Pain Relief with Electrotherapy

Drug Free Pain Relief with Electrotherapy Devices

Much has been written about potentially life threatening adverse effects linked to a number of pain killers pain relieving pharmacological drugs (i.e. pain killing medication = pain killer). It is not surprising therefore, that many people who suffer chronic pain and prolonged discomfort are turning to non pharmacological alternatives for pain relief.

Electrotherapy devices can be as effective in pain relief as medication, however, pain relief with electrotherapy carries an extra bonus of being free of drug related side effects. Most commonly used electrotherapy devices for pain relief are Tens machines, interferential therapy machines and and phototherapy lasers. 

Drug free pain relief can be achieved in many different ways. Alternative therapy practitioners, such as osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists can offer valuable and specialised advice to people wishing to reduce their intake of painkillers. Often simple methods, such as application of heat or warmth can be effective and helpful. However, please note that experts advise that people do not stop pain relieving medication without a prior consultation with their doctor.

In this section of our website we present a number of different ways to address pain effectively and safely and entirely without medication utilising a number of different methods of electrotherapy. Applications of electrotherapy treatments are simple and treatments are effective and safe. Electrotherapy devices specific to each electrotherapy method are medical devices that are appropriately tested and certified as well as proven. 

Amongst drug free pain relief methods are the following electrotherapies and natural therapies (i.e. heat and cold): 

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