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TinniTool EarLaser4 has been especially designed to combat acute and chronic tinnitus and associated head and ear discomfort. TinniTool EarLaser4 effectively treats tinnitus in just 2 minutes per ear per day.    

TinniTool Ear Laser provides effective relief from troublesome tinnitus and other problems of inner ear. It is indicated for self-treatments of acute and chronic tinnitus, partial deafness caused by tinnitus, dizziness (Morbus Meniere), middle ear inflammation, vertigo and circulatory problems in the inner ear as well as acute hearing loss, hearing distortion and partial deafness associated with tinnitus.  

TinniTool EarLaser4 does not cure tinnitus completely, but it significantly improves quality of life of tinnitus sufferers by reducing tinnitus symptoms. In clinical studies, 30% of participants reported 25 to 100 % reduction in tinnitus and 65% of participants observed up to 25% symptomatic improvement. Participants using the TinniTool for longer (i.e. 3 months and longer) reported greater relief and symptomatic improvements. 2 out of 3 users say that would recommend the TinniTool to their family and friends.         

About TinniTool EarLaser4

TinniTool EarLaser4 is the latest new generation soft laser system utilising patented Swiss Soft Laser Technology that allows the sufferers of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and other head and ear associated problems to self-treat themselves effectively and safely at home. The new generation TinniTool EarLaser4 is 20 times more efficient that its predecessor TinniTool Soft Laser with an earpiece attached to earlobe during treatment. TinniTool EarLaser4 is significantly better with its laser beam penetrating deeper and therefore produces faster therapeutic outcomes with significantly shorter treatment times.

TinniTool EarLaser4 consists of 2 parts:

  1. Medic Laser, a soft red laser with 100 mW output that generates soft red laser light of 660 nm wavelength 
  2. Laser Trunk that supports fibreglass cable with light diffuser incorporating a new type of scattering lens and an ear attachment to facilitate precise delivery of the healing soft red laser beam into the ear, reaching the problem zone

TinniTool EarLaser4 is safe, effective, convenient and simple to use. Extensively tested and medically certified, the TinniTool EarLaser4 can help you treat your tinnitus and other inner ear problems affordably and conveniently at home. Over 50000 tinnitus patients worldwide have so far been helped by the TinnoTool Ear Laser.  

Using TinniTool EarLaser4

TinniTool EarLaser4 is a soft laser. Soft lasers work non-invasively and without side effects by stimulating cellular metabolism in the connective tissue and increasing local blood flow. Increase in cellular metabolism produces more energy for the cells and tissues and better blood flow delivers oxygenated blood that is full of nutrients, thus speeding up cellular regeneration and tissue healing.    

TinniTool EarLaser4 is safe and effective. It works fast to combat tinnitus and other related issues, such as tinnitus associated partial deafness, hearing distortion, dizziness (Morbus Meniere) and ear pressure. You can use the Tinnitool Ear Laser alongside other medical treatments prescribed by your doctor or as a standalone self-treatment modality. It does not replace medical consultations with a doctor or medical procedure, but it can support and speed up treatments given by your doctor.  

Tinnitus treatment takes just one 2- minute treatment per day for the duration of 10 weeks. To achieve good outcome, the treatments should be performed regularly every day. The soft laser treatment is entirely painless and safe. There are no side effects or harm to the user. There are no reported interactions with medication. 

Contraindications include the use on infant’s skull, fitted pacemaker, active or relapsed tumours and metastases, children with epiphysis and hollow bone symptoms, epilepsy, etc. All contraindications are listed in user manual. If you are in any doubt as to your suitability to use the TinniTool Ear Laser, you should consult your doctor.                       

Powered by 2 x 3 V lithium batteries (CR123) that provide circa 20 hours of use. The CR123 batteries are widely available and you should obtain CR123 batteries with Imbedded Protection Circuit Module (PCM) that protects the delicate inner laser components.  

Extensively researched, scientifically verified in medical studies, thoroughly tested and practically proven during hospital and clinic trials, the TinniTool EarLaser4 is a certified medical device (CE 0123).

TinniTool EarLaser4 specifications

  • Output power: 100 mW
  • Wavelength: 660 nm
  • Treatment duration: 2 minutes per day
  • Skin penetration: circa 1.8 cm
  • Batteries: 2 x 3 V lithium batteries (CR123) with Imbedded Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
  • Laser protection class: 1
  • Medical device: Class 2a (CE 0123)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer: DisMark GmbH (Switzerland)

TinniTool EarLaser4 – safe and effective non-invasive and non-pharmacological solution to tinnitus and other associated problems.

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