SilcSkin Facial Pads

SilcSkin Silicone Facial Pads

SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads

SilcSkin Facial Pads are anti wrinkles pads intended for correction and prevention of facial lines and wrinkles.

SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads have been designed to reduce pre-existing facial wrinkles and expression lines as well as prevent formation of new lines and wrinkles.

Easy to use, self adhesive and non allergenic, the SilcSkin facial pads are worn comfortably during sleep.

SilcSkin Facial Pads are available in 2 versions intended for different areas of the face:

  1. SilcSkin Brow Set for brow and eyes
  2. SilcSkin Mouth Set for mouth and eyes   

Consider SilcSkin Facial Pads, if you wish to achieve smoother and younger looking facial appearance with fewer lines and wrinkles without having Botox injections!

SilcSkin Facial Pads @ £20.00 + VAT (£24.00)

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SilcSkin Facial Pads overview

  • Non- surgical solution to existing facial wrinkles and expression linesSilcSkin Pads
  • Preventive solution to facial wrinkles and expression lines
  • Skin hydrating and smoothing effects
  • Facial muscle relaxing and expression lines softening effects
  • Non allergenic and non latex
  • Made from clear 100% medical grade silicone
  • Self adhesive, reusable and washable over a period of time (i.e. 30 days)
  • Shaped for use on the most prone to lines and wrinkles facial areas (i.e. brow / forehead, Crow’s Feet eye areas, around the mouth areas)
  • Convenient and easy to use during sleep   

SilcSkin Brow PadsSilcSkin Pads are shaped self adhesive silicone pads made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone. They are manufactured by the makers of the Decollette Pads, renowned for smoothing effects on décolletage wrinkles.

SilcSkin Facial Pads are free from additives and adhesives and do not contain latex. The pads are made of clear 100% medical grade silicone and normally last for circa 30 days. You can wash them without jeopardising their adhesive strength.  

SilcSkin Mouth PadsWhen applied to the wrinkled skin, the shaped self adhesive silicone facial pads hydrate and smooth the skin, whilst also relax facial muscles. They smooth out existing wrinkles and expression lines and help to prevent formation of new lines.  

SilcSkin Pads are reusable for many times. For best results you should wash them with antibacterial soap that is moisturiser free. Careful washing does not diminish the quality of adhesion and the facial pads can be reapplied for approximately 30 days before being replaced.             

Using your SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads

  • The facial pads are designed to be worn overnight during sleep  SilcSkin Brow before after
  • Before you apply your facial pads, cleanse your face thoroughly, removing all traces of makeup and moisturisers, rinse and dry the skin
  • The facial pads are shaped to fit over the facial areas most prone to wrinkling. If at all necessary, you can trim the pads with scissors to suit your individual needs
  • Apply the facial pads to the chosen area of your face, pressing the pads gently down with your fingers to smooth out the wrinkles below the pads
  • SilcSkin Eyes before afterRemove the pads in the morning and place to storage
  • Wash the facial pads occasionally to remove any exfoliated skin cells and other accumulated debris that may compromise the adhesive quality – for best results wash with non moisturising anti bacterial soap, air dry – do not use cloth or tissues to dry
  • SilcSkin Mouth before afterReplace the facial pads, when adhesive quality is lost (i.e. depending on usage after circa 30 days)
  • Do not use the SilcSkin Facial Pads if you are sensitive to silicone
  • Do use on irritated, scratched, cut or burned skin

SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads Sets

The brow set consists of one large brow shaped pad and 2 smaller pads for the Crow’s Feet areas around the eyes.

SilcSkin Brow Set costs £20.00 + VAT (£24.00) Buy SilcSkin Brow Set

The mouth set consists of 4 smaller shaped slicone pads that fit the areas around the mouth and eyes.

SilcSkin Face Set costs £20.00 + VAT (£24.00) Buy SilcSkin Mouth Set

SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads

Perfect anti wrinkle solution that works while you sleep, the SilcSkin Facial Pads are self adhesive silicone pads that smooth facial lines and wrinkles overnight. 

Non invasive, reusable and easy to use, SilcSkin Facial Pads help to reduce existing lines and prevent formation of new wrinkles. Used every night, SilcSkin Anti Wrinkle Facial Pads offer an effective anti aging solution to discerned women, who choose not to opt for injectables like Botox or dermal fillers.    

SilcSkin Facial Pads represent an affordable and convenient solution to a problem of facial aging. 

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Happy actress after wearing SilcSkin Facial Pads.

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