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Safetox Anti-Wrinkle Device

Safetox Beauty is a non-invasive electronic beauty device that acts directly on the muscles responsible for wrinkles. Safetox Beauty reduces wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause the wrinkles to appear. Safetox Beauty controls the dynamics of facial muscles and produces active facelift effect. 

Safetox Beauty inhibits the muscles that cause wrinkles and close the face up. Stress, fatigue and age contribute to facial muscle tension. Facial muscle tension leads to the muscles in the upper and central part of the face to scrunch and fold. Blood flow reduces and the face appears to collapse and close on itself, giving wrinkled and aged appearance. 

Safetox Beauty stimulates and activates the muscles that open the face up and lift the skin. It fights muscular tension and muscle contracture. Safetox Beauty re-trains and re-educates the muscles so that they lift the forehead and the skin, helping to improve facial appearance. Safetox - an effective alternative to painful muscle relaxant injections for use as you need in the comfort of your own home. 

How does Safetox work?

Safetox Beauty has two modes of action: 

  1. Safetox Beauty inhibits the muscles that cause wrinkles and close the face up. Stress, fatigue and age contribute to facial muscle tension. This tension leads to the muscles in the upper and central part of the face to scrunch and fold. Blood flow reduces and the face appears to close on itself, giving wrinkled aged appearance. 
  2. Safetox Beauty activates the muscles that open the face up and lift the skin. It combats muscular tension and muscle contracture. Safetox Beauty re-educates the muscles so that the muscles responsible for lifting of the forehead and the skin become stronger and dominant, helping to improve facial appearance.  

Human faces are dynamic and change with mood, upset, stress and tiredness. There are several muscles under the facial skin that determine facial features and shape. The facial muscles also allow us to express our feelings through facial expressions. The muscles of the upper and central part of the face contribute to the formation of wrinkles and lines. They are the ‘bad’ muscles when it comes to wrinkle formation and facial sagging. The posterior and occipital cranial muscles located at the back of the head are ‘good’ as their movements open up the face and lift the facial features and tauten the facial skin. Educating facial muscles with Safetox enables us to control and move the ‘good’ posterior muscles to draw the scalp up and the ears back, tightening facial skin and opening up the face for younger and radiant appearance. Safetox Beauty generates special electric impulses that inhibit the muscles in the central and upper part of the face, inducing their relaxation. At the same time, the electric impulses activate the posterior muscles to assume their dominant roles, pulling back the ears and the skin of the forehead. The face opens up, tension lines and wrinkles reduce.      

Effectiveness of Safetox Anti-Wri​nkle Device

A 5-minute session per day over a period of time educates your muscles and restores the muscular dynamics of a youthful face, characterised by fewer wrinkles and a radiant youthful look. Just 2 sessions produce about 11 % wrinkle reduction, rising to approximately 65% reduction after 6 weeks of Safetox Beauty use.

Safetox Beauty is safe and easy to use and there are no side effects.

Safetox Beauty can be used as a stand alone facial wrinkle treatment or in conjunction with other types of treatments, such as anti-aging wrinkle creams, Botox injections, hyaluronic acid, collagen fillers and other more radical surgical procedures. In some cases, Safetox Beauty may entirely replace the need for invasive treatments, reduce their frequency or enhance their effects.  

Safetox Beauty Wrinkle Reduction Statistics

A number of short, medium and long term clinical studies and laboratory tests carried out on Safetox Beauty up to 83.3 % of wrinkle count were achieved.

Short term results achieved after several sessions

Wrinkle depth:

  • Average reduction: - 8.9 %
  • Maximum reduction: - 21 %

Medium term results achieved after 6 – 12 weeks

Wrinkle count:

  • Average reduction: - 48 %
  • Maximum reduction: - 83.3 %

Wrinkle length:

  • Average reduction: - 47.4 %
  • Maximum reduction: - 81.3 %

Long term results

Preventive effects on the appearance of wrinkles have been proven in a large 5 year long international study. Numerous clinical observations confirmed a reduction in wrinkles around the eyes following regular use of Safetox Beauty for several months.

What can Safetox Anti-Wrinkle D​evice do for you?

Safetox Beauty can reduce your facial lines and make you look younger in just few weeks! It meets the expectations of most people, who want to improve the appearance of their faces.

Safetox is suitable for women and men of al​l ages. 

  • If you are below age 25, Safetox Beauty acts preventatively, counteracting natural tendency to contract the ‘bad’ muscles that will eventually lead to wrinkle formation.
  • If you are between age 25 and 35, Safetox Beauty will help you restore and maintain muscle balance, eradicating muscular contracture that cause the first creases to appear. It will also help to drain out toxins, improve oxygenation and prevent premature aging.
  • If you are aged 35 to 45, you may already have pronounced wrinkles. Safetox Beauty will bring back the glow to your face, improving blood flow, draining toxins and reducing puffiness. Muscular tension will reduce, effectively eradicating your wrinkles.
  • If you are aged 45 to 60, tension lines and wrinkles deepen. The ‘bad’ muscles take over and your face begins to close up. Safetox Beauty relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkles, improving facial circulation, tissue oxygenation and toxin drainage. Safetox Beauty inhibits the ‘bad’ muscles, activating the ‘good’ muscles and produces an overall face lift effect. It restores skin quality, elasticity and tone.
  • Beyond age 60, the skin loses density and firmness. Safetox Beauty inhibits the ‘bad’ muscles and restores the dominant role of the posterior muscles, which opens up your face and lifts the skin. Your face begins to look more youthful and you will note a clear reduction in deep wrinkles. Improved blood flow helps to drain toxins and oxygenates tissues. It helps to restore the density of the deep layers of the dermis. You will not magically become 18 again, but you will be astonished by the remarkable results and your facial appearance transformation!

Safetox is easy to use:

  • Step 1: Clean your skin using the Safetox Prepare wipe.
  • Step 2: Position the skin electrode correctly on your forehead between your eyebrows.
  • Step 3: Lower the Safetox Beauty unit onto the skin electrode.
  • Step 4: Push the button to start the 5 minute session.
  • Step 5: During the 5 minute session simply relax or continue with your normal activity (i.e. reading, watching TV). Once the session completes, lift the Safetox Beauty off the skin electrode, remove the skin electrode and place both to storage.

Safetox Beauty restores and maintains the positive dynamics of your face. Regular use of Safetox Beauty can help to reduce the following appearance problems:  drooping eyelids - wrinkles around the eyes - dark rings under the eyes - prominent nasolabial folds - overall shape of the face - deep lines on the forehead - beginnings of the frown lines - scrunched up sun dazzled like face look with eyes that seem tiny - under eye bags - drooping mouth corners and sad mouth.

Safetox Safety

Safetox Beauty offers the highest level of safety. The Safetox method and technique carry no danger and cause no side effects. The gel on Safetox patches comprise of water and glycerine that are natural harmless substances. Safetox treatment is safe with no negative side effects. It has a stress eliminating effect and helps to combat frontal headaches. Safety monitoring by the manufacturer of the Safetox Beauty prove that thousands of devices have been used over a period of several years with no incidents reported.

Safetox Beauty carries a registered CE mark and complies with the following European Directives:

  • Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Cosmetic Products Directive 76/768/EEC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336/EEC

Safetox Technical Specifications

Batteries: 2 x 1.5 V alkaline AAA
Battery life based on daily use: 3 – 6 months
Operating temperature: + 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C
Casing: Painted ABS plastic
Dimensions: 163 mm x 170 mm x 40 mm  
Weight: 30 g without batteries
Electrical specifications for an electrical load between 0 – 1000 ohms
Automatically predefined amplitude at constant intensity, depending on selected programme
Rectangular impulses
Constant compensated current suppressing all continuous galvanic elements
Maximum current: 25 mA
Impulse duration: 100 µS
Maximum frequency: 150 Hz
Programme duration: 5 minutes
Number of programmes: 3    

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Dimensions: 163 mm x 170 mm x 40 mm / Weight: 30 g without batteries


Safetox kit consists of the Safetox forehead unit, 2 x 1.5 V batteries, 1 pack of 4 reusable skin electrodes, 4 packs of skin wipes, user manual and a carry case. CE mark and 1 year warranty. 

Safetox Refill Electrodes are supplied in packs of 12 reusable self-adhesive skin electrodes in 3 sets of 4 electrodes. Each set of 4 electrodes is individually sealed to preserve the moisture in the adhesive gel on the treatment surface of the electrodes, thus safeguarding long term usability of the electrodes.