Ultrasound Bladder Scann​ers

BBS Revolution™ – the Next Generation Bladder Scanner

We are proud and delighted to announce that Win Health Medical Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor of the BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner, the patented next generation fully automated bladder scanner that is by far the easiest to use bladder scanner currently available on the global market. BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner benefits from sophisticated imaging technology and features wireless scanning probe that scans and measures bladder volume at the distance from the main console of the scanner. There are no scanning modes to be selected and aiming of the probe is not required. The BBS Revolution™ automatically locates the bladder and detects male and female anatomy. Just one press of the button delivers fast and accurate bladder volume measurements.

The scanning probe is sealed and allows easy and convenient cleaning with cleansing disinfectant wipes after each scanned patient and can be re-used immediately. Capable of scanning at the distance and easy to clean after each scan, the BBS Revolution is perfect for use in strictly infection controlled environments. 

BBS Revolution™ calibrates itself with every use, hence no annual calibration is required. The scanner carries 3 years’ warranty and does not require costly maintenance. The in-built guidance screen guides the user through the simple and rapid scanning process.

As the BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner has been designed with ease of use in mind, it does not need to be operated by trained sonographers. Bare minimum training is needed and the scanning can be performed conveniently with confidence by nurses, whenever required.

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner is battery (rechargeable) powered and pole mounted on castors for mobility and applications in different areas of your medical facility. Advanced, accurate and easy to use, the BBS Revolution Next Generation Bladder Scanner offers unpara​lleled quality and value to the NHS hospitals and clinics and to private healthcare institutions.          

Meike Palm Bladder Scann​er PBS V 4.1

Meike Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 is a real time handheld non-invasive ultrasound bladder scanner with advanced 3-D Ultrasonic Technology. Utilising ultrasonic echo technology it easily differentiates between the bladder and surrounding structures. It accurately measures bladder volume and residual volume. The PBS V 4.1 is perfect for scanning male, female and paediatric patients in real time. Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 can be used in hospitals and clinics and its portability and lightness make the scanner the perfect choice for community service providers and private practices. With added benefits of 3 years warranty on the main unit and no servicing required for the first 6 years of use, the Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 represents unbeatable value to the NHS and to private healthcare providers.   


BBS Revolution™ and Meike Palm Bladder Scanner PBS V 4.1 are available UK nationwide directly from us and from the NHS National Services Scotland.      

Ultrasound Bladder Scanners general background

Bladder scanners are non-invasive ultrasound medical devices intended for assessment and diagnosis of bladder disorders in people of all ages, including young children. The use of non-invasive bladder scanners helps clinicians to diagnose bladder dysfunction and urinary problems and to effectively manage incontinence. Ultrasonic bladder scanning represents an alternative way of measuring bladder volume without insertion of urinary catheters. Diagnostic ultrasound bladder scanners carry our accurate and quick measurements of urinary volume and post-void residual volume non-invasively, painlessly and without causing worries or loss of privacy to vulnerable patients, including young children.   

Benefits of using non-invasive ultraso​nic bladder scanner:

  • Fewer catheterisations
  • Reduction in costs associated with catheterisation  
  • Reduction in urinary tract infections
  • Faster and simpler to perform than catheterisation
  • Greater patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Improvement in patient dignity and privacy
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Child friendly and non-traumatic procedure
  • Suitable for applications across a wide variety of medical specialities (i.e. urology, paediatric, gynaecology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, rehabilitation, emergency, elderly care, etc.) and healthcare institutions (hospitals, clinics, care institutions, medical centres, primary care surgeries, etc.)  

Medical Industry Accredited

We work closely with medical professionals across the NHS and private healthcare. We observe ABHI Code of Practice and our employees, who have direct contact with members of the health service (i.e. when visiting the NHS Hospitals and Clinics or private healthcare premises to demonstrate our medical devices and/or to train medical professionals in the use of medical devices) are appropriately trained, qualified and accredited to do so.         

For further information on the BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner and the Meike Palm Bladder Scanner V 4.1 or to discuss your individual needs or arrange a demo presentation at your clinical facility or office, please contact us by e-mail or by phone and we will be delighted to help you! We at Win Health Medical have been serving the NHS and Private Healthcare Providers since 2001. Our ethos is to deliver Quality, Value and Choice to all our customers.  

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