Pulsed Direct Current Micro-Current TENS Machines

Unlike conventional TENS machines, which generate relatively large electric currents to swamp nerve signals and override pain, Pulsed Direct Current TENS use lower, pulsed Direct Currents, which are more akin to the natural electric activities within the muscle and nerves of human body. This means that the treatments with Pulsed DC Current TENS Machines are highly effective by comparison to standard AC TENS. Treatments with Pulsed DC Micro-Current TENS Machine is characterised by the lack of sensation caused by the electric stimulation currents. The electrical micro -current pulses are neither felt nor are significantly detectable by the recipient.

Pulsed DC Micro-Current TENS Machine can help promote healing of damaged tissues and allow the user to manage pain much more effectively.

The human body enters a natural healing cycle during sleep.  Due to the unobtrusive, low “micro Amp” current produced by the Pulsed DC Micro-Current TENS, the treatment can continue overnight during sleep for effective healing and pain relief, coupling with the body’s own healing processes for enhanced outcomes.

The DC micro-current is the key to the greater effectiveness of the Pulsed DC Micro-Current TENS Machine, when compared to the standard AC current TENS.  DC micro-current travels one way loop, penetrating deeper towards the pain centre for faster and greater pain relief and enhanced tissue healing. The DC micro-current stimulates local blood flow in the treated area, triggering and stimulating body’s own natural defence mechanisms. When applied overnight during sleep, the DC stimulation maximises therapeutic effects by coupling with the natural healing phase that the body enters during sleep.           

Pulsed Direct Current Stimulation has a track record of circa 50 years with 109 published studies. The Pulsed DC Stimulation was initially designed for wound healing. The original Pulsed DC Stimulators were large and expensive and suitable only for use at clinics. The new modern Pulsed DC Micro-Current TENS, such as Micro-Z II and Micro-Z Mini, are small, compact, discreet and easy to use, making it possible to apply the uniquely effective DC current for enhanced pain relief and healing at home.

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