Minze Uroflow System for Professional and Home Use

Next Generation Uroflowmetry and Reinvented Digital Bladder Diaries 

Introduction to the innovative Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth

Developed by Minze Health in Antwerp, Belgium, the Minze Uroflow System aims to improve health and wellbeing of adults and children suffering with low urinary tract symptoms, commonly referred to as LUTS. Minze Health is a digital health innovator company with key interests in urology, pelvic health and continence care. Minze Health is fully accredited to the ISO 13485 standards and holds medical CE certifications in Class 1m (CE1639) for the Minze groundbreaking uroflow system. Minze Uroflow System is FDA cleared.  

Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth is the world’s first uroflowmeter usable on any normal toilet. When linked to an automated voiding diary app and an interactive online platform for clinicians, the Minze Uroflow System makes it possible for men, women and children with lower urinary tract symptoms and bladder dysfunction to be assessed, diagnosed and monitored not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in the comfort of their own homes.

A novel uroflowmetry system with Bluetooth, the Minze Uroflow System facilitates remote patient monitoring in patients’ own homes. Remote monitoring is far less stressful for the patients than visiting hospitals or clinics. It leads to captures of accurate and more natural variable results that are closely representative of the natural voiding symptoms and trends, including voiding at night. Captured data produces comprehensive and detailed results and overviews. For the clinicians, interactive Clinician’s Portal offers easy access (i.e. 24/7 or real-time) to the processed data for diagnostic and treatment purposes as well as greater convenience with notable time & cost savings.              

The unique Minze Uroflow System is innovative, accurate, user friendly and ​can be used in patients’ homes equally effectively as in hospitals and clinics. Versatile and easy to use, the Minze Uroflow System facilitates capture of uroflow curves without professional supervision at home (i.e. Minze Homeflow) or with professional supervision in hospitals and clinics (i.e. Minze Hospiflow).  

Minze Uroflow System collects, processes and presents patients’ flow data to clinicians for diagnostic and treatment purposes. It operates together with interactive cloud based Clinician Portal and an intuitive Minze app that connects with the Minze devices and guides the patients through the assessment processes. The Minze app also makes keeping and maintaining of bladder diaries simple and easy for the patients, whilst delivering accurate voiding data with realistic fluid consumption notes directly to clinicians.    

Data captured by the Minze Uroflow System devices is stored securely on an interactive cloud portal on a certified webserver that is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.  All data is safely encrypted for both data transfer and data storage with confidential personal data and confidential health data stored separately on different servers. Collected, processed and stored data can be accessed by easily by clinicians any time 24/7 or in real-time.   

Relevant data can also be exported from Clinician Portal to patient-centered real-time Electronic Health Records (EHR) for secure instant access by other authorised health professionals for a broader picture of patient’s medical and treatment history and care pathways.   

Minze Uroflow System itself is not a diagnostic system. Minze Uroflow System collects, processes and presents patients’ flow data to clinicians for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Minze Uroflow System and accessories are classed to be Non-Critical Patient-Care Items that require a low-level to intermediate disinfection. Manufacturer’s cleaning and disinfection recommendations are included in the IFU (Instructions for Use), however, it is also recommended that the Minze Uroflow System is cleaned and disinfected in compliance with organisational internal cleaning and disinfection procedures.           

Minze Uroflow System is a Class 1m Medical Device (CE1639).

Minze Uroflow System is available from the NHS Shared Business Services and directly from Win Health Medical.     

Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth 

Innovative, accurate and easy to use ‘home and clinic’ medical devices for patients with LUTS 

  1. Homeflow - uroflowmetry on any toilet at home                                             
  2. Hospiflow - uroflowmetry on any toilet in hospitals or clinics                       
  3. Diary Pod – bladder diaries made simple for patients and more informative for clinicians
  4. Diary Pod Consumer - automated bladder diary for home use by individuals struggling with bladder health and urination issues at home                        

Clinician Portal

Interactive cloud portal that stores and presents data from the Minze flow devices, giving the clinicians detailed overview of all data collected      

  • Facilitates remote access of data for comparison and assessment
  • Automatically processes bladder diaries data
  • Includes integrated PROM questionnaires (i.e. Patient-Reported Outcome Measures survey)   
  • Encrypted data is stored on a secure and certified webserver that is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant

Minze app

Intuitive patient app that connects with the Minze flow devices to guide the patients through the assessments

  • Securely communicates with Clinician Portal
  • Automatically tracks voiding parameters
  • Captures additional patient input data (i.e. liquid consumption, reasons for voiding, etc.)
  • Motivates and assists patients in keeping and maintaining accurate bladder diaries
  • Provides integrated ePROMS questionnaire (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures survey that collects valuable patient feedback)    

Please note that the above text is an introductory summary overview of the Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth. More information can be found on the individual product pages.  

Minze Uroflow System devices

  1. Minze Homeflow
  2. Minze Hospiflow
  3. Minze Diary Pod 
  4. Minze Diary Pod Consumer

Minze Uroflow System with Bluetooth – designed for urologists and other clinicians with focus on patients with voiding disorders – versatile uroflow system that cares for the patients and for the clinicians.       

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