Thermedic ProWrap Infrared Supports

Thermedic ProWrap FAR Infr​ared Joint Supports

Thermedic ProWrap ‘3 in 1’ Hot and Cold Supports for Joint Pain Relief and Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation -  featured in European Orthopaedic News, Spinal Surgery News, Rugby World and more.

Thermedic ProWrap - perfect for people with osteoarthritis and sports injury related pain. Thermedic ProWraps are advanced and versatile ‘3 in 1’ therapeutic devices that combine the beneficial effects of FAR infrared heat therapy and cryotherapy (i.e. cold 'ice pack' therapy) with support and compression of a brace.  

Thermedic ProWrap Infrared Supports are Medical Devices (CE0120) that relieve acute and chronic pain and combat disabling injuries with natural FAR infrared heat or cold 'ice pack' therapy aided by compression and built-in support - all encapsulated in '3 in 1' user friendly versatile devices designed for different body area.

Ergonomically shaped, breathable and versatile in applications, Thermedic Supports are made in several models for different body areas, encompassing both the joints and the areas of soft tissues:

By application of either penetrating infrared heat or calming cold 'ice pack' therapy together with soothing compression and support, Thermedic ProWrap devices relieve joint pain and muscle soreness, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and swelling and enhance healing. Equally suitable for acute injuries as for chronic painful complaints, such as arthritis, Thermedic Supports are perfect for pain relief and injury rehabilitation! Effective, safe and user friendly - Thermedic ProWraps deliver the perfect solution to pain for everyone in need of relief and comfort! 

Why to use Thermedic ‘3 in 1’ Supports for pain relief and injury rehabilitation?

Thermedic range utilises far infrared (FIR) technology, which produces far more penetrating deep tissue warming than conventional electric heating pads, which only produce superficial surface heat. Infrared therapy is a proven deep heat therapy that works more effectively than heat delivered by traditional hot therapy devices (i.e. hot water bottles, electric heat pads, hot stones, heat bags, etc.). Thermedic ProWrap devices are portable and can be applied anytime, where there is access to mains power. Additionally, Thermedic ProWraps enable beneficial alternation between hot and cold therapy as well as simultaneous support and compression.

Thermedic ProWrap in a snapshot

  • Comprehensive ‘3 in 1’ therapeutic aid: 
  1. FAR infrared heat
  2. Cold pack
  3. Brace for support and compression
  • Effective and safe
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • One size fits all
  • Medical Device Class 2a (CE0120)

Thermedic ProWrap Infrared Supports relieve pain and rehabilitate joints, tendons and muscles by application of penetrating and soothing infrared heat or calming cold therapy as well as compression and support.

Thermedic ProWrap '3 in 1' Infrared Supports benefits summary          

  • Ergonomically shaped for different body areas
  • Suitable for acute and chronic problems
  • Relieve joint pain and rehabilitates soft tissue injuries
  • Versatile – effectively deliver hot and cold therapy, support and compression
  • Easy switchable between infrared heat therapy and cold therapy
  • Utilise the benefits of FAR infrared heat (FIR) delivered by mains powered flexible carbon fabric infrared heating elements that mould into the contours of the body
  • Precise heat control with 3 temperature settings
  • Heat up fast with infrared heat penetrating deeply into muscles and joints for immediate effects
  • Do not cause burning
  • Suitable to deliver continuous infrared heat over a period of time for lasting relief
  • Shown to increase blood flow volume by over 200% and blood flow rate by 89% without overheating or burning the surface of the skin 
  • Utilise the benefits of cold therapy (i.e. cryotherapy) for acute pain and inflammation by application of flexile form fitting cold pack inserts with protective mesh to guard the skin surface against ice burns
  • ‘One size fits all’ therapeutic devices with fully adjustable breathable ergonomically shaped neoprene braces with Velcro fasteners
  • Velcro fasteners enable varying degree of compression and support suited to personal needs  
  • Mains powered with 3 temperature settings and 30 minutes auto shut off safety feature
  • Available in several models for effective pain relief and faster healing at vulnerable prone to pain and injury body areas, such as knee, ankle, thigh, lower back, abdomen, shoulder, elbow and wrist 

Thermedic ProWrap Supports - the perfect therapeutic devices for effective and versatile applications of healing infrared heat, calming cold therapy, soothing compression and support! Safe, effective and affordable, Thermedic ProWrap Supports are the perfect solution for everyone in need of natural pain relief and fast injury rehabilitation.

Thermedic ProWrap Supports consist of 3 therapeutic components:

  1. Compression and Support Brace with Velcro fasteners: The ‘one size’ Brace is ergonomically shaped and designed for the best fit on to the target area (i.e. ankle, shoulder, knee, thigh, wrist, elbow or lower back/abdomen). The mesh pouch on the brace is designed to contain either of the inserts – the HiPad heating pad for infrared heat therapy or Neo cold pack for cold therapy. The Brace can also be used on its own as an independent joint support. By tightening the Brace with the Velcro fasteners, varying degree of compression can be achieved as required.
  2. HiPad FAR Infrared Heating Pad (insert): The Hi-Pad Heating Pad insert (i.e. the carbon fabric infrared heating element) fits into the mesh pouch on the Brace. Once in place, connect the heat pad connector lead to the controller lead, which connects to the mains power socket. You can set the temperature for Low Heat (45 – 50° C), Medium Heat (50 – 55° C) or High Heat (55 – 60° C). The built-in Shut Off Safety Feature automatically switches the heat after 30 minutes of use. 30 minutes is the recommended time of an individual heat treatment. Should you wish to apply infrared heat therapy for longer, simply switch the device on again using the Controller. The hot therapy is used for chronic pain relief, injuries without inflammation or swelling, painful joints, muscle spasm relief, muscle relaxation and relief of general discomfort.
  3. Neo Cold Pack ('Ice Pack' gel insert): The flexible Neo Cold Pack gel insert fits neatly into the mesh pouch on the Brace. The mesh pouch ensures that the Cold Pack is kept firmly in place during cold therapy application. The mesh also protects the skin from sustaining ice burn. During use, the flexible gel cold pack moulds itself to the body contour for comfort and effectiveness. For best results, cold therapy should be applied in the first 24 – 48 hours after trauma or injury is sustained. Application of cold treatment directly to the injury area calms down the blood flow reaching traumatised tissues, reducing swelling and inflammation. The Neo Cold Pack must be placed in the freezer for 2 hours prior to use. Optimum time for application of cold therapy is 15 - 20 minutes.  The cold therapy is the best treatment for acute injuries as it reduces post-traumatic swelling and pain.  

Therapeutic effects of heat

Heat is comforting, soothing and therapeutic. It warms the body, reduces aches and increases levels of comfort. Heat therapy is commonly used to relieve discomfort and pain, ease off joint stiffness and improve mobility and comfort. Simple devices, such as wheat bags and hot water bottles were traditionally used to deliver heat closely to the proximity of the aching areas of the body. Many people, especially the elderly, still favour such simple methods of warming up, despite inconvenience of application and short lasting heat. Lately, electric heating devices, such as therapeutic heat pads, electric blankets and microwavable hot therapy aids are favoured more due to their relative ease of use and longer availability of heat at adjustable temperatures.   

Infrared Heat Therapy

Infrared is a band of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. The energy is in the form of waves at different bands of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, including the infrared as well as the visible light, microwaves, ultraviolet and x-rays. Infrared is a radiant heat that is often referred to as 'infrared energy'. Radiant heat is an energy that heats objects directly through conversion and without having to heat the surrounding air. Conversely, the Infrared heat is readily and naturally absorbed by the human and animal bodies. Infrared heat is the warmth that you feel on your face on a sunny day. However, the sun’s heat can only be felt in the absence of clouds obscuring the sun. Infrared energy is not to be confused with the ultraviolet light that can pass even through the clouds and burn your skin even on a cloudy day.

Infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided onto 3 segments that are identified by their wavelengths measured in microns. The three segments are NIR (Near Infrared), MIR (Middle Infrared) and FIR (Far or Long Wave Infrared). The length of the FIR (Far Infrared) is between 5.6 - 1000 microns. 

Infrared heat is naturally absorbed by the body. It is safe and therapeutic. Infrared penetrates soft tissues and jo​ints deeper than heat from other heating sources, reaching 6 cm / 2.36 inches in depth. Infrared heat can be applied safely for long periods of time for lasting comfort and pain relief. It is safe for people of all ages, including children. Infrared heat increases blood flow in the application areas. Improved blood flow delivers more nutrients and oxygen vital for effective tissue repair and speeds up removal of metabolic waste, toxins and cellular debris.

Infrared lamps and infrared radiators were the first types of devices that delivered therapeutic infrared heat to human bodies. Infrared lamps continue to be used despite their obvious drawbacks, such as emission of visible light by some brands of infrared bulbs with skin drying effects or leading to potential damage to the eyes as well as lack of precision in targeted delivery of heat to specific body areas.

The difficulties in delivering satisfactory infrared heat therapy with infrared lamps (i.e. lack of precision, problems with infrared bulbs, etc.) led to the development of ‘new generation’ infrared heat devices that utilise carbon fabric infrared elements.

Thermedic ‘New Generation’ FAR Infrared Heat Therapy  

The carbon fabric infrared elements enable fast and precise delivery of the infrared heat directly to the painful joints or curved areas of soft tissues. The novel carbon fabric infrared elements are flexible and shape accommodating and mould to the body contours. Convenient, effective and safe in application, the carbon fabric infrared elements enable a ‘new generation’ of therapeutic FAR infrared heating devices to be developed as a safe and effective therapeutic modality for pain relief and for enhancement of injury rehabilitation.

Thermedic ProWrap Supports deliver penetrating infrared heat deeply into the joints and soft tissues, enhancing blood flow and promoting vasodilation for natural pain relief and improved healing. Thermedic ProWrap Supports are much more than just infrared heating pads. Thermedic ProWrap Supports are ‘3 in 1’ devices capable of delivering not only deeply penetrating infrared therapy, but also calming cold therapy, adjustable soothing compression and gentle support. Thermedic ProWrap ‘3 in 1’ Supports are multifunctional therapeutic aids for enhanced healing and pain management. Safe, effective and affordable, Thermedic ProWrap Supports are the perfect solution for everyone in need of natural pain relief and better healing.

Please note: If you suffer persistent problems with your joints or muscles, ligaments and tendons or if you sustained serious or non-healing injury, please consult your doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment advice. Thermedic ProWrap is effective in relieving pain and discomfort associated with chronic conditions and acute injuries, however, it does not replace medical consultation or advice! Thermedic ProWrap Infrared Hot and Cold Supports work as standalone therapeutic modalities (i.e. far infrared heat therapy, cold ‘ice pack’ therapy, compression support brace) or alongside other medical or physiotherapy interventions.

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