New Pocket Emavit

New Pocket Emavit Magnetotherapy Device for Home and Clinic Use

Emavit is an innovative low frequency magnetotherapy device designed to deliver effective magnetic fields therapy treatments safely at home. Emavit generates therapeutic magnetic fields by utilising its innovative software integrated into the device. Emavit’s pre-set programs are designed to treat, regenerate and reconstruct tissues of musculoskeletal system pathologies, such as tissue lesions, post-traumatic injuries and diseases of bones, joints, cartilage and tendons, providing effective drug-free pain relief as well as reducing inflammation and swelling.

New Pocket Emavit indications include recent fractures, pseudarthrosis (i.e. non-union of broken bones), arthrosis, arthritis, inflammatory and degenerative arthropathies, osteoporosis, cicatrisation (i.e. formation of scar tissue at the site of healing wound), bedsores and ulcers, swellings, arteriopathies and psoriasis.    

Usable at therapy clinics by medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, podiatrists or chiropractors, the New Pocket Emavit has been especially designed to deliver effective and safe magnotherapy treatments at home.        

New Pocket Emavit overview

  • Magnetotherapy device for home use
  • Suitable for use at therapy clinics
  • Two solenoids - each generating 60 Gauss of magnetic field energy = total 120 Gauss
  • Effective, safe and easy to use
  • 25 pre-set programs and 5 free protocols for personalised programs
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Rechargeable for convenience and economy
  • Battery status indicator
  • Timer
  • CE mark Medical Device (CE 0476)
  • 2 years warranty    

Perfect for effective and safe home use, the New Pocket Emavit features 25 pre-set programs and 5 free protocols for personalised programs that aim to address specific therapeutic needs of individual users.  

List of pre-set programs with duration

  1. Fractures – 75 minutes
  2. Osteoporosis - 90 minutes
  3. Joints - 60 minutes
  4. Oedemas / swellings - 40 minutes
  5. Tears - 30 minutes
  6. Tendonitis - 45 minutes  
  7. Lumbago - 60 minutes
  8. Blood Circulation - 60 minutes
  9. Acute Pain - 60 minutes
  10. Chronic Pain - 90 minutes
  11. Arthritis - 35 minutes
  12. Periarthritis - 25 minutes
  13. Arthropathy - 25 minutes
  14. Small Joint Osteoarthritis - 35 minutes
  15. Large Joint Osteoarthritis - 50 minutes
  16. Coxoarthrosis - 40 minutes
  17. Dislocations - 60 minutes
  18. Widespread Contracture - 40 minutes
  19. Contracture - 40 minutes
  20. Myositis - 60 minutes
  21. Bursitis - 40 minutes
  22. Tennis Elbow - 40 minutes
  23. Foot Tendonitis - 30 minutes
  24. Cervical Pain – 50 minutes
  25. Sciatica – 60 minutes

Free programs

New Pocket Emavit has 5 free protocols available for setting with treatment parameters selected for specific personal therapeutic needs of the user. The selectable treatment parameters include the waveform, frequency, frequency modulation, intensity and duration. User manual features a table that explains the corelation between individual treatment parameters and their usage, effects, references to type of problems parameters address and their therapeutic goals, thus helping the users to set personalised programs based on their therapeutic needs and goals. Upon setting of the personalised programs, it is possible for the user to save them and subsequently modify as required or delete them, when no longer needed.

General notes on the use of the New Pocket Emavit

  • Emavit is effective, safe and easy to use.
  • Prior to the start of the therapy, please read through the user manual, especially noting contraindications to using a magnetotherapy device. If you are in any doubt of your suitability to use Emavit, you should consult a doctor for advice.
  • Prior to first use of rechargeable New Pocket Emavit, you must recharge the battery completely for 8 – 10 hours and subsequently fully charge it for circa 3 hours. Please ensure that you look at the battery charge indicator on the display on the front face of the Emavit unit. The solid black battery symbol indicates fully charged batter and the empty transparent battery symbol identifies empty battery.   
  • Emavit applies magnetotherapy via two solenoids connected to the Emavit main unit with cables. Solenoids convert electric energy into magnetic field energy. Each Emavit’s solenoid delivers 60 Gauss of magnetic field energy (i.e. total of 120 Gauss). Prior to commencing magnetotherapy session, solenoids are placed on the area to be treated and secured in position with elastic bands.
  • For best outcomes, you should apply magnetic therapy session daily.
  • Emavit offers adjustable intensity. The intensity that should be applied varies between different programs, duration of application and the patient needs. User manual recommends intensity for the pre-set programs and a guide on intensity for the most common applications.      
  • New Pocket Emavit is rechargeable for convenience and economy as it can be simply recharged directly from the mains power supply as required. Battery status indicator prompts the user to recharge the battery visually as well as with a sound. Full recharge takes circa 3 hours.
  • New Pocket Emavit user manual includes colour images of therapeutic applications examples with solenoid placements for guidance.   

Important points to remember about the use of POCKET EMAVIT on battery power and AC mains power

  1. When the battery is presenting low level of charge, but is not completely discharged yet and the battery power indicator shows ‘mid charge battery’ sign, the device should be plugged into the AC mains to recharge. The user can continue using the device, whilst the battery is recharging.
  2. If the battery is completely discharged and the battery power indicator shows ‘empty battery’ sign, the device will not work even when plugged into AC mains. The user must not use the device until the battery is charged up.
  3. Point to note: If the Emavit is not used for longer periods of time, to prolong the life of the battery, the manufacturer suggests discharging the battery completely and subsequently fully recharging it regularly once a month for the duration of long term non-use. 

Cleaning: Cleaning of the Emavit is simple and fully described in the user manual. You should wipe the solenoids and the casing of the device with moist cloth regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt or dust. However, please note that the Emavit is not waterproof and should never be immersed in water or other liquids.  

New Pocket Emavit technical specifications

  • Magnetotherapy device with 25 pre-set programs and 5 free programs
  • Maximum intensity of magnetic induction: 60 Gauss x 2 (2 solenoids placed side by side)   
  • Frequency: 1 – 100 Hz
  • Rechargeable battery Ni-MH 6V – 2 Ah
  • Mains (AC) power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz  SEC: 12 V – 1 – 1.4 A
  • Operation: Continuous
  • Dimensions: 175 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Medical Device Class 2a (CE 0476)


  • Side effects of the magnetic fields are the same as of heat-producing therapies
  • Presence of metallic fragments
  • Tumours
  • Tuberculosis
  • Acute inflammation
  • Skin lesions
  • Altered sensitivity
  • Pacemaker fitted
  • Pregnancy

Points to note: Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with user manual prior to use and retain it for future reference. The recommendations in user manual must be followed for best therapeutic outcomes. The manual includes full list of precautions and warnings. If you are in any doubt of your suitability for magnetotherapy applications or you have health concerns or undiagnosed problems, please consult your medical professional (i.e. a doctor or a physiotherapist) for consultation or a professional advice.      

New Pocket Emavit – there perfect and easy to use magnetotherapy device for home use and clinic applications.

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Dimensions: 175 x 105 x 40 mm / Weight: 400 g


New Pocket Emavit kit includes the main unit with display and integrated, 2 solenoids with connective leads, 2 securing straps, mains power cable, 3 pin UK adaptor and user manual. CE 0476 and 2 years warranty.  

VAT exemption available for people with relevant chronic conditions.