Skinetica Anti-Blemish

Anti-Blemish Skinetica


Skinetica is the renamed and relaunched Perfect Skin Acnigon. Skinetica has the same ingredients and the same efficacy against blemishes and pimples in men, women and children over the age of 8 and in all areas of the body prone to outbreaks. 

Skinetica combats pimples and blemishes using the very latest technology that is guaranteed to be effective and kind to your skin. Skinetica gives your skin clear, smooth and perfect appearance. Skinetica is a Hi-Tech anti blemish skin preparation that kills acne microbes on your skin for smooth and glowing skin.

Skinetica differs from other acne treatments in terms of ingredients and its mode of action. Skinetica action against P.Acnes can be compared to an electrocution assisted stabbing of the microbe with a molecular 'spike'. Skinetica cannot be absorbed by the body though the skin. Once applied, it stays on the skin, forming an invisible protective coating that works for up to 24 hours even with regular washing.

Anti Blemish Skinetica - NO CREAMS - NO OILS - NO STAINS - NO ACNE - Skinetica - '3 in 1' expert anti-blemish treatment: Acne Treatment - Skin Toner - Foundation Base

Anti-Blemish Skinetica overview

  • Effective against P. Acnes (Propionibacterium Acnes)
  • No Creams - No Oils - No Stains
  • Long lasting efficacy - remains active for up to 24 hours even with frequent washing
  • Best applied every 12 hours
  • Cannot be seen or felt 
  • Does not dry skin
  • Does not stain the skin or clothing or bedding
  • Cannot be absorbed though the skin
  • Low alcohol content
  • Helps skin retain natural oils
  • Chemically inert and non toxic
  • Safe for handling food and babies
  • Lasting effects
  • Convenient applications - once in the morning and once at bedtime
  • Perfect for men and women of all ages and children aged 8 and above 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 70 ml bottle

About Acne and Conventional Acne Treatments

Acne is caused by an anaerobic gram positive microbe P. Acnes (Propionibacterium Acnes). P. Acnes bacteria are living cells that are too small to be seen with the naked eyes. Conventional acne treatments attempt to enter the P. Acnes microbes in order to destroy them. For instance, a chemical agent such as benzoyl peroxide acts like a poison by interrupting key metabolic processes and life sustaining cellular functions of the microbe, leading to its death.

Many conventional acne treatments are initially effective, but loose their effectiveness with time and eventually stop working. Additionally, whilst these treatments are applied to the skin, they frequently have detrimental effects on the skin, such as redness and irritations caused by exposure of the skin to toxic chemicals they contain.

Amongst most common active ingredients of the conventional acne treatments are Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Sulphur. Benzoyl Peroxide is proven to generate free radicals that damage cellular DNA, leading to premature aging and thinning of the skin. Extensive tests have also shown that it also has carcinogenic effects on living tissues.

About Anti-Blemish Skinetica

When Skinetica is applied to the skin it eliminates Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria from the skin.

Skinetica differs from other acne treatments in terms of ingredients and its mode of action. Skinetica action against P.Acnes can be compared to an electrocution assisted stabbing of the microbe with a molecular 'spike'. The active ingredient in Anti Blemish Skinetica is an ammonium quaternary compound attached to a sylil propyl base. At the molecular level, this ingredient is shaped like a spike, which attaches itself to the skin by a firmly adhering covalent bond that does not wash off. The spikes are long, pointed chains of molecules that are big enough to pierce the cell walls of P.Acnes causing them to die. The spikes are too small to be harmful to the people or animals, but are deadly to the acne microbes. Additionally, within the molecules are positively charged Nitrogen atoms, whilst all microbes carry a negative charge. Being drawn onto the spikes pierces the microbes' cellular membranes and the interaction between negative and positive charge causes their electrocution.

Skinetica cannot be absorbed by the body though the skin. Once applied, it stays on the skin, formin​g an invisible protective coating that works for up to 24 hours even with regular washing. Skinetica is safe to use non allergenic foam preparation with a light and fresh smell. It gently moisturises your skin, prevents redness and chapping and more importantly, eliminates P.Acnes bacteria from the treated skin.

Using Anti-Blemish Skinetica

Skinetica is easy to use. It works best when applied to clean dry skin - once in the morning and once at bedtime. It is safe and there are no side effects.

Simply dispense a ball of foam from the container into the palm of your hand. Using your fingers or a cotton ball, apply the foam to affected areas, wetting them and covering them thoroughly. The foam breaks quickly into a watery liquid. Allow it to dry naturally.

Skinetica can be used on any skin area and it is equally effective on the face, chest or back.

You will not see any coating on your skin or feel any stickiness. However, be reassured that the Skinetica's residue coating is there and will commence physically killing the Propionibacterium Acnes (P. Acnes) that causes your infection. And as it cannot be washed off, it will continue killing the bacteria for up to 24 hours. 

The best routine is to apply Skinetica at night before going to bed on a clean skin. You can repeat the application in the morning before make up. It will continue to work all day. Please note that the preparation will not be effective, if you apply it on top of your make up!     

Skinetica needs to be applied only once in the morning and once at night. More frequent applications are not needed, because even washing your skin does not remove, reduce or dilute the effectiveness of the anti bacterial protection. Anti-Blemish Skinetica is non staining and will not discolour any clothing or bed linen it comes into contact with.

Skinetica is suitable for adults of all ages and for children aged 8 and over.

FDA registered and approved, Skinetica is dermatologically tested on people and certified.

Ingredients: Purified water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, quaternary ammonium chloride.

Skinetica overview at a glance

  • Non-toxic foam formula
  • No nasty or harsh chemicals
  • Non irritating 
  • Non staining
  • No benzoyl peroxide
  • No salicylic acid
  • No sulphur
  • No oils or creams
  • No redness after use
  • No soreness after use
  • Non greasy
  • Non sticky
  • Light foam preparation
  • No side effects
  • Effective against P.Acnes
  • Re-applied twice in 24 hours
  • Lasting effects
  • Convenient applications
  • Dermatologically tested on people
  • Perfect for men and women of all ages and children aged 8 and above
  • FDA approved and certified
  • 70 ml bottle

Supplied in a 70 ml bottle.

Anti-Blemish Skinetica Questions and Answers

1: How soon does Skinetica start to work?

Some people see an improvement in their condition in 2 days, but for the majority of users it takes about 4-5 days. You must also consider that regular use of Skinetica even after your acne has disappeared will prevent its return.

2: What are the side effects?

Once dried on the skin, it is non-toxic to people and chemically inert. It cannot therefore have negative effects on your skin.

3: Can Skinetica be used at any age?

In tests, users were aged 18 to 70 years. However, it is also perfectly safe to use on children over the age of 8 years. However, please always be sure to keep Skinetica away from eyes (as with any product of this nature). Should it get into the eyes, rinse immediately with copious amounts of clean water.

4: Does Skinetica help to decrease blackheads and whiteheads and help with oily skin?

Ye. It will help to remove blackheads and whiteheads. As it is not oil or a cream, and as at the molecular level it allows your skin to breath rather than clogging it up with grease like most of other acne treatments. Skinetica will therefore reduce the oil content of your skin without drying it.

5: Will Skinetica help with rosacea?

Yes, customers are now sending testimonials confirming that it has helped them with rosacea. However, it would appear from practice that two applications each day produce a better result. This is currently undergoing study and we outcomes will be published in due course.

6: Does Skinetica work for people with light and dark complexions?

Skinetica works equally well on any skin tone or complexion. Please note that it does not cause any discolouration of the skin in individuals with dark skin.

7: What are the ingredients of Skinetica?

The active ingredient is a highly sophisticated quaternary ammonium chloride compound combined with a sylil base to enable it to be persistent on the skin. Please remember, you will not see or feel anything, as this is working at the molecular level. The other ingredients are highly purified deionised water, fragrance and ethyl alcohol.

8: Does Skinetica contain harsh chemicals?

It does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid and Sulphur are the active ingredient commonly used in acne treatments.

Benzoyl peroxide is proven to generate free radicals, damaging cellular DNA, causing serious premature aging and thinning of skin, and causing irritation to the skin with redness and chapping. Benzoyl peroxide will bleach fabric and hair, and studies have shown that 76% of Benzoyl peroxide users acquired a contact sensitization to it.

Anti Blemish Skinetica is very different from other acne remedies. It contains no harsh chemicals and when dry on the skin it is non toxic and chemically inert and so can have no detrimental effect on your skin.

Most other anti acne products work only for a short span of time and you may have to reapply them several times a day. Skinetica works with single AM and PM applications as its molecules keep on working for up to 24 hours after application, even with regular washing. However, for best results, it is best to apply Skinetica once in the morning prior to makeup and repeat at bedtime.

Skinetica is effective and safe to use and is non-allergenic. It gently moisturises the skin, prevents it from drying out. There is no redness or chapping after applications and it is pleasant to use due to a light and fresh smell.


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Skinetica size: 70 ml bottle


One pack consists of one 70 ml bottle of Skinetica.