Snug Positioning Pillows for Adults and Ch​ildren

Snug Positioning Pillows for Enhanced Basal Stimulation, Safe Positioning and Comfort 

Snug Positioning Pillows enhance quality of life of seriously ill, frail and disabled people of all ages, including children and young adults.   

Snug Positioning Pillows are uniquely shaped cushions that help to secure body positioning and provide reassuring support and a feeling of soothing safety and wellbeing. Snug Positioning Pillows improve users’ own body awareness, increase the feeling of security and aid body positioning and stability for greater perception of surroundings, better communication and faster rehabilitation. Snug Positioning Pillows help the carers to focus on the patients’ needs for greater patient comfort, positive interaction with the patients, easier rehabilitation process and effective healing. 

Snug Positioning Pillows are designed to serve as:

  • Stimulation Enhancing Aids
  • Occupational Therapy Aids
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention Aids
  • Rehabilitation Aids
  • Physiotherapy Aids
  • Nursing Aids
  • Maternity Aids
  • Comfort Enhancing Aids

Snug Positioning Pillows improve standards of care, enhance patients' awareness and interaction and quality of life. 

Snug Positioning Pillows are available in 6 functional designs for adults and children:

  1. ‘Embrace Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow 
  2. ‘Support Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow
  3. 'Support Me' Junior Snug Positioning Pillow 
  4. ‘Pamper Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow
  5. ‘Cuddle Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow
  6. ‘Protect Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow
  7. 'Protect Me' Junior Snug Positioning Pillow
  8. ‘Cherish Me’ Snug Positioning Pillow
  9. 'Cherish Me' Junior Snug Positioning Pillow

Positioning Pillows and Basal Stimulation background

Please note: Basal Stimulation is sometimes also referred to as Basic Stimulation or sometimes as Primary Stimulation.

Snug Positioning Pillows are innovative shaped cushions that enable safe body positioning, whilst evoking a strong feeling of security and self-awareness in the patients.  Snug Positioning Pillows are Class 1 Medical Devices.

Snug Positioning Pillows applications

  • Basal Stimulation Aids that help to enhance self-awareness
  • Occupational Therapy Aids that help to stimulate active interaction
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention Aids that help to reduce pressure on the skin
  • Rehabilitation Aids that enable secure positioning during rehab
  • Physiotherapy Aids that help to facilitate therapist's access
  • Nursing Aids that give comfort and reassuring feeling of safety
  • Maternity Aids that provide support to the mother and the baby
  • Comforting Aids that help to enhance the feeling of wellbeing

The Snug Positioning Pillows can be used successfully at hospitals, therapy clinics, care homes, r​esidential homes, hospices, Alzheimer centres and in private dwellings by individuals receiving care at home or using the pillows for personal use to help alleviate health issues, immobility or disability related problems.   

Basal Stimulation is a concept of support, caring supervision, improved safety and reassurance in the care for people with serious diseases and disabling conditions. Basal Stimulation enhances patients’ awareness of their surroundings and positive perception of their own bodies. Enhanced Basal Stimulation encourages positive interaction between the patients and their carers. Furthermore, Basal Stimulation supports rehabilitation and contributes to positive improvements in personal development of people affected by all types of health issues, physical disabilities and cognitive problems.

People, who benefit from enhanced Positioning Aids and better Basal Stimulation include people in a coma after brain injuries, people with dementia, visually impaired people, hemiplegia sufferers, apallic syndrome sufferers, people with limited mobility, elderly people at risk of pressure ulcers, terminally ill people and many more. Basal Stimulation improves quality of life in people of all ages, including young children and teenagers, young adults, older adults and the elderly people.  

Snug Positioning Pillows enhance lives of ill people by evoking sense of security and increased personal awareness of own body contours, body positioning and external surroundings, whilst also stimulating interaction with other people (i.e. doctors, nurses, carers, relatives, friends, etc.).

Snug pillows help to secure and fix patients’ arms, shoulder and legs in safe and even positions on the body sides or on the back and both in bed and in chairs. Safe positioning of the patient is of paramount importance during rehabilitation and physiotherapy, because it makes the healing of bones, joints and muscles after injuries or surgical procedures easier. Snug pillows provide support to the patient’s body and facilitate simple alternative positioning essential for the prevention of pressure sores caused by long periods of immobility during illness, disability and convalescence. Safe body positioning and the feeling of security help to improve quality of rest and sleep, which play important roles in overall recovery and improvements in health.

Snug Positioning Pillows can also aid expectant mothers by enabling comfortable body positioning for easier sleep and rest and for easier nursing of new-born babies.               

Snug Positioning Pillows are available in 6 designs that vary in shape, developed to enable optimum positioning of the patients as based on specific patients’ needs.

Fabrics and Standards

  1. Snug Positioning Pillows are made of flame retardant polyester filling encased in 100% cotton cover. The Snug pillows can be washed in hot water up to 60° C as required.
  2. Standard Cotton Snug Pillow Cases are made of 100% cotton and should be washed at 40° C. They can be tumble dried or air dried and ironed as required.   
  3. Waterproof Snug Pillow Cases are made of polyurethane-coated polyester fabric that is flame resistant (BS7175), breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial and has been tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The Snug Waterproof Pillow Case is machine washable at up to 95° C. Alternatively, the Waterproof Snug Pillow Cases can be simply wiped down clean with cloth dampened with water, soapy water or antiseptic.   


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