Personal Laser L200

Personal Laser™ L200

Energy Lasers Personal Laser™ L200

Personal Laser™ L200 is a Low Level Laser Therapy device.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also referred to as PhotoBioModulation (PBM)

Personal Laser™ L200 is a part of patented Energy Lasers brand of cold lasers / soft lasers, utilising the latest LLLT/PBM technology. Personal Laser™ L200 is the smallest cordless cold laser in the world. Utilising 200 mW of laser power, Personal Laser L200 generates coherent continuous beam of red laser light in 660 nm wavelength in visible red spectrum. Personal Laser L200 Laser’s beam penetrates the skin to circa 1 – 2 cm depth, making it a perfect soft laser to treat and maintain shallow wounds, scar tissue, minor superficial injuries, minor aches and pain, minor signs of inflammation and swelling at home.   

Personal Laser™ L200 is a non-invasive, effective and safe soft red laser for personal use at home!     

Low Level Laser Therapy / PhotoBioModulation works by application of low level laser light in red and/or near-infrared light spectrum to the surface of the body. LLLT is non-invasive and does not lead to tissue heating or any significant or serious side-effects noted to date. LLLT can be used as a standalone therapeutic modality or in conjunction with other conventional therapies, such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, podiatry and medication. Laser light treatments have a very wide range of therapeutic applications with magnitude of positive effects on the living organisms. LLLT stimulates immune system and enhances body’s own natural healing capabilities, facilitating faster recoveries from illnesses and injuries. LLLT effectively reduces pain, discomfort, inflammation and swelling, accelerates wound healing, improves blood flow in the treated area, stimulates collagen production and contributes to removal of toxins and waste products from the cells and tissues, thus leading to cell renewal and tissue regeneration.  

LLLT / PBM has been researched for over 40 years and is proven in many clinical studies. LLLT / PBM is a non-invasive and drug free therapy.   

Personal Laser™ L200 overview

  • Latest generation powerful LLLT/PBM laser (i.e. cold laser or soft laser)
  • Indicated for the skin and underlying tissue treatments (i.e. skin conditions, shallow open wounds, ulcers and sores, fresh scar tissue, minor superficial inflammation and swelling, minor discomfort, tinnitus)  
  • Designed for home use and for professional use in therapy clinics  
  • Handheld cordless laser for ease of use and convenience
  • 660 nm wavelength in visible red light spectrum 
  • Coherent continuous laser beam
  • Laser beam penetration 1 – 2 cm depth
  • 200 mW max laser power
  • Energy transmitted per 10 seconds = 2 Joule / 1 minute = 12 Joule / 5 minutes = 60 Joule   
  • Battery powered (rechargeable mini Li-Ion battery)
  • 3 hours treatment time on fully charged battery
  • Battery charging takes circa 90 minutes
  • Equipped with electronic overheating control
  • Laser Class 3B
  • Class 2A Medical Device (CE2274)
  • 2 years warranty

Personal Laser™ L200 has been developed and designed for personal use at home and for applications in therapy clinics by professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, wound healing specialists and pain relief specialists. Designed for treatments of localised small areas of skin and tissue problems, healing of shallow wounds, relief of small joint arthritic complaints (i.e. hand, fingers, wrist, elbow, foot, toes, ankle) and tinnitus, relief of pain, reduction in localised pain and discomfort, treatment of localised trigger points, inflammation and swelling, the Personal Laser™ L200 can also be used to perform non-invasive laser acupuncture therapy. Treatments with Personal Laser™ L200 are painless, simple to deliver and produce fast results.   

Painful skin and tissue conditions that respond well to LLLT include acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes simplex, fresh scars, open wounds, post-surgical wounds and pain, post-procedure discomfort, dental pain, mouth ulcers, gum inflammation and soreness, shallow ulcers, sores, blisters, lacerations, cuts, scratches, nail fungus, tissue puffiness, swelling and superficial bruising. 

Personal Laser™ L200 is a handheld cordless cold laser that generates coherent visible red light in 660 nm wavelength and operates on 200 mW power. Equipped with a powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery to ensure conveniently long treatment time of 3 hours from a fully charged battery, Personal Laser™ L200 emits coherent continuous laser light beam that penetrates the skin to 1 – 2 cm depth, facilitating effective and safe localised treatments as described above.   

Personal Laser™ L200 is a part of patented Energy Lasers series of cold lasers, utilising the latest LLLT/PBM technology. Personal Laser™ L200 is the smallest cordless cold laser in the world. 

Using Personal Laser™ L200

Before you embark on using your Personal Laser™ L200, please ensure that you read, understand and follow all information provided with your Personal Laser™ L200, namely contained in 2 booklets: 1) User Manual for Personal Laser™ and 2) booklet entitled Treatment with Personal Laser™.  Points to note below have been selected from these 2 booklets.

Selected points to note:  

  1. To succeed with your therapeutic goals, whilst ensuring your safety, you must follow instructions and recommendations and observe warnings and precautions given/listed in the above booklets.    
  2. You must check the laser and its optics prior to commencing the treatment. You must carry out a ‘fire’ test on the Laser Test Card provided with your laser. If your laser does not perform as expected or you have any doubts as to its proper and secure functionality, contact your supplier. 
  3. Personal-Laser™ L200 is Class 3B Laser and hence, the treated patient must always wear protective eye goggles during use. If you are applying laser self-treatments, you must wear eye goggles for your own safety! If you are a therapist that performs treatments on patients, ensure that the treated patient always wears protective eye goggles!
  4. Never look directly into the laser beam or point the laser beam on faces/eyes of other people or on the eyes of pets/animals or point the laser beam to shiny or reflective surfaces (i.e. mirrors, reflective glass objects, magnifiers, etc.) as such surfaces could bounce the laser light back into your eyes!        
  5. Personal-Laser™ L200 is designed for treatment time of 5 minute sessions. When operating, the laser beeps every 10 seconds to give indication that treatment contact point on the skin must be changed to prevent overheating – this indicates that you should move the laser into another point circa 1 cm away. You should change the position of the laser with every beep every 10 seconds, gradually covering the entire treatment area. Alternatively, for best outcomes, the laser should be moved slowly back and forth over the treatment area to prevent built-up of local heat.
  6. Consult User Manual for Personal-Laser™ and Treatment with Personal-Laser™ for complete information.

Personal Laser™ L200 in use

L200 Personal Laser™ is simple to use. It is small, light and handheld for convenient and easy therapeutic applications. L200 Personal Laser™ is a single red light diode cold laser operating on continuous red 660 nm wavelength.

During 5 minutes of operation, the laser L200 emits total of 60 Joule of energy. This equates to 2 Joule per 10 seconds and 12 Joule per minute. During 5 minutes of treatment, 60 Joules are generated and emitted.      

Experience with LLLT shows that moderate doses of laser light applied 2 - 3 times per week with maximum time lapse of one week between treatments achieve better outcomes than high doses applied less frequently. Laser light has cumulative effects, hence for best outcomes and depending on indication, there should be a short gap of 1 – 2 days between treatments. However, acute problems (i.e. acute pain, regeneration of compromised or diseased tissue, acute injuries, etc.) require more frequent treatments and can be treated on alternate days. Chronic problems are best treated 3 times a week reducing to 1 – 2 treatments per week. When desired treatment outcomes are achieved, maintenance regime of 1 – 2 treatments per week should continue to prevent relapse of the condition or return of the symptoms.

Points to note: When treating skin problems and open wounds, it is best to wrap the laser optics in a clean cling film for the duration of the treatment session to prevent contamination and potential spread of infections. When treating wounds, ulcers, sores and skin problems (i.e. eczema), it is best to hold and move the laser circa 2 cm above the area (i.e. without touching the surface of the wound, ulcer, skin tear, laceration or sore with the laser optics) to prevent contamination and/or mechanical damage to the vulnerable area. Wound borderline area should be treated with laser optics held a few mm above it, whilst when reaching the intact skin entirely outside the damaged or ulcerated area, you can gently press the laser optics to the skin surface during treatment.                     

  • Powered by Li-Ion rechargeable battery, the Personal Laser™ L200 delivers 3 hours of treatments, when the battery is fully charged. It is important to remember that prior to first use, the battery (MINI Li-Ion battery 3.7.V / 650 mAh) must be fully charged. Charging from 130 – 230 V mains power outlet takes circa 1 ½ hours and the charging system automatically ensures that the battery cannot be overcharged. During charging, the indicator LED light on the charger is red. When fully charged the indicator light changes to green or blue.            
  • When fully charged, attach the bottom part of the laser containing the Li-Ion battery to the upper part of the laser that houses LED display, laser probe with cooling piece and laser optics by screwing /twisting the 2 parts together clockwise. This is simple and easy to do and you will find this quick process described in the user manual.
  • The LED display is green when the laser operates, yellow when it is on a standby and red, if error is detected /occurs.
  • To switch the laser on, simply keep twisting the joined bottom and upper part together until the laser switches on. The laser sounds 3 short beep sounds followed by 1 long beep before the laser starts up. LED display is continually green for the duration of operation.
  • Laser remains active for 5 minutes, sounding a short beep every 10 seconds. After completion of the 5 minute session, the laser stops automatically, indicating the end of treatment with long beep followed by a high/low beep indicating standby. LED display turns to flashing yellow on standby.
  • Personal Laser™ L200 is designed to deliver 5 minute treatment and can be used only for maximum 2 x 5 minutes applications to prevent any potential of laser optics overheating and causing discomfort or skin damage during treatments carried out directly in contact with the skin.              
  • To turn the laser off any time or after completion of treatment session, simply unscrew/ twist anti-clockwise the bottom part from the upper part of the laser body.
  • When not in use, always detach/unscrew the bottom laser section containing the battery from the upper part of the laser device containing the laser probe with diode, cooling piece and laser optics. Store all parts of your laser safely in its aluminium storage box. Reassembly prior to next use.       
  • Cleaning and maintaining your Personal-Laser™ L200 is simple with rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol and wiping dry with clean lint free cloth. Please refer to user manual for step by step cleaning directions as well as for trouble shooting tips.

Important point to note: This device is powered by Lithium Battery and therefore you must always follow the manufacturer’s stated Lithium Batteries instructions with regard to use, charging, transport, and recycling. Please refer to User Manual / User Instructions for detailed instructions. 

Suggested approximate treatment times per individual therapy session per area: 

  • Minor burns (per 10 cm square): 3 minutes
  • Bruising (per 50 cm square): 5 minutes
  • Scars: 5 minutes
  • Soft tissue rheumatism (per 50 cm square): 8 minutes
  • Leg ulcers (per 10 cm square): 3 minutes
  • Wounds (per 10 cm square): 3 minutes

We suggest that you consult a medical professional (i.e. physiotherapist, doctor, laser therapy specialist, etc) for practical advice on LLLT/PBM applications.    

Personal Laser™ L200 specifications

  • Cold / soft laser with single laser light diode
  • Wavelength: 660 nm (red visible light)
  • Maximum power: 200 mW
  • Maximum total power: 200 mW
  • Operating mode: continuous wave (CW)
  • Spot/Beam divergence (approximate): Spread 20° x 30°
  • Laser Class: 3B
  • Energy per 10 seconds: 2 Joules
  • Energy for 1 minute: 12 Joules
  • Energy per 5 minutes: 60 Joules   
  • Laser light penetration (approximate): 1 – 2 cm depth
  • Battery: MINI Li-Ion battery 3.7 V / 650 mAh
  • Treatment time per full charge: 3 hours
  • Laser Diode: 1 x TO18 – MM 200 mW / 660 nm / Visible red light
  • Laser diode life span: 10 000 hours of lighting

  • Charger: AC adapter USB-A-Li-Ion Charger, 130 - 230 V / DC 5 V – 1 A     
  • Dimensions: 76 mm length x 27 mm diameter
  • Weight: 42 g
  • Operating conditions for normal use:  + 10° C to + 25° C; RH 75% or less (non-condensing); atmospheric pressure 700 – 1060 hPa ). Please note: if temperature is higher than 25°C, air conditioning should be used in the treatment room.)  
  • Environmental conditions for transport/storage:  - 5° C to + 35° C; RH 75% or less; atmospheric pressure 700 – 1060 hPa   
  • Class 2A Medical Device (CE2274)
  • 2 years warranty (excluding wilful damage, damage caused by incorrect use and misuse of the laser)

Contraindications and General Precautions

  • Always read and familiarise yourself with all contraindications and precautions listed in User Manual for Personal-Laser™ and Treatment with Personal-Laser™ booklet
  • If you are in any doubt about using the Personal-Laser™ L200, consult medical professional for advice (i.e. doctor, physiotherapists, etc)
  • Do not point the laser beam at your eyes and never attempt to treat the eyes with the laser
  • Do not treat abdominal area during pregnancy
  • Do not treat tumours and cancerous tissues
  • Do not treat areas with hormone producing glands (i.e. thyroid gland in the neck area)
  • Do not treat body areas containing organs and/or transplanted organs
  • Do not treat areas containing metal or plastic implants
  • Do not treat areas containing or near pacemaker and/or implanted defibrillator
  • Do not treat if sensitive to light or on medications that increase light sensitivity
  • Do not treat if suffering with epilepsy
  • Do not treat during fever
  • Do not use laser light directly over freckles, birthmarks or tattoos
  • Bear in mind that persons with dark skinned and tanned skins have a higher risk of skin overheating and potential skin burns and require an extra caution during laser treatments
  • Do not treat children with the laser
  • The laser is not a toy and must be kept away from children and out of their reach in safe storage
  • The laser must be used only by adults
  • Do not use the laser outdoors
  • Remove all creams and lotions from the area to be treated prior to treatment – treat only on clean and dry skin
  • Do not treat through clothing
  • Always perform an assessment (i.e. clinical assessment) of the area to be treated with the laser light         
  • Use the laser only for intended purpose, such as treatment of skin, pain relief and for healing applications     

Personal Laser™ L200 – perfect cold laser companion for clinics and personal use.

About Energy Lasers

Energy Lasers deliver Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that is currently referred to as photobiomodulation (PBM). LLLT/PBM is an established and thoroughly studied form of painless electrotherapy that utilises cold light for its healing-enhancing properties, reduction of tissue inflammation and drug free non-invasive pain relief.         

Energy Lasers are designed for easy use at home as well as for applications by professionals at therapy clinics that treat common issues, such as musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, healing of wounds and skin disorders. Treatment applications of Energy Lasers are painless, effective, safe and simple. Energy Lasers are portable, small, light, handheld and powered by rechargeable batteries for optimum convenience and easy usability.      

Energy Lasers are small and easy to use cordless cold laser devices in Laser Class 3B, characterised by power intensity of up to 500 mW.

Win Health Medical presents Energy Lasers:

  1. Personal Laser™ L200 - this page
  2. Personal Laser™ L400
  3. Energy Laser™ L500 PRO with Bluetooth
  4. Energy Laser™ L800 PRO with Bluetooth
  5. Energy Laser™ L2000 PRO with Bluetooth 

Personal Laser™ L200 – perfect red LLLT laser companion for personal use at home.

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Dimensions: 76 mm length x 27 mm diameter /Weight: 42 g


Personal Laser™ L200 kit contains laser probe with built-in optics, Li-Ion battery, Li-Ion charger, USB cable, USB power adapter, laser test card, safety glasses, User Manual for Personal Laser™, Treatment with Personal Laser™ booklet and an aluminium carry case. CE2274 and 2 years warranty.

VAT exemption available for people with relevant chronic conditions and problems (i.e. arthritis, tinnitus, eczema, psoriasis, etc.). VAT exemption declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.