Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an independent stand alone treatment modality used for pain relief, tissue healing and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. In modern medicine, ultrasound therapy is frequently applied by physiotherapists, sports medicine therapists or even occupational therapists.

Ultrasound therapy utilises stimulation via high frequency sound waves. The frequency of these waves is so high that it cannot be received or heard by human ears.

The effects of ultrasound therapy are analgesic, fibrolytic and muscle relaxing. The most common conditions that are successfully treatable with ultrasound include musculoskeletal problems and issues related to tendons, such as periostitis, tendonitis, arthritis, muscle contractions and defined organised swellings.     

Ultrasound therapy is normally applied directly to the surface of the skin over the painful area. Special ultrasound treatment gel is spread on the skin to provide conduction and penetration of the sound waves deeply into the tissues.

The ultrasound treatment is normally pain free, but some people may feel slight warming sensation in the skin.

Ultrasound therapy is effective for most people as well as it is safe to apply. Ultrasound technology has been recently adapted for safe and effective home use, making ultrasound suitable for effective and safe applications at home. 

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