Nasal Nebulisation

Nasal Nebulisers

Nasal inhalation is intended to deliver nasal-safe solutions and medications to the nasal and sinus cavities. Nasal inhalation is effectively facilitated by nasal nebulisers. Nasal nebulisers can also serve as nasal irrigators because they are generally more effective in cleansing nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses than nasal irrigators, nasal washers, neti pots and nasal rinses. Saline solution is frequently used to effectively clean, freshen and moisturise nasal passages and paranasal sinuses.   

Basic goals of the nasal nebulisation are to cleanse, refresh and moisturise entire nasal cavity and to make breathing easier. Comfortable spray generated by nasal nebuliser reaches deeply to entire nasal cavity, including paranasal sinuses, removing accumulated particles of dust, allergens, pollutants, bacteria and viruses. It cleanses and moisturises all nasal cavities and passages, improves nasal hygiene and restores nasal comfort.

Nasal inhalation is effective in treating allergies, congestion, runny nose problems and nasal irritation associated with dry nose. Nasal nebulisers are designed to deliver comfortable nasal inhalation safely and effectively, helping people and children to breathe better and feel better!

Nasal nebulisers and nasal inhalation solutions offered here:

Nasal Inhalation – an effective and safe way to improve nasal and sinus health and hygiene! 

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