BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner 

Technologically advanced and extra practical, the BBS Revolution™ does not need servicing and automatically calibrates itself with every use, ruling out the inconvenience of annual calibration. Bare minimum operator training delivers results everyone can trust! Affordable and long term cost-effective, the BBS Revolution™ improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces running costs!

Utilising breakthrough patented ultrasound technology with sophisticated imaging capabilities and equipped with a wireless scanning probe, the BBS Revolution automatically differentiates between male and female anatomy and locates the bladder without aiming. Accurate and consistently repeatable bladder volume measurements are delivered at a press of the button in just 3 seconds.

Using the BBS Revolution is fast and simple and produces accurate and reliable measurements. There is no need for mode selection or aiming of the probe – just few simple steps deliver the result:

  • Lift the wireless probe
  • Apply ample amount of gel
  • Place the probe firmly on the lower abdomen
  • Press the button to take the measurement
  • View the result – the result that you can trust!

Wireless scanning probe takes measurements at a distance from the base unit, allowing effective scanning without the console on the trolley entering the patient’s room, thus delivering maximum convenience and highly desirable hygiene benefits.          

The BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner features innovative patented technology that is entirely unique, distinct and unrelated to other bladder scanner brands, designs and intellectual properties. BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner complies with the MDD 93/42/EEC (CE 0120) and is FDA cleared.

Read more about the BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe on a dedicated page.

Contact Win Health Medical on 01835 864866 for more information or to request a demonstration of the BBS Revolution™ in your clinic or hospital. We accept enquiries from interested parties based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.    

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