NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System

NasoNeb® Sinus Theray System Model 7070

NasoNeb® Supply Kit 

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System is primarily designed to deliver medication formulated for inhalation and nasal-safe solutions to the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities. Additionally, the NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System can also be used as a nasal irrigator to clean nasal passages with saline or moisturising solution. 

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System generates a comfortable spray that reaches deeply into the entire nasal cavity, removing particles, such as dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. The spray rinses, moisturises and refreshes nasal cavity, instantly improving nasal hygiene and comfort. Used effectively to treat allergies, congestion, runny nose problems and uncomfortable irritation associated with dry nose, the NasoNeb® is an outstanding nasal compressor nebuliser designed to make you breathe better and feel better fast!

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System is designed for single person use and must not be shared with others!

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System overview

  • NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System Model 7070
  • Nasal compressor nebuliser and nasal irrigator
  • Safe, effective and proven
  • Perfect for home use
  • Single nostril delivery for greater effectiveness and comfort
  • User friendly – simple to use, fast and comfortable 
  • Improves nasal hygiene
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Easier breathing improves sleep
  • Easier breathing improves sports performance
  • Relieves runny nose and allergies
  • Helps to combat nasal itchiness, irritation and discomfort of dry nose
  • Gently cleanses and moisturises entire nasal cavity, including paranasal sinus cavities
  • Effectively medicates entire nasal cavity, reaching as far as paranasal sinus cavities
  • Flushes out bacterial pathogens and viruses harbouring in the nasal cavity
  • Flushes out particles of dust, allergens and particulate matter (i.e. particle pollution)   
  • Removes particles that contribute to facial pressure, nasal congestion and associated headaches  
  • Can be used daily to provide temporary respite from allergy, asthma, flu or cold
  • More effective than nasal rinses and washes
  • Fast and easy to use with less mess in comparison with standard nasal irrigators, nasal washers, neti pots and nasal rinses 
  • Single user nasal nebuliser (medical device)
  • 24 months warranty on the NasoNeb® Compressor
  • 3 month warranty on the Supply Tubing, Cup and Insert
  • CE0086 Medical Device

Using NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System

NasoNeb® is simple and easy to use.

NasoNeb® system comprises of the following:

  • NasoNeb® Compressor 
  • NasoNeb® Cup Assembly
  • NasoNeb® Supply Tubing
  • NasoNeb® Air Filters
  • AC/DC Power Supply

NasoNeb® Set Up

Set up of the NasoNeb® is simple and fully described in the illustrated User Manual in simple steps listed for your convenience. During the set up, you will simply connect one end of the Supply Tubing to the Compressor and the other end to the Cup with Insert to form the Cup Assembly. To complete the setup, place Supply Tubing in the tubing holder that holds the Cup Assembly upright. Connect the power supply with the Compressor and plug into the mains power socket. And you are ready to use your NasoNeb®.

Using the NasoNeb® Compressor   

User Manual lists 5 simple steps on ‘how to use’ the device and gives helpful tips on how to do it best. In essence, you need to put half of the medicine into the Cup Assembly, place the Cup Assembly into one nostril and turn the compressor on. Turn the compressor off when the Cup Assembly is empty. Repeat the same action for the other nostril.     

  • Tips on best use include tilting of the head for find best angle for the nose, adjusting the Cup forward or backward for the best delivery of medication and stopping after few seconds of use to blow your nose.
  • The User Manual also gives an easy advice on cleaning of the NasoNeb® system, filter replacement and safe storage between uses.

Using Nebu-Dose Hipertonic 3% Saline Solution with NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System

You can purchase Nebu-Dose Hipertonic Saline Solution (3% NaCl – 3% Sodium Chloride Solution) in single dosage ampules for quick relief of congested sinuses with NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System.

Nebu-Dose 3% hypertonic sterile saline solution facilitates movements of respiratory tract secretions to improve breathing. Saline solution breaks ionic bonds in the mucus gel, reducing its viscosity and elasticity as well as absorbing water from the mucosa and sub-mucosa to reduce swelling in the respiratory tract walls. In the lungs, the saline solution induces cough and sputum, thus helping to eliminate mucus from bronchi and reduce obstruction of the respiratory tract.        

*Hipertonic – hypertonic - hypertonic solution on the outside of a cell has a higher concentration of solutes than the inside of a cell, which is hypotonic.

Nebu-Dose is formulated to deliver fast relief from dry and congested sinuses.

When used with the NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System, the Nebu-Dose quickly soothes the entire nasal and paranasal sinus cavities. The Nebu-Dose 3% saline solution cleanses, moisturises and calms dry, irritated and sore sinuses, softens and dissolves thick crusty mucus. These positive actions of the Nebu-Dose assist and stimulate self-cleansing abilities of the upper and lower respiratory tract, promoting healthy and clear airways and better breathing.   

Nebu-Dose ingredients/composition: Hypertonic sterile 3% solution of sodium chloride (3% NaCl) for inhalation therapy. Each ampule of Nebu-Dose contains 5 ml of 3% saline solution.  

  • Each 5 ml ampule is for single inhalation. For best outcomes, inhalation should be performed 2 – 4 times a day or as recommended by medical professional.
  • Nebu-Dose is suitable for use with any type of nebuliser, including the NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System.  Nebu-Dose is supplied in packs of 30 x 5 ml ampules

Nebu-Dose Precautions: Do not use Nebu-Dose together with other medications / Consult a doctor prior to use of Nebu-Dose if you use any medicines / Consult a doctor prior to use if you suffer with dyspnea (i.e. shortness of breath) / Do not use Nebu-Dose if you are sensitive to sodium chloride / Discard appropriately in household waste all opened (i.e. used, unused, with residues) ampules immediately to prevent injuries and/or contamination / Keep out of reach of children/Nebu-Dose is for inhalation therapy only - do not inject the Nebu-Dose / Store in a dry and dark place below 25°C / Protect from exposure to light

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System (Model 7070) specifications

NasoNeb® Compressor    

  • Electrical: DC 12V 1.5 A, 180 VA
  • Sound Pressure: 55 dB
  • Free flow: 6l/minute nominal
  • Compressor Pressure Range: ≥200 kPa (≥29 psi)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 10°to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature Range:  -21° to 70°C
  • Relative Humidity Range: 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions: 136 x 126 x 56 mm
  • Weight: 445 g

NasoNeb® Cup Assembly

  • Dimensions: 53 x 56 x 42 mm
  • Weight: 16 g
  • Capacity: 15 ml
  • Phthalate free
  • Latex free

NasoNeb® Supply Tubing

  • Length: 1.98 m
  • Phthalate free
  • Latex free

NasoNeb® Supply Kit (Model 7080)

NasoNeb® Supply Kit includes handheld Assembly (i.e. Cup with Insert), Supply Tubing and 5 Air Filters. The Supply Kit is available from the cart above - please select it from the drop down menu in the cart. 

Warnings and Precautions

  • Read all instrustion before using your NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System
  • Consult a doctor, if you have any doubts about your suitability for iusing NasoNeb®
  • To reduce the risk of injuries, use the NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System only for its intended use as described in the User Manual
  • Use only with NasoNeb® Accessories
  • Never drop or insert any objects into any openings or hose
  • Do not use outdoors as the NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System is for indoor use only!

NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System – a perfect device to clean your nose, making you breathe better and feel better!

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Dimensions: 136 x 126 x 56 mm / Weight: 445 g


  1. NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System (Model 7070) kit includes Compressor, cup assembly, supply tubing, 5 air filters, power supply with 3-pin UK plug and user manual. CE 0086 and 24 months warranty on compressor; 3 months warranty on supply tubing, cup and insert.
  2. NasoNeb® Supply Kit (Model 7080) includes handheld cup assembly, supply tubing and 5 x air filters and user manual. CE 0086 and 3 months warranty on tubing and assembly.  
  3. Nebu-Dose pack of 30 x 5 ml ampules of 3% saline solution.    

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