Protective Face Masks

Non-Medical Face Masks

Here we present Masksave Face Mask - an antimicrobial non-medical face mask made of 3-layers of cloth and presenting with filtration comparable to FFP1 medical grade masks. The Masksave Face Mask has been designed and tested in the UK. Affordable, cost-effective, reusable, and washable many times over, the Masksave Face Mask is extra comfortable, super soft and adjustable to fit faces of sizes. 

Masksave Face Mask is suitable for adults and children and can be adjusted to fit all faces. It can be used by individuals and families during all daily activities. The Masksave Face Mask is also suitable for use in businesses that do not require use of medical grade masks or special face protectors.   

Masksave Face Mask - antimicrobial non-medical face mask made of 3-layers of cloth and presenting particle filtration capability comparable to medical FFP1 face masks - designed and tested int the UK. More about the Masksave Face Mask ...

Medical Grade Masks

Face Masks Type IIR are normally used for infection control in hospitals, clinics, general practice surgeries, dental surgeries, and other healthcare institutions. Their key medical purposes are to prevent medical professionals from contaminating their patients by directly breathing or coughing on them from a close proximity. Equally, the masks prevent potential contamination of medical professionals by patients’ body fluids droplets (i.e. droplets of saliva, sneezes, droplets of blood, etc.)  that could be easily inhaled or splash on clinicians’ faces. This means that the Face Masks Type IIR provide 2 way protection – they help to protect both the wearers and the people around them.  

PLEASE NOTE: Our Medical Face Masks Type IIR are sourced entirely separately from the NHS supplies requirements and therefore do not have a negative impact on the NHS Supply Chain or the vital PPE supplies reaching the NHS or care sector.  

Albeit of medical quality and type, our Face Masks Type IIR are all purpose masks for use by people, who need them for protection from infections and to comply with government regulations! Our Face Masks Type IIR can be used with confidence in at risk scenarios, ranging from healthcare workers, dental workers, and care workers to business workers and for personal use. CE certified as medical devices and FDA registered, the splash resistant Face Masks Type IIR provide reassurance and confidence to the users.

Face Mask Type IIR - medical quality and type face mask for all purpose use by anyone in need of protection from COVID-19 infection - perfect for professional and personal use. More about Face Mask Type IIR ... 

Face Masks – protect yourself and protect others – wear a face mask and stay safe!

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