Oxygen for the Beauty of the Skin

Oxygen for Skin Beauty at Home

Recent developments in oxygen delivering beauty devices and oxygen skin beauty care products for home use make it possible for people to deliver oxygen to their skin by performing their own oxygen skin beauty treatments conveniently and affordably at home. Oxygen skin beauty treatments for home use are of high quality with visibly excellent results consistently achievable.    

Here we present products that deliver revitalising oxygen to the skin efficiently, safely, conveniently and affordably at home, helping people to achieve and maintain beautifully youthful skin and a glowing ageless-looking appearance.       

The oxygen delivering latest innovative beauty products presented are from NORA BODE Kosmetik in Germany and from cosmeceutical skin care manufacturer Biotec Italia. Simply click on the live links to product pages below to learn more.  

Effects of oxygen on the skin  

Oxygen from the air that we breathe enters circulatory system through the tiny capillaries in the lungs. It is carried to cells, tissues and organs bound to haemoglobin in the red blood cells. Oxygen powers metabolic processes in the cells, generates vital energy and keeps us alive and thriving. Oxygen stimulates body’s own natural repair processes and promotes healing and wellness.           

Oxygen is vital to the skin, where it promotes metabolic processes within the dermis, leading to greater cellular activities, effectively functioning cells, faster cell turnover and enhanced skin revitalisation, renewal and rejuvenation. Oxygen promotes production of collagen and elastin that are essential to overall health and beauty of the skin.   

With age, capillary blood flow gradually slows down, making oxygen and nutrients less abundant and less available to the skin cells, leading to skin dehydration, slow cellular metabolism within skin tissues and progressively faster aging of the skin.

It is estimated that by the age of 30, the oxygen level in the skin reduces by 25% and by the age of 40 by as much as 50%. Lifestyle choices (i.e. smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, prolonged exposure to the sun, etc.) and severe environmental factors (i.e. exposure to air pollution, high temperatures, excessive cold and high winds, etc.) further exacerbate the low oxygen status in the skin, speeding up aging of the skin.

Normal young skin regenerates and renews itself approximately every 28 days. However, reduced presence of oxygen as well as reduced availability of oxygen contribute to slowing down of cellular metabolism, cellular regeneration and cell renewal processes. At the same time, newly formed skin cells are weaker, less healthy and less robust than they should be. The skin begins to develop noticeably visible signs of aging, such as fine and deep lines, loss of elasticity and sagging, loss of firmness and skin tone and a visibly dull and lifeless complexion.             

Certain beauty procedures (i.e. massage, electrical stimulation, oxygen beauty treatments, etc.) aim to increase blood flow to the skin to deliver more revitalising oxygen and essential nutrients to slow down skin deterioration. Such beauty treatments are performed in beauty salons or therapy clinics and can achieve a degree of temporary success. However, the procedures must be repeated regularly to maintain effects, becoming inconvenient and excessively costly over time.   

Developments in oxygen delivering beauty devices and oxygen skin beauty care products for home use enable people to perform oxygenating beauty treatments conveniently and affordably at home. Oxygen skin beauty treatments designed for home use are easy to perform and achieve excellent results. Treatments can be repeated conveniently as required to revitalise, refresh and rejuvenated the skin for a glowing smooth complexion.         

Now you can deliver revitalising oxygen to your skin efficiently, safely, conveniently and affordably at home, giving your skin the benefits of oxygen skin therapy, consistently achieving and maintaining beautifully youthful skin and a fresh ageless appearance.       

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Oxygen Skin Beauty Treatments at home for beautiful ageless appearance!              

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