Single lead ECG (30 seconds, 100 memories)
  • Heart Rate (HR), ST Segment (ST), QRS Interval (QRS)
  • Downloadable software for management and analysis (Windows XP/7/8/10)
  • Standard USB connection
  • Internet Transmission
  • Auxiliary external electrode cable and carrying pouch included

InstantCheck ECG benefits

  • InstantCheck ECG is compact and easy to use
  • InstantCheck ECG records electrical activities of the heart
  • InstantCheck ECG software manages ECG recordings over time
  • InstantCheck ECG and the InstantCheck ECG software generate useful reference data for the physician making the diagnosis

InstantCheck ECG technical specifications

  • Model RMH4.2 with Backlight
  • Manufactured by DailyCare Biomedical
  • CE mark Medical Device (CE 0197)
  • FDA cleared
  • 12 months warranty
  • Input impedance > 20 M ohm
  • Input dynamic range +/- 3 mV
  • Bandwidth 0.1 - 40 Hz
  • CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) > 95 db
  • A/D conversion 12 bit
  • Sampling frequency -250 samples/s
  • Measurement Time ~30 seconds
  • Memory: 100 measurements
  • Display - 240 x 128 x 24 mm dot matrix LCD display with backlight
  • Input - Dry conduction electrodes and/or external auxiliary electrodes
  • Output - USB interface
  • Software compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Power Supply - 1.5V (AAA) X 2
  • Size: 124 x 78 x 24 mm
  • Weight - 150 g (Not including batteries) = 170 g with batteries
  • Measurement Range:
    Average heart rate: 45 to 180 bpm
    ST value: -3 to +3 mm
    QRS interval < 0.20 sec

InstantCheck ECG is a pocket sized device that is easy to carry and weighs only 170 g with batteries. InstantCheck ECG is powered by two AAA 1.5 V batteries. Accessories, such as skin electrodes and connective leads are available by request. 

InstantCheck ECG model RMH4.2 with Backlight from DailyCare Biomedical - your perfect heart monitor companion in the quest for health and wellbeing!   

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Dimensions: 124 x 78 x 24 mm / Weight: 150 g (excl.batteries) / 170 g (incl. batteries)


InstantCheck ECG package includes the InstantCheck Real Time ECG unit model RMH4.2 with backlight, User Manual, USB cable, a carry case, external electrode cable, 2 skin electrodes and 2 x AAA 1.5 batteries. CE mark (CE0197) and US FDA 510(k) and 12 months warranty. 

Downloadable analytical software can be found here