BIOFROST® Relief™ and BIOFROST® Active™ now available in the UK from Win Health Medical

BIOFROST Cold Therapy Gels are all natural, drug free, Cruelty Free and 100% Vegan.

Cold Therapy Gels the BIOFROST® Relief™ and the BIOFROST® Active™ provide safe and effective relief from pain and reduce inflammation and swelling without drugs and drug-related side-effects. 

Developed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in the Finland near the Arctic coastline by Viking Lab Oy, the BIOFROST® Cold Therapy Gels are effective and safe CE marked Class 1 Medical Devices.   

BIOFROST® Relief™: BIOFROST® Relief™ Cold Gel provides fast and long lasting pain relief and activates body’s own healing through an optimal combination of natural ingredients that include ethanol, menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint and MSM. Reported benefits of using BIOFROST® Relief™ include improved joint movements, lasting pain relief with no painkillers, pain free better sleep, fewer cramps, relief from neck, shoulder and back pain, calmed nerve pain, reduced joint and muscle discomfort, faster and greater recovery after exercise and activities, cooled muscles after a vigorous exercise, greater performance and less fatigue during sports training. 

BIOFROST® Active™: BIOFROST® Active™ is the world’s first dual-action cold – hot gel for effective relief of muscular and joint pain. BIOFROST® Active™ relieves chronic pain, releases muscular tension and promotes muscle recovery as well as effectively stimulates local blood flow, reduces stiffness and joint pain. BIOFROST® Active™ is enriched with optimised combination of 10 natural herbal extracts, including Arnica, Burdock, Roman Chamomile, Garlic, Watercress, Ivy, White Nettle, Pine, Rosemary and Menthol. Benefits of using BIOFROST® Active™ are improved joint movements, pain relief in treated area, more comfortable sleep, reduced incidence of cramps, relief of back pain, reduced neck and shoulder discomfort and faster recoveries after strenuous activities. Fast acting and highly effective, dual-action BIOFROST® Active™ Cold – Hot Gel is an innovation in drug-free topical pain relief.

BIOFROST® Cold Therapy Gels  

  1. BIOFROST® Relief™
  2. BIOFROST® Active™

We invite interested parties to become UK resellers of the BIOFROST® products. Generous discounts are offered! Contact us via e-mail to or call us on 01835 864866. 

BIOFROST® Cold Therapy Gels a safe and simple way to relieve pain!

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