New Pocket Sonovit

New Pocket Sonovit Portable Ultrasonic Therapy Device - New Model

New Pocket Sonovit is indicated for medical use at clinics and for home based ultrasonic therapy effective in addressing many common health conditions.

New Pocket Sonovit is an easy to use ultrasonic therapy device that is reliable, effective and safe. New Pocket Sonovit enables easy ultrasound therapy applications utilising 20 pre-set programmes for medical conditions, 10 pre-set programmes for aesthetic applications and 10 free programmes for setting up personalised treatment parameters based on individual user needs. You will find easy to follow instructions on how to set the parameters and save them into the free programme in the user manual. Versatility of applications and ease of use make the New Pocket Sonovit a perfect ultrasonic therapy device for home and clinic use.

*VAT exemption is available for private users suffering relevant chronic problems. 

New Pocket Sonovit Ultrasonic Therapy Device background

New Pocket Sonovit is an ultrasound generator for applications of ultrasonic therapy. Ultrasonic therapy or ultrasound therapy is commonly used by health professionals, such as physiotherapists to promote healing and treat pain. The effects of ultrasound therapy are analgesic, fibrolytic and muscle relaxing. The most common conditions treat with ultrasound include musculoskeletal problems and issues related to tendons, such as periostitis, tendonitis, arthritis, muscle contractions and defined organised swellings.     

New Pocket Sonovit utilises ultrasound technology adapted for effective, safe and easy home use as well as for ultrasound therapy applications at clinics. New Pocket Sonovit features 20 preset medical programmes, 10 preset aesthetic programmes and 10 free programmes for individual parameter programming based on personal needs.

New Pocket Sonovit Medical Programmes

Programmes for bone conditions: These programmes feature parameters specifically used for treating pathologies of bones. These programmes must be applied daily till the problems disappear.

  • P.1: Bone atrophy (10 minutes – 3W): Helps bone regeneration through stimulation of calcium metabolism and local circulation.
  • P.2: Bone Callus (8 minutes – 2W): Prevents formation of post fracture callus and promotes physiological bone regeneration.
  • P.3: Ossification lag (10 minutes – 2.5W): Stimulates local metabolism and improves bone regeneration that is delayed by circulation related problems and other local issues. 
  • P.4: Osteitis and Periostitis (8 minutes – 1W): Treats inflammation affecting bones and periosteum.

Programmes for joint conditions: Specifically designed programmes to treat joints and cartilage. For best outcomes, these programmes should applied daily till problems resolve.

  • P.5: Arthritis and Arthrosis (10 minutes – 2W): Treats inflamed joint cartilage, stabilises local metabolism and promotes local blood flow. 
  • P.6: Joint stiffness (15 minutes – 1W): Treats stiffness affecting cartilage in the joints, improves trophism (tissue nutrition) and restores joint mobility.
  • P.7: Ankle and Knee Sprains (10 minutes – 2.5W): Treats sprains, reduces pain and improves joint functionality. 
  • P.8: Lumbago (10 minutes – 2W): Treats pain affecting lumbar spine, reduces pain and improves functionality.

Programmes for muscle conditions: Programmes designed to treat muscular problems. Must be applied daily till problem resolution.

  • P.9: Myalgia (10 minutes – 1W): Treatment of muscle pain, tissue warming and local blood flow improvement. 
  • P.10: Spasms (6 minutes – 2W): Treats inflammation of muscles surrounding joints, normalises local metabolism and increases blood flow into the area. 
  • P.11: Muscular Strains, Tears and Muscle Pain (10 minutes – 2.3W): Treats inflammation of muscles surrounding joints, normalises local metabolism and increases blood flow into the area. 
  • P.12: Contractures (8 minutes – 1.5W): Relieves muscle contracture, warms up affected tissues, promotes blood flow and removal of toxins and metabolic waste.
  • P.13: Contusions – Bruises – Swellings (10 minutes – 1.5W): Treats muscular swelling and bruises, warms up the tissues and helps to reduce the swelling.

Programmes for tendon conditions: These programmes treat tendon inflammations, including bursa problems. Must be performed daily until problems disappear.

  • P.14: Tenosynovitis (10 minutes – 1.5W): Treats inflammation of synovial membrane of the long tendons (i.e. fingers).
  • P.15: Tenovaginitis (10 minutes – 2W): Treats inflammation of wide and flat tendons (i.e. Achilles tendon).
  • P.16: Tendonitis – Bursitis – Epicondylitis (10 minutes – 1W): Treats inflammations, such as tennis elbow. 
  • P.17: Periarthritis of the shoulder (10 minutes – 0.9W): Treats shoulder rotator cuff inflammation, reduces pain and helps to recover joint mobility. 
  • P.18: Bursitis (10 minutes – 1.5W): Treats inflamed synovial bursae located between the tendons and the bones. 

General pain relief programmes: Programmes for acute and chronic pain relief. These programmes address acute and chronic pain for which there is no other specifically preset programme. For best results, treat the problem daily till pain is resolved.    

  • P.19: Acute pain (10 minutes – 1.5W): Reduces acute pain, sharp pain, traumatic pain, acute inflammation, etc.
  • P.20: Chronic pain (15 minutes – 2.5W): Treats chronic pain, aches, chronic inflammation, etc.

New Pocket Sonovit Aesthetic Programmes

  • P.21: Localised oedematous cellulitis
  • P.22: Localised soft cellulitis
  • P.23: Localised compact cellulitis
  • P.24: Diffused oedematous cellulitis
  • P.25: Diffused soft cellulitis
  • P.26: Diffused compact cellulitis
  • P.27: Localised lymphatic draining
  • P.28: Diffused lymphatic draining
  • P.29: Local thinning (spot fat reduction)
  • P.30: Diffused thinning (reduction of fat spread over wider area)

New Pocket Sonovit Programmable Free Programmes

In addition to pre-set programmes, the New Pocket Sonovit features 10 free programmes that you can set to your individual needs, enabling personalised ultrasonic treatment based on your needs.

You will find easy to follow instructions on how to set the parameters and save them into the free programme in the user manual. Alternatively, you may ask your medical professional, such as your physiotherapist for their expert assistance.

Applying ultrasound

You can apply ultrasound treatment by creating direct contact with the skin via conducting gel. Simply spread the gel over the treated area and place the probe in direct contact with the gelled skin. Maintain the position. If you are treating a large area – spread the gel over the skin and move the probe slowly in circular or linear forth/back moves over the entire area. You can also apply ultrasound using indirect method via a medium such as water. This is especially good for irregular areas, such as hands or feet. Simply fill a basin with water and submerge the hand or foot as well as the ultrasound probe in the water, aiming with the flat area of the probe towards the area treated at the distance circa 10 – 15 cm. You will find all these methods described fully in the enclosed user manual.

New Pocket Sonovit power supply

New Pocket Sonovit is fitted with rechargeable battery Ni-Mh 6V-1.8Ah. Prior to first use – charge the device by plugging it into the mains power using power supply with electric lead fitted with plug supplied (mains power 230 V ~ 50 Hz). Recharge as required. Battery charge indicator shows the charge status on the LCD display. Directions for battery charging are described in the user manual.

New Pocket Sonovit technical specifica​tions

  • Ultrasonic device for home or clinic use
  • 20 preset medical programmes
  • 10 preset aesthetic programmes
  • 10 free programmes for setting of personal treatment parameters
  • Mains powered via rechargeable integral battery Ni-Mh 6V -1.8 Ah
  • Mains power: 100 - 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Ultrasound probe: 1 – 3 MHz; 45 mm diameter
  • Max power intensity: 3 W/cm²
  • Frequency: 1 – 3 MHz
  • Modulation grade: 100%
  • Modulation waveform: continuous or pulsed ON/OFF (1/2, 1/5, 1/10)
  • Modulation frequency: 2 Hz
  • Dimensions: 180 x 105 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 467 g
  • Class 2b Medical Device (MDD 93/42/EEC)
  • 24 months warranty

New Pocket Sonovit contraindications

  • Read user manual prior to first use and follow all recommendations and contraindications listed in the manual
  • Consult your medical professional if in doubt of your suitability to use ultrasound device
  • Degenerative osteoporosis
  • Metallic implants
  • Varicose veins
  • Thrombosis and acute thrombophlebitis
  • Obliterative arteriopathic haemorrhage
  • Menstruation
  • Neoplasms (tumours)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Presence of acute inflammation
  • Skin lesions
  • Changes in sensitivity
  • Over special tissues (i.e. testicles, ovaries, growing metaphyses)
  • Over heart area
  • If fitted with pacemaker

New Pocket Sonovit - the perfect ultrasonic therapy device for home use! 

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Dimensions: 180 x 105 x 45 mm / Weight: 467 g


New Pocket Sonovit kit consist of the main control unit fitted with integral rechargeable battery, power mains lead fitted with 3 pin UK plug, ultrasound probe (1 – 3 MHz, 45 mm diameter), ultrasound gel, carry case and user manual. CE mark Medical Device (Class 2b). 24 months warranty.

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.