Silver-Thera Stocking

Silver-Thera Conductive Stimulation Stocking

Silver-Thera Conductive Stocking Electrode

Silver-Thera Stocking is a patented woven stocking made from silver nylon and Dacron fibres.  The Silver-Thera Stocking provides conductivity over the entire treatment area surface on the foot and up to the knee for stimulation treatments on the mid to lower leg and foot. You can simply wear the Silver-Thera stocking as a normal garment.

Silver-Thera Stocking is connectible with the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II TENS Stimulators for more effective application of healing therapy, both for pain relief and wound healing.         

Silver-Thera Stocking is soft and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for day or night stimulation with the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II.

Using Micro-Z Mini and Micro-Z II with the Silver-Thera Stimulation Garments speeds up clinical outcomes, because the healing stimulation is delivered thoroughly and uniformly over the entire target area for maximum beneficial effects.  

Pulsed DC current stimulation increases micro-circulation, improves total perfusion (i.e. blood flow to capillary bed, tissue oxygenation and waste removal), reduces pain and aids rapid healing within the lower leg and foot.

For optimum conductivity and best therapeutic outcomes, use the TheraCream Skin Preparation Cream on the skin before dressing the leg in the Silver-Thera Stocking before stimulation.  

Indications for use of the Silver-Thera Socks with Micro-Z Mini and Micro-Z II TENS in preference to standard skin electrodes include the following conditions:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • Soft Tissue Injures
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Arthritis in Lower Legs or Feet

Stimulation with Micro-Z Mini and Micro-Z II utilising the benefits of Silver-Thera Stockings is prefect for people with diabetic neuropathy.

Silver-Thera Stockings are available in the following UK shoe sizes:

  1. Small: up to 6 shoe size / up to 35 cm calf circumference
  2. Medium: 5 – 11 shoe size / up to 38 cm calf circumference
  3. Large: 11 – 13 shoe size / up to 41 cm calf circumference

Silver-Thera Stockings are machine washable on ‘delicate’ cycle and air dried.  

Silver-Thera Conductive Garments background

Silver-Thera Conductive Stimulation Garments

Silver-Thera Conductive Garments deliver electrotherapy stimulation consistently and uniformly over the target area covered by the conductive garment. Silver-Thera Conductive Garments are Intelligent Textiles that enhance the effects of the stimulation. 

When used with Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II the conductive garments facilitate delivery of deeply penetrating DC energy to the target tissues. Micro-amperage generated by the Micro-Z Mini or Micro-Z II falls precisely within the narrow biological waveband of body’s own electromagnetic energy. When utillised in stimulation therapy, pulsed DC current fuels natural healing mechanisms through improving cellular metabolism, increasing ATP (i.e. ATP is adenosine triphosphate, the cellular energy molecule) production, stimulating micro-circulation, enhancing cellular functions and reducing swelling, thus speeding up recoveries from painful injuries or chronic painful conditions.         

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Silver-Thera Stockings for UK shoe sizes:

  1. Small: up to 6 shoe size / up to 35 cm calf circumference
  2. Medium: 6 – 11 shoe size / up to 38 cm calf circumference
  3. Large: 11 – 13 shoe size / up to 41 cm calf circumference



1 pack of Silver-Thera Stocking includes 1 stocking in selected size and user instructions. 

VAT exemption is available, when purchased for personal use by people with relevant chronic conditions. VAT relief declaration must be completed online at the time of purchase.