Peritron Perineometer is a Clinical Pelvic Floor Assessment System and Pressure Biofeedback Perineometer for Male and Female Pelvic Floor Assessment and Rehabilitation

Peritron can be used for clinical assessment of pelvic floor muscles and for research purposes requiring highly sensitive and precise pelvic floor assessment equipment. Peritron is available in 3 versions - with vaginal sensor, with anal sensor and with both vaginal and anal sensor:

  • Peritron V Perineometer with Vaginal Sensor
  • Peritron A Perineometer with Anal Sensor  
  • Peritron AV Perineometer with Anal and Vaginal Sensors 
  • Accessories - Vaginal Sensors, Anal Sensors, Connective Tubes

Peritron Perineometer is an advanced air pressure biofeedback perineometer designed for clinical pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation. Peritron is suitable for assessing and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles in both men and women. It is available with either vaginal sensor (i.e. Peritron V) or anal sensor (i.e. Peritron A) or with both sensors (i.e. Peritron AV).

Strong pelvic floor is essential for prevention of female incontinence and erectile dysfunction and post micturition dribble in men. Peritron Perineometer measures the strength of the pelvic floor muscles very precisely, enabling accurate diagnosis and monitoring of every step of the rehabilitation process. Biofeedback is a method of presenting physiological processes in measurable signals. Such signals can be visual, tactile or auditory. The signals can be measured and interpreted into real therapeutic results, thus providing tangible initial assessment and measure subsequent progress.

Peritron is a hand-held micro-processor controlled clinical perineometer intended for assessment of pelvic floor muscles strength and for teaching pelvic floor exercises. Both the vaginal and the anal sensors can be used. During use, the air pressure in the sensor created by a pelvic floor contraction is transferred by a tube to the Readout Unit where it is displayed and analysed.

Peritron Perineometer features  

  • Small and light
  • Measuring pressure to 0.1cm/H2O
  • Very sensitive
  • Gives audio as well as visual biofeedback
  • Has linear and logarithmic biofeedback
  • More stats - Gradient, Area under Curve, Peak, Average and Duration

Peritron displays the value of the contraction numerically in cm water pressure (cm/H²O). The value is updated once per 0.6 second during the contraction. Peritron can recall the peak and average values of the contraction and also its duration. It also displays the gradient. Vaginally measured contraction showing value of less than 20 cm water indicates that strengthening pelvic floor exercises are advised. Normal anal resting pressures are around 50 cm water. Cough usually adds 40 and squeeze 100. These correlate well with traditional measuring techniques using multi-lumen catheters. If successive readings captured on the Peritron are noted down, a pressure profile curve may be sketched quickly and easily. Clinicians frequently find that such pressure profile expression of actual contraction is particularly useful for patient education and motivation.

Quality of the Pelvic Floor Contractions

Strong and sustained pelvic floor contraction is better than a brief, weak one. To help the clinician assess the quality of the pelvic floor contraction, at the press of a button Peritron recalls the peak and the average readings as well as the duration of the contraction in seconds. Peritron also displays the gradient. For teaching pelvic floor contractions the display may be switched to 'progressing bars' that provide 'better-worse' feedback. The more bars that are lit, the stronger the contraction. Peritron's super-sensitive response picks up the first 'flickers' of a contraction. This feedback is really appreciated as patients generally need all the encouragement they can get.

Peritron's biofeedback display has 99 levels that can be set. The first level is for learning the exercises; the highest range will challenge the most accomplished pelvic floor athlete!  But you can choose anything in between.

Peritron - your pelvic floor health and research companion! 

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