IV Gravity Infusion Monitor

Monitoring and Management of the IV Gravity Infusions   

Intravenous (IV) infusions are the most common procedures in health care. During infusion therapies, medication or fluids are delivered through a needle or a catheter into patients’ veins. IV infusions play significant roles in patient treatments and recoveries, including management of chronic conditions and illnesses, palliative care, chronic pain management, post-surgical recoveries, obstetric and neonatal therapies, oncology therapies, haemophilia therapies, combating epidemics of infectious diseases, dehydration and malnutrition and much more.

Gravity infusion is the most common type of IV infusions. Gravity infusion is a very basic method of fluid delivery into patients’ veins without the aid of costly medical devices, such as infusion pumps that can improve accuracy and consistency of the IV fluid deliveries. Infusion pumps are useful, and their use is reassuring, but they are not always available or practical.

Patient safety is the critical goal of all medical procedures, including the gravity infusions. When administering gravity infusion, nurses determine the rate of infusion by counting the drops as they fall through the drip chamber and subsequently slow down or speed up the flow of fluid by tightening or loosening the tubing. Monitoring drip rate is a time-consuming process that needs concentration, patience, frequent checks and double checks and confidence to carry out infusion rate calculations correctly. Mistakes are made easily, potentially leading to problems, such as lower treatment effectiveness, risk of toxicity and patient harm. Careful and accurate monitoring of IV infusions is crucial to therapeutic outcomes and to patient safety. Nurses and other clinicians administering basic gravity infusions must therefore take steps to prevent errors and inconsistencies in the fluid deliveries to always ensure patient safety and the optimum effectiveness of the IV therapies.    

DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor is an electronic medical device that accurately counts drops of gravity infusions in real time. DripAssist is the simplest IV infusion management device that is safe and accurate. DripAssist ensures that nurses and other medical professionals are in control of IV infusions and deliver IV therapies with precision and accuracy required.

DripAssist™ Infusion Rate Monitor works well in all care settings, where gravity IV infusions are administered. It can be used with confidence on hospital wards, in outpatient clinics, in maternity hospitals, in delivery suits and on neonatal wards. It performs perfectly in paediatric hospitals and clinics and in elderly care hospitals and care homes. DripAssist™ helps to deliver pre-admission medications and helps to efficiently deliver infusion therapy used in the management of infectious diseases.   

DripAssist is not a device for home use. DripAssist is a medical device for use by medically qualified professionals. The only home use of DripAssist ™ is permitted, if a patient receiving home care is undergoing IV infusion therapy that is prescribed, installed and overlooked by a qualified nursing or other qualified medical professional.  

DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor – assisting medical professionals in safe and effective deliveries of the IV infusions.                   

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