New Pocket Laservit

New Pocket Laservit Infrar​ed Soft Laser

New Pocket Laservit is a professional quality therapeutic soft laser for healing infrared laser therapy applications at home and in therapy clinics.

New Pocket Laservit has been especially designed to combat pain and inflammation associated with acute and chronic painful conditions, injuries, wounds and burns.

Laservit is effective, safe, compact and simple to use soft laser indicated for treatments of many common health conditions listed below. New Pocket Laservit features 10 preset programmes enabling immediate applications of laser therapy for named conditions set at optimal treatment parameters to achieve effective healing. Laservit infrared soft laser also features further 10 free (empty) channels for setting individual parameters tailored for personalised laser therapy requirements. New Pocket Laservit is convenient and easy to use. It is a battery powered portable infrared laser. The integral battery is rechargeable, which means that the device can be plugged directly into mains power to recharge as required.

New Pocket Laservit is perfect for home use, delivering beneficial laser therapy that heals painful problems effectively, safely and affordably!

*Can be purchased VAT Free by chronically ill registered disabled people. 

New Pocket Laservit background

Advanced soft infrared therapeutic laser for use at home or at therapy clinics, the New Pocket Laservit features 10 preset therapeutic programmes that treat common conditions that respond well to laser therapy. There are also 10 channel for programming of personalised treatment parameters to tailor-made laser therapy based on personal needs. New Pocket Laservit is easy to use and represents a novel approach to laser phototherapy at home. Effective and safe, New Pocket Laservit brings affordable infrared laser therapy to your home! 

New Pocket Laservit is an infrared soft laser that delivers laser therapy effectively, safely and simply, offering the benefit of professionally preset therapeutic programmes for easy use. Infrared laser therapy is an irradiation of living tissues with infrared laser light to stimulate cellular metabolism, improve blood flow and spearhead cellular renewal and regeneration.  

Laser therapy is well established and well documented. It is proven effective and safe and can be applied at therapy clinics and at home, using portable soft lasers designed for home use.    

The most common conditions that respond well to infrared laser therapy are as follows:

  • Tendonitis (i.e. Achilles tendon problems, epicondylitis, pubis pain, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, etc.)
  • Bursitis
  • Contractures and muscle sprains
  • Distortions
  • Fractures
  • Haematomas and bruises
  • Arthritis and arthrosis
  • Cellulitis
  • Ulcers and bedsores
  • Acne, warts and other skin problems

New Pocket Laservit is convenient to use. It is a battery powered portable infrared laser. The integral battery is rechargeable, which means that the device can be plugged directly into mains power to recharge as required.

New Pocket Laservit features a detachable treatment probe that houses the laser diodes.  The treatment probe is attached to the main unit during use of the laser with a long and flexible cable. The probe on the flexible cable makes the treatment of difficult to reach body areas easier and more comfortable even for people who perform their own treatments without help from other persons.

New Pocket Laservit utilises 4 infrared diodes AlGaAs at 940 nm wavelength and a single red LED diode AlInGaP/GaP at 660 nm wavelength.   

New Pocket Laservit has 10 preset programmes and you can simply select the one that describes best your condition. Treatment parameters vary depending on the programme and its indication and have been selected for the optimum effectiveness. You can, however, adjust the irradiation dose and intensity of all preset programmes up or down by modulation from 1/1 (i.e. 100%) down to ½ (50%) or ¼ (25%) and thereafter up again as appropriate.      

10 preset programmes:

  1. P.1: Inflammation (Inflammations / Cervical problems / Backache /Sciatica)
  2. P.2: Contusion (Contusions / Haematomas / Oedemas)
  3. P.3: Distortions (Distortions (i.e. knee, ankle) / Joint Pain ) 
  4. P.4: Arthritic Problems (Arthritis / Arthrosis / Frozen Shoulder)
  5. P.5: Sprains (Contractures / Straining / Sprains / Muscular Aches & Pains)
  6. P.6: Bursitis (all types of bursitis)
  7. P.7: Tendonitis (Tendonitis / Epicondylitis / Carpal Tunnel / Pubis Pain)  
  8. P.8: Cellulitis (Cellulitis / Swelling / Sores / Acne / Fresh Scars / Warts)
  9. P.9: Acute Pain (all types of acute pain)
  10. P.10: Chronic Pain (all types of chronic pain)

The New Pocket Laservit also features 10 empty programmes for personalised therapy parameters. You will find guidance on programming in the User Manual. Alternatively, you can ask your physiotherapist or other health professionals specialising in laser therapy for their assistance.

  • Applying New Pocket Laservit is easy. Simply select your treatment programme and if desired, adjust the dose and intensity. Press the probe directly onto the skin in the area treatment at the 90⁰ (perpendicular) angle. Move the probe very slowly over the treated area, enabling the tissues to absorb the healing laser light. If you are treating a superficial wound or laceration or a skin condition, hold the probe 1 – 2 cm away from the skin. Ensure you maintain the 90⁰ angle for the best penetration of the laser beam by the skin and tissues below.
  • Apply the infrared laser therapy 3 – 4 times a week on alternate days to allow your body to get accustomed with the effects of laser therapy. It is normal to experience slight increase in pain during the first few sessions. After the first week, if pain persists, you can increase the number of weekly sessions to 5 – 6 or continue with 3 – 4 weekly treatments. You should feel significant improvements after 10 – 15 sessions. If no improvements in pain intensity are achieved, you should consult your doctor about your condition and appropriate pain relief.

Ensure that you do not look into the laser probe during use and do not direct it at the eyes of other people. For your own safety, wear protective eye goggles. If another person performs your treatment, ensure that you and he/ she use protective eye goggles.

New Pocket Laservit technical specifications

  • Description: soft infrared laser device
  • Diodes: 4 x infrared laser diodes AlGaAs; 1 x red LED AlInGaP/GaP Ultrabright
  • Power intensity: 5 x 100 mW/sr 
  • Wavelengths: 940 nm infrared invisible / 660 nm red visible
  • Probe size: 30 mm diameter
  • Frequency of impulses: 1000 Hz
  • Modulation: 100%
  • Emission: Continuous (1/1) or modulated (pulsed) 1/2 or 1/4  
  • Internal power supply: rechargeable internal battery Ni-MH 6V-1.8 Ah
  • External power for charging: mains power 100 - 240 V ~ 50/ 60 Hz
  • Display: Large LCD (65 x 30 mm)
  • Dimensions: 175 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Laser class: Class 3
  • Medical Device: Class 2a (CE 0476)
  • Made in Italy by New Age Italia Srl

Contraindications and precautions

  • Not for use on children, especially on the areas of growth
  • Not for use in pregnancy
  • Not for use by people with pacemaker or if suffering with heart disease
  • Do not use, if suffering with cancer, epilepsy or photosensitivity
  • If skin or tissue warming is felt, reduce intensity or stop treatment
  • Do not look into the probe or direct the probe at the eyes of other persons
  • Use protective eye goggles during use

New Pocket Laservit - the perfect advanced soft laser for home use and for clinic applications - an affordable and cost-effective solution to all your laser therapy needs!  .  

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New Pocket Laservit control unit size: 175 x 105 x 40 mm / Weight: 400 g


New Pocket Laservit kit consists of the main control unit with fitted rechargeable battery, cable with probe housing 5 diodes, mains power adaptor, protective glasses, user manual and carry case. CE mark Medical Device and 2 years warranty.

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.